The War for the West (WIP)



You need to forge sword made from the star to defeat the beast.


Oooooh okay! Didn’t know that o__0


Make sure to go to armory in stats and actually equip it too.


I think you can win it with 45 combat if you make the correct choices, depending on what kind of equipment you’re wearing. Otherwise, I think > 50 should be enough.

Do you remember where exactly?

You did hire the mercenary company, right?

You get money every month by collecting taxes automatically, and you can win more money with some investment opportunities spread throughout the game.

There’s no way to kill it in direct combat without the special weapon.


How do you start the tournament it never shows up for me? Does it start at a specific date now?
Also will you be adding time to spend with Danna instead of Dannel?


Go to the Quartermaster and pay him 300 aurens to renovate the arena. You’ll be able to start it once they’ve completed that task.


I had that weapon and I still died. :persevere:


You need both the weapon and a Lore skill of 30 in order to actually kill the abyssal monster.


Was it equipped through the Armory? You have to equip it after getting it(I’m making it more clear now on the game, as well as showing what weapon you’re currently wielding in the stats menu).

Actually the Lore skill check is only for the description, not the actual killing of the monster. (I had to go check it since I wasn’t sure)


For most games, the best weapon you have is often the one equipped, so I assumed I was already carrying it. Well, that was two hours of my day wasted. :sweat_smile:


Will we have a chance to explore the North in this game? its got a lot of interesting lore to go through


I wasn’t sure initially this was going to be the stronger weapon, and since the game order of events is non linear(as in, some things can happen before the others), I couldn’t say for sure that when the player reached that weapon it would be the most effective one. (I was also playing with the idea of different weapons for different situations).

Regardless, as it currently stands I think it might be a good idea to auto-equip that weapon.

I’m not sure how the bits of northern lore I shoved into the game were received by the public, so I never planned to make it an actual location you can visit, and I can’t fit a journey there right now. Would love to do so on the next one, though.

Also, someone mentioned raising Lore/Knowledge without books: There are some conversations you can gain that stat with, and if you hunt for an animal and decide not to kill it after finding it, you might gain that status as well. I’m still inserting ways to gain more stats, though.


What about in the sequel the game takes place in the North after the events of this game?


Ran into an error with loading (?) not sure if it’s fixable, but I saved my game when I received the star sword and when I loaded it again, it bugged out so it’s permanently on the stat screen


love the update…one thing though?

is it possible to survive the hilltop battle if you side with Lord sielcner. I always do, don’t really have any interest in staying loyal to the king…but I keep dieing, even with combat at 55


I have an idea for a spin-off set entirely on the northern region that I really like, in which you are the expendable third son of a northern noble who is send to defend a fortification near the border, and you have to hold it during the entirety of winter, as reinforcements will only arrive when the snow melts. No one expects you to succeed, and you have to deal with the problems of suffering a long siege as well as keeping you people fed(Food), warm(Wood) and with good morale(Mood). :sweat_smile:

Not sure why this is happening. I updated the files of the game a couple of times today, perhaps it has something to do with it. My advice is to save the game in more slots than one(and never save on the stats screen), but I really don’t know how that saving plugin interacts with my recent changes and the player’s browser cache.

No, you’ll always lose it if you side with Noyedas… but I’m a sucker for branching so I’ll try to insert the possibility of winning that specific battle if I can.


fair enough, I get it, even the best warrior can’t win every battle, retreat it is. Be aware though if I’m given the option for it I’m killing Lord Willis in the most drawn out, horrible way…no one makes me retreat and gets away with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Got it, I’ll keep that in mind! This plugin can be a little finicky.

I’ve also noticed when I save the game on firefox, it automatically saves over the third slot (“slot 2”) if the first two already have saves in them, no matter what slot I try to save it in. On mobile safari I haven’t had this problem (or at least not pre-update?)


About the tournament. can you defeat that knight who is gonna be murdered by the woman who claimed raped her sister? If so does he get murdered by her anyway?


says I lost .8 at the battle for the star