The War for the West (WIP)



That mean the event is done, it’s normal, now you can fight lord noyedes @Rultimate


I wonder what next update will be🤔


I’m not sure. But I’ll take a run at it & let you know


Dear MahatmaDagon!


What happens with my save file?


Usually i refresh the page. Does that fix the problem?
Edit: Nevermind. Mind get corrupted too

(RIP my intense playtrough with no cheats)
@MahatmaDagon , pls fix


Will there be a marriage between the MC and with Lady Sessanah and/or Nellasha? :slight_smile:


@Thunder-Man @Earl_of_Arland

Sorry, I forgot to re-apply the line that enables the save when I uploaded. I have to take it out every time I want to test the game locally otherwise it won’t run.

Saving system should be back now.

@Asdwa Lady Sessanah is already married(although you can kill her husband), and Lady Nellasha is indeed single, but I’ve made a personal rule of not adding any more male MC marriage options unless I add another option for the female MC, since there’s just one right now. Can’t tell if any of that will happen, though.


I don’t want to tell you to do anything because you have obviously made a great game that I really like but, as far as female mc romances you could always go the route of changing the gender and characteristics of the male mc romances options (especially the ones from the kingdom to the north). I’m not saying it’s the only way but using a find and replace it would be one of the quicker easier ways to add female mc romances options.


I just finish playing the game again and i don’t encountering any bug. So i think in this current status of the game i dont have anything to report @MahatmaDagon


@mahatmadagon i usually choose house Arloch at the start.
But it seems that two names appear for same house in the game before & after character creation. (Arloch & Avroch)

Yup, this bug has been squashed.

Also, i don’t know if it’s a bug or not but i now sometimes receive a new card in game of cardeed (see below)

And leak that needs fixing

Also, why does the spouse relating events start happening right after we start planning for wedding but haven’t actually married anyone?

Finally, I wonder what is meant by this conversation when my MC has already killed Lord Noyedas by this point


I have a question about the cheating spouse. When exactly does she cheat on you? Because when I played with Hereya , all I got was rumors that she was being playful and it didn’t go anywhere else.


who is heyeka¿? i did never read that… but if someone cheat on my mc she will get the guillotine


@Wack_Dawg Glad to know you like it, and don’t worry, I’m always open to suggestions. I am personally against flipping characters genders and/or recycling interactions because, at least in this game, I want every character to have its own unique voice. I want players to always learn new things with each different play through, to make them have different experiences when they play different types of characters. They may not have tons of content, but each one was “hand crafted”.

I know there are obvious downsides to this, but it is the philosophy I had from the start, and I really feel I need to stick to it. So I would rather delay the game a bit(as I have done plenty of times), and then try to create a new marriage option for the female character.

It was a bug, fixed it.

This was happening because it was an “old” way of playing Cardeed that I forgot to remove. I have done some tweaking and it should point to the new type of game now.


This was happening because the event was considering that you can spend some time with your spouse as soon as the game decides you have a spouse, but I was setting this at the planning, not the actual marriage. It should be working fine now.

Another bug. Some ways to kill Lord Noyedas weren’t actually killing him. Should be working now as well.

Thanks for the reports!

Those are “late game” consequences. They will appear in the final update. I think this can be described as those epilogues we see in many RPGs, but with a twist and some interactive elements.

Hereya is one of the northern sisters, the “warrior” one. The suspicions about her cheating on your are related to an event that was recently implemented in the game.


so can we divorce or kill her¿?


Why not both?..


I am pretty that only @MahatmaDagon is the only person that knows how to stop the war before it happens… It is my mission in life to change that.


Update: I have found out how to do it, You have to assassinate Lord Noyedas and then reason with Sir Brendell to not attack (let him keep your wife). I must admit, I am quite disappointed by that, but for some reason I think there is another way to do this…


I married Princess Petka and the option to spend time with her doesn’t appear anymore.


It was a small typo. Should be working now.

Who is your favorite romance option in a video game or CoG? (Survey)

Minor grammar typo: