The War for the West (WIP)



Spoiler Alert:

You need to take the meteriote/star for the fall site, and pay for a blacksmith make a blade from it, this will not be cheap for do, but with this weapon you can fight the monster and kill it.




I remember creating the sword and I don’t recall being able to use it to kill the creature. Would that possibly be related to the characters Combat ability?


did you equipped the sword? you have to manually do it. @SoBayKid


Gotcha, I’ll keep that in mind


Can’t wait for the up-

Oh wait, it’s here!


Yesss! I am going full screen!


I missed a few Y-s didn’t I?


“Alright, AAO, time to get your shit together. Finals are coming up, so it’s about time I started getting serious about it. With this meticulous study list I’ve come up with, there’s no way I’ll procrastinate on the jo-”

Sees the new War For The West update.

“…wellll, I guess I could start my studies just a teeny bit later.”



Looks like I’ll be staying awake all night…


Can feel you brother. I’ve got my lab exams the day after tomorrow but here I am trying to finish the final version of the demo.


oh jeez dannel is too cute. He’s a cinnamon roll <3


Well I’m stuck at a choice whereby it’s repeating itself


So are we allowed to marry someone of the same gender, or at least have some sort of secret relationship with them? Last time I played you could only have flings (the female servant, the brothel) which isn’t really a relationship (since its a one-off and never mentioned again).


Wish there was an option for being with the husband or wife more often.


There is only for some of them so far.


Cries tears of joy
Actually it’s against forun rules to----Oh…Wait…
I know it’s a bit late, but I had a god knows how long posted a couple of suggestions, did you ever get the chance to read them? And if so what did you think?


You do know this is War of the West thread right?

You should make a separate thread for your game if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:


@MahatmaDagon In the new demo the event with the Eastern Brotherhood in which the MC can give them permission to trade silk in their lands in-exchange for payment doesn’t come up anymore. Was the event removed for some reason or was the event moved farther down the timeline?


No matter what I did, the Treasury ALWAYS ran into the negatives and I got a peasant revolt (2, the 2nd killed me).


If you’re really having trouble with finances, I’d advise picking the greedy personality for your father. That way, you’ll get 1500 aurens from the get go.