The War for the West (WIP)



I’m still stock on the same choice it’s keeps on going on a loop because I forgave the female knight that killed an old knight in the tournament and I then defeated the monster with the fallen star as my weapon and took it for study and the church sent an inquisitor to come and this is where the loop comes in


That barely covers anything. lol


Plus it seems the betting game with Meybuk has been killed so you can’t get loads of money turns impossible to win when you hit a high number or i just got a load of bad luck later on.


Yup same. And I couldn’t even get out of debt with a loan from Dullis as the loan system is bugged - you are asked to repay your loan a day after it is taken.

My top WIPs as of right now

Most of the Hold Court events(if not all) are randomized in order. If you didn’t get it during your play through, it’s possibly just bad luck. Everything seems okay code-wise from what I’ve seen regarding this, but please inform me if it keeps happening.

Haven’t you been spending too much money? I’ve removed restrictions on most things dealing with money so the player can dig itself a grave and mess with the economy.

I’ll test it myself later, but if too many people are having trouble regarding this, I can raise the initial amount of money the player receives.

Fixed the problem.

All the betting games with counselors/spouse follow the same mechanics, what changes is merely the text that describes their reaction to the cards they receive. Some play the game more than others, some can bluff very well and some cannot. There’s still a factor of aggressive/passive/balanced betting style to be attributed to them, but I haven’t implemented it yet. Regardless, the Cardeed minigame is probably buggy and I need to test it a few times.

Fixed it. The dates were inverted.

I’m uploading the fixes right now, thanks for the reports.


Hi there, first of all i like the wip and i am definitely going to buy it when it comes out. Tqo things I have noticed while I played just now: in the character creation I chose to support meinstrel(?) and rose up to fight my oppressive liege but in the summary it says that I fought them and lost. Also when I tried to borrow 500 from the temple the game bugged out.


@MahatmaDagon I’ve done multiple playthroughs and even redone the same day over and over again to see if I can’t get the Eastern Brotherhood to happen. For some reason the event won’t come up. Also sometimes when I do a Court events, I’ll sometimes get sent back in time to an earlier day in my playthrough.


A small suggestion to the game, if I may:

Would we possibly be able to choose the kind of landscape our kingdom has? Like, maybe it’s composed of open fields and grassy terrains, or it could be a very rocky terrain with lots of jagged hills and mountains or even a scorched ash land where the dust/sand storms are prevalent (think Vvardenfell from the Elder Scrolls).

I feel like that this kind of choice would not only be helpful for roleplaying, but it could also possibly affect gameplay. Open fields and grassy terrain could help with farming and look pretty. Mountains would offer natural defenses. And an ash land would make the inhabitants hardy and tough and give any invaders one hell of a time in order to survive the climate.


You are correct, there was a small chunk of text that wasn’t considering the previous choices. I fixed it now. The problem with borrowing money was fixed in the last update as well. I recommend clearing your browse cache in order to update the game.

Oh, my bad. I found it now. When I was trying to fix the bug that resets events when you go to the Show Stats screen I accidentally repeated an event instead of going to this one. It should be back by now.

About the going back in time, I’ll have to manually test that to see what’s causing this. After all, there’s supposed to be just one way to go back in time in the game.

Thanks for the reports, guys. Sending the update right now.

Obs : There was a problem with a branch when dating Petka, I fixed it now.

I like that idea, as I’m normally all in for customization that has meaningful impact on gameplay. Something to consider for the next game, though, as I think it would be more effective in the context of a greater length of time.


2 things:


I joined with Lord N, why this screen? (The next screen he leaves and tells me that my orders will be here soon.)

Bob died fighting the creature from another world…


I changed the description of the situation to a hopefully more reasonable consequence and fixed the bugged numbers. I also killed Bob correctly this time, I think, and updated the fixes.

Thanks for the reports.




To all gamblers out there, I think Cardeed is working as it should now, at least for the most part.


it still always lets me win even with two peasents


Try clearing your browser’s cache or starting a new game in an anonymous window. (Ctrl + Shift + N on Chrome)


what level of combat do you have to be to win the tournoment


also it says I lost .8 troops


Haha what?! I can tell who they’re talking about!


Hmmm… It’s pretty good! But how do I get more $cash in my treasury?? There should be an option for that so you can do more and have many days and stuff =/


The game is fun… but I always kept dying at the beast in the cave part. My MC’s knowledge wasn’t the brightest, but my combat skill was over 50! There should be a way around this, nay?

Also! I had a suggestion. If you marry early and have kids and heirs and stuff… would you be able to play as one of your kids if your MC is killed off?? I’d totally buy the game then when it comes out :smiley:

OOOooooh!!! Annd you should have interactions with the servants in the castle. I know some bits you do, but I mean like you should be able to visit the kitchens or gardens and chat with the staff :slight_smile:

Once I finished reading all the books in the Library, I also needed another way to boost my knowledge. just ideas