The War for the West (WIP)



Nice question, i forget this
I think will be, the cost for it is very high :thinking:


I enroll Sister Myra to a court position, but her addition didn’t make significant impact to my military strength , security or influence with other factions … it would be nice if there are further back story of the character and how it will affect my military strength as well as relationship with other faction


She adds one knight to your troops, lowers your reputation with both Farhall and the Temple, is mentioned in at least a dozen scenes(usually fight stuff), becomes both a problem and a bargaining chip when the Inquisitor visits you (a very specific branch dealing with the aftermath of a quest), can save your life, die for you or even try to kill you.


ah thanks…

it had been a while since i last play the demo… :smile:


If she does not kill the moron knight, I would be doing this, the bastard defeat me and after it, I discover he is a godamn rapist. It gives me numerous things to form a beautiful list of why not mourn his death, or even of why not punish the poor woman. I had 50 on fight status, and I had bet on myself, and decided to keep the bets, result, my judges think I would be worthy to win, who am I to disagree
Results: everyone happy in the end :laughing::joy:


I gave back all the bets and declare Myra the winner :smile:

so everyone is happy too :stuck_out_tongue:


hey heres an idea
A merchants guard approaches you and tells you that the merchant and the five other people were killed by bandits.
You can
a. March out there yourself and find them
b. dismiss him
c. send some troops out to patrol the roads
d. offer rewards for there capture


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have any of you guy ever gotten more then low 2000s of troops


Yeah i had 1703 troops


one last suggestion, I thought it would be interesting to play as a female on one play through just to see the differences and I feel like you should be able to marry the northern prince and have him move to you if you have enough social skills/persusion


Is the update out yet since when can you become a cuck or sleep with jenneth.


No the update isn’t out yet. The Cuck achievement is only in the achievement list, your wife cheating on you pretty sure it’s Hereyawon’t happen till the update. Also you can sleep with Jenneth during the end.


How do you sleep with jenneth


You have to side with Noyedas and she will talk to you at your tent.


Ah safe man. Thanks for the info. So is it incest because people are saying shes your sister.


Most likely you half sister. But your character doesn’t know it at the time. It’s supposed to be a surprise, but everybody on this thread knows now. Do what you gotta do though.


I wonder if you can cut your eyes out like oedipus.