The War for the West (WIP)



Incest was common back then. Oedipus had it worse it since it was his mother. Jenneth is your half sister so no three eyed babies possibly if you do it.


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttt? Wait, doubt here:
Is it only possible do it if we side with that guy, who that think us we are inferior to him? I hoped to overpower Noyedas and attach their lands to mine, and then impose my will on any neighboring “state”, and become the only superpowerr in the west. In a prophecy it is said that our dragon would surpass both the sword and the lion by what I understood. After all it seems like we have some real blood from one of the older families, so I think my MC would have the right to follow the Noyedas plan, but with us in his place, right? :smiling_imp::laughing::grin:


Right now as far as I know you can only do it if you side with him. Also you can work against him, Jenneth will sabotage or get your wife back. He takes your wife for assurance, probably where Hereya may cuck you since she’s laughing and joking with the knight that escorts her.


Why Hreya will want to cheat/betray us? Do she sisters do that too? Since I have seen that the king of the north has two other daughters who are also offered in marriage to us too. :fearful::anguished:
I am beginning to find reason to believe that these northern peoples are barbarians who deserve me to take their lands, like travel personally to their lands with an army and say "Veni, Vidi, Vici’ to them :sweat_smile::joy:


So far I believe it’s just Hereya. I mean you could kinda tell she’ll probably end up cheating from her wedding night though.


I thought she would be daring to taint the royal bed (would it be royal in this case?) With some moron :angry:
I think if she does it, and if be possible I will deal with this in the Vlad Tepes standards… Because The glorious dragon (I´am a Draconian haha :sunglasses:) of Midstev do not tolerate any shame :smiling_imp::laughing::laughing:
Gold in Peace and Steel in War!!! :crossed_swords:


I choose gold i peace still in war, nunodan, dragon or wolf n green or red. Best play through have a lawful or wrathful father


today or tomorrow technically since he said a few today, but at this point probably tomorrow.


far better than the grand tournament I’m
sure if the novel will be finish it will become one of the most profitable novel in choice of games because of its all awesome contents


i agree war for the west is outstanding


why can’t I produce a heir in the game providing that you have a wife in the story


Keep in mind this is an outdated version of the game so maybe give him a little time when he uploads the new one, also haha, it’s not just that simple, making an heir would require if he has not already to spend massive of amounts of time creativing story Branch’s and coding for you heir, but I believe it has been hinted, as you will age in this game as time progress, and woild most likely need an heir or someone to take you’re place


the new update should be up by the end of the week and apparently everything will be fixed by then


lawful = boost in population in your lands i think
wrathful = boost in military stats of your lands
I preffer the wrathful because this is my type and i want to follow this path :grin:
This alter the mode of the your people see you, your rule and your family too. Spoiler ahead!: When your castle is under siege, some bandits begin to loot and make chaos in the food storages, food had been stolen by these scums, what i do? I and my army forces come in their lair, in the poor areas of the city into the citadel walls, what i do? I order them give back the food, they are selling the food, they not obey me, and then i order them to be killed, the leader of them mention to me this: “your father hang my brother because he stolen ONE APLLE!” And then he run for my for attack, and i killed him, and all of your scum companions :laughing:
There are other options too, like try to convince them to join the defenders in the walls, but trust in criminals scums? Better not… haha :thinking:



HAHA thats hilarious. I love a good incredibles reference.


Hi there! If you didn’t know this already, and this go to some of you guys as well who have been asking for updates, it’s against the forum rules as well as generally kinda rude to do so, the last thing an author needs is pressure, just be patient. Give feed back to him, offer opinions on what you think is lacking or what could be improved.


Oh sorry i didnt know


Go read the forum rules.


hey guys could you please keep this to messages or something. If you want to tell someone not to do something don’t write it on the topic. It gets people hoping that perhaps the update has been released.