The War for the West (WIP)



If it is not posted on thread then someone else will ask “Is update out yet?” again.

Besides I’m sure Dagon will update the thread title when it rolls out.


Hey Dagon, in the next update, will we be able to call our allies to help us in the war?


yes he said he would fix that and let you


@MahatmaDagon, Hey I had a couple of idea/ suggestions that I have been brain storming for a bit, finally got around to writing them down :joy: [WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS]

  • Holding Court Event: A group of villagers have requested you’re audience today, they complain of an pungent smell emitting from smoke from an nearby monastery.
    -If you decide to request to bring forth one of the monks, the representative brought forward will bring as an gift a “special” plant that when used as incense or smoked, give the user “insight” and a closer “bonding” with the Two. If you decide to keep the gift, perhaps it would later help you in diplomatic negotiations by helping to “soothe” the speakers if used as incense.

  • One thing that irked me was the fact that we had no actual real personal body guard or royal guard force, I would really love if this was an option, I even thought of a way.
    Main holding court event: If you decide to meet with the man “claiming” to be you half brother, after he tries killing you, and you survive, an option should be added in an convo with Vradnir where he states that he wont always be there to accompany you as he is responsible for training the guards, as well as commanding the military troops, perhaps you get to choose two or 3 new guards from the soldiers you met from sparring against(Or something ahem GOT kingsguard ish? :3)

  • I believe it would be more immersive if there were more in depth realm managing mechanics, such as being able to speak to you economic adviser Lanfrey and ask him to pull up a scroll with the list of villages or towns that are in you’re domain, and the amount you’re taxing them, it would be great to even change the tax rate

  • In the character creation, if you chose to side with the invading forces during the war for the West, as it states that you’re house gains wealth and lands, I think a bonus should be added for taxes if there is not or some other type of bonus already.

  • Option to re-approach events & some convos or to hold them for a bit, ex: If you decide to take the fallen star, when the option comes to what to do with it, I would love to be able to just wait until I have enough money to actually commission the creation of an sword and then decide what to do, instead of only one chance to either to sell it or do nothing with it at that moment.

  • Option to publicly execute Lord Goyler(If that is not an option already in updated versions) for surrendering Kings Ends without a fight

*When speaking to the Northern Prince(Im assuming they take inspiration from Norse people), if you’re background is from ancient sea raiders, perhaps there may be an option with an convo with the prince commenting about you bloodline, although this raises the question were our ancestors from the North?

*If you decided to declare war on House Sielcner, during the siege or when preparing for the battle, could you add an option to add the city watch in you’re army or at least adding to the castle defense during the siege?

  • And that all I could think of, sorry for the long list


This was quite the interesting tale. I do like the premise, taking command of a great house on the Western Peninsula and engaging in all the medieval intrigues that come of it; it just screams Game of Thrones. And I named by province Winterfell as well. Sue me. :grin: Shame there wasn’t any incest or clever dwarfs, though. The parallels would be quite Stark then. :laughing:

It is clear that this is nowhere near ready for release, but what is here is interesting so far and I do look forward to more. :smile: Keep up the good work, @MahatmaDagon.


But there is incest…


No clever dwarfs, though. :wink: Ah, Lord Tyrion. He will always be my favourite. :grin:

And, yes, I have read about the Jenneth romance snippet. But you are not made aware of your relation to her prior, and so it doesn’t really count (at least not in my opinion). The incest of the Targaryens and Lannisters is so completely deliberate, and thus strikes a far stronger reaction from the readership. You have to wonder what was going through George R R Martin’s mind when he wrote the incestuous aspects to his book.

So, unless you can continue to pursue a relationship with your sister after you find out who she really is, it’s not really incest since you (albeit the Protagonist) did not know.


In mean it is kinda incest if u know the person is related to u or not


Only to the point that, yes, you slept with your sister. If she really is your sister. But you did not know it, so it would be unfair to characterise it in such a fashion. Just be thankful she didn’t get pregnant! :wink:


In before you get jenneth pregnant and you push a kid off of a castle


wait what i am pretty sure that can’t happen, at least not yet


He’s talking about Game of Thrones.


oh ok now i understand


Will this game be published by Hosted Games?


yes it will be i think it says so up there


I have a question. When you host the tournament and there is that person from Dullis who kills a contestant deliberately you can punish her. However, even if she is punished, if you let the jury decide the winner, she will be made the winner no matter what.


Hello. I never play this game but i will for sure. I saw someone saying that it’s bettee than “The great tournament”. Is it comparable? It seem “war of the west” is more random less linear. More a text game than a narative game. Is RO as deep as the princess for exemple? Real question


The Great Tournament had nice elements of land management but this game took it to the next level. There is pretty much no “major story” to my knowledge and this is the best house management game. Text based CK2. The Great Tournament has better combat mechanics but here you mostly don’t need to fight and it does a better job of making you feel like a noble. I personally never liked the princess as a RO nor did any impress me, but I don’t usually go for them, so someone else should answer that.


Ok so i have to expect a ck2 text based. Seem legit since the author said it on the descriptio. So times is the “story” as you create your own?
I’m hyped. Waiting this type of game since swamp castle ! Hoping a news from the writer soon.


how do you kill the monster that you go hunting for