The War for the West (WIP)



“You need both the weapon and a Lore skill of 30 in order to actually kill the abyssal monster.”

Sighhhh. Well, then I’m still totally screwed. Because I started off with 10Lore and even after I read all the books in the Library, it still wasn’t enough… Soo unless I started off with MORE Lore than Combat, but I like Combat better soo Urghh =/


you don’t need more to win…mine was only 15 and I believe combat was at 50…beat the monster fairly easily with the star sword.

lost .60000002 of a soldier though…poor guy probably won’t walk again.


You can defeat him and win the tournament. He does get killed later regardless.

Should be fixed now.

Do you remember where exactly was it?

If you guys stumble on any weird numbers, please tell me where it appeared so I can fix it. I think there are still a few of them spread through the game.


That spinoff sounds amazing


This… is… AMAZING! Can’t wait until it’s finished, got so upset when I reached the end :cry:


yea, no problem. it was after fighting the sielcner soldiers for the star. I went with the option, use force to drive them from my land


Kinda a morbid thought but: Like mother like daughter?

But I’m kinda excited about this part:


Will Nada the maid become RO or it is not possible?


Wait how did the MC get a child, my MC couldn’t get any children even after marriage


That maybe because you played as a Lord not a Lady.


Oh! Thanks I didn’t know :grinning:


Those two mentions to MC’s pregnancy are female only indeed, but they also happen exclusively to those specific scenarios of having married Lord Noyedas.

The rest of heir shaenananigans are yet to be implemented in the game.(but will be)


So whether the Lord’s wife is pregnant or not is after the first chapter?


I gave up on dividing the game on chapters(there’s some info about that on the updated fist post on the thread), but yes, those kind of consequences will arrive in what I call the “late” portion of the game, near the ending.


Happens quite often when trying to hold court. I keep pressing next, but this shows up again and again.


My guess was that it’s a ‘buffer’ screen for coding setup and calculations relevant to the coming scene.


I’m not sure why this is happening. How long was your gameplay before that? You’ve played through many events?

Also, anyone else experienced this?


Happened on a few playthroughs for me as well. Took about ten turns to return to normal. Happened a few more times within the same playthrough so wasn’t a one off either. Other playthroughs have gone fine and not encountered it. Seems hit and miss which is strange



Yes I got that too, and it went on for like 13-15 times after which I think only one activity was to be done at court and later hold court option didn’t show up so I guess all events had been played out…