The War for the West (WIP)



Make him look ugly forever? This already pays for the attempt, and investment as well. So he knows that Lord John of Midstev is not somebody to play with. :grin:
And it’s also a good way to get revenge on him, if he has poisoned my father, since I do not trust his word. :grimacing:


Also I once had a practice fight with bob of lowbow before I hired him.b also This may just be part of the story but I once got my fighting skill up to 100 and I still could not win the tournoment also how do i get more then 2000 troops


I don’t want to be seen as the guy that points out problems but I like the story so much I want to help It so here are some other things I noticed that could make this story a smoother read.

  1. You have many vassals but you can only call upon the lord of kings end.(perhaps have an option that you can call in your banners.)
    2.Perhaps add an option to the court to increase number of men in army.
  2. Boglan does not help rebels or drowned lords.
  3. If you send your whole army to boglan then you are invaded but I you refuse to go with that religious knight everything goes back to normal and there is no invading force
  4. Last thing how can you kill anyone with none if you don;t have a special weapon yet just say sword
  5. Also perhaps make lore more important because at this point it is the least useful stat( this is not a problem just I noticed it is more important to have high combat and social)




figured this out. It depends on what your father was like you can be military/people/orderandlaws/ money


oops that was already answered


one last thing you can do exercises with your men always. I think you should probably make it so you can only exercise with them a few times and you should be able to communicate more with advisors to set up a spy network or trade deals. Lastly you said in your first post (deal with brigands, that is not an option)
Also if you need help writing 25 new court options I would love to give you ideas


He uses it to forge his crown if he gets it. There’s a lot of implications to that, of course.

People will always die there because Lord Noyedas really wants the fallen star for himself, as he believes it is one of the steps to fulfill an old prophecy about him becoming king.

It’s an old bug, it’s fixed on my version.

There was no way you could win the tournament before, but I have made a huge rework on it now, adding new fights and a way for you to win it.

You don’t have “many vassals”. Lord Goyler is the only one important enough to send troops to help. Lord Lennis is the only other subject of note you have, and he’s known for being an incompetent drunkard.

There are ways you can do that now.

I’m not sure what you mean here. Are you saying neither of them helps you during the final battle?That’s how it’s supposed to be, no side wants to leave Boglan to fight an outsider’s dispute while there’s still conflict in their homeland. AND their troops are way better fit for battle in the swamps than in an open field, where they would likely be annihilated by cavalry and better equipped troops.

So you got one of the earlier ending branches? I wasn’t sure people would get that :sweat_smile:

It has been vastly reworked and many extra content was added to it, anyway, so I can’t say for sure what was the bug you experienced, but it probably isn’t on the game anymore.

Do you mean the weapon being described as “None” if you don’t have acquire or equipped any from the armory? It was an old bug, I got it fixed when I reworked the Armory.

Actually, Lore/Knowledge is probably what opens up more options in the entire game. The thing is, up until now, most of those options are hidden until you have the necessary amount of stats.

(it also adds larger descriptions for some stuff)

Either way, I’m changing the way stats-based options appear in the game. If you don’t have the necessary stat for it AND it isn’t a huge spoiler, I’m leaving the option grayed out instead of hidden, because I think it stimulates replayability.

The game will happen within a limited time span in the end, and I don’t think anyone will want to spend all their time within the training yard. I can’t say anything else about how time will happen in the game without giving huge spoilers, though I must say I have not abandoned the notion of making time pass according to some stuff.

There are more conversation options with them, and there are at least half a dozen trade deals you can make in the game.

It’s something I’m yet to add, true.

Feel free to give any ideas, although I can’t promise they’ll make it into the game. I made a bunch more of events already, but I’m always open to new ideas.

Obs: I’m considering taking the game out of DashingDon for a few days until I can upload an updated version. There are just too many errors with this one and it’s probably better if people do not play it in the state it is right now, else I will be having to individually explain things that I already fixed but aren’t presented in the version they’re playing.


He used it to forge his crown? That’s a stupid idea.


Not everyone have the same ideas regarding as to what is to be done with a fallen star, and Noyedas already has a “legendary” weapon.


And what will it be? His “legendary weapon”?


I know but one time I lost 108 now I lose 500 so is it randomized


If you mean he is in contact with a toxic mineral in the head, maybe the crown have been build with some other isolating material? Like the sword?


The only thing I know is that the scabbard will be made of lead to protect us from harm of the glowing red blade.


It’s the old sword of the western kings, the Sielcsword which appears in the coat of arms of Sielccia. There’s some hidden lore about it in the game.

Ah, that’s some old stuff. It was percentage based on how much men you had if I recall correctly.

It’s not exactly common knowledge that the thing is bad for your health. Those are medieval-like times and there is a lot of misguided notions, even by scholars.


Thanks I was really confused


thanks for responding the one thing that i still think would be good if there was a court option were your military advisor asks i you want to recruit more men and then gives you options
ie: Ask for volunteers, impress criminals or just order him to say add 500 more men
If you do consider making it an option perhaps have it after you are told about the raids


Some doubts :sweat_smile::smiley::
I really liked the story of the creature and the meteorite, it reminded me a lot of venom, in case here they would be aliens like he did not? :smile:
The disease being investigate by the alchemists in the begin of the game, fund their efforts or not fund them have consequences after no? :thinking:


Also are we a duke…


Having a benefit in the immediate reconstruction of Emyria?