The War for the West (WIP)



this game looks great if I could reccomend something I would suggest that you put a limit to how much money you can win of your courtiers when you have the option to play cardeed with them I won like 4000 once


@MahatmaDagon, may I ask you is that is there anything famous or renowned to the MC’s land? We know is that in Dullis, it’s famous for fertile lands and food. In Farwall it’s the knights that they often trained and created, but what about the MC’s?


Probably population…


perhaps it is trade or maybe craftsmen


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maybe but I don’t think so since sielccia has more land and troops


More land doesn’t mean more people but I doubt it too


He said to me that its suppose to be this week even if hes not finished he will still update it but id really know


ok great really looking forward to that also when the game is done will it be free.


Probably not…


Maybe if its updated on dashington then yes but makes it a app on a google playstore then probably not free


Last time he mentioned a release date, he was guess-timating around May. Back to discussing the actual game.


Doubt, possible bug:

I married Lanna, the daugther of the Lord of Dullis, and it´s turn him my ally no? Because when Sielccia attack and i chose the option for call for allies, the game says i have not allies at this time, and i say: wtf?


Thanks. I’m going to rework the entire system around Cardeed to make it more dynamic and efficient, making it so that the values are more balanced and that the enemy players have certain quirks and tells that you can get with high Social.

I guess some of it depends on your father. If he was Kind, you have a greater population and the peasants overall have a better life. If he was Just, your lands might be known for the fairness of its laws . Wrathful, its military, and Greedy its economy… there are also the background variables, which can influence a few things(your relation with certain “factions” or your cultural allignment).

Other than that, you hold the port town of King’s End in your domain, where the last King of the West died, so it’s kinda of tourist attraction a as well. :sweat_smile:

But I could argue that the thing your lands will be really known for are the things you make during your playthrough, either because of your heroic personal achievements or through the long term consequences of the decisions you make on the production and the economy, which is something will happen in the final update.

It does turns Dullis into an ally, but the version on dashingdon is really outdated. I can’t just update it because there are too many changes and corrections that need to be made in order to wrap everything up, and I’m holding it for the final update.

Seeing as there has been an increase in interest for the game in the past few weeks, I’m considering making those fixes and uploading them before the final update so people can play a more revised version while I finish the rest of the game.


Thank you for the answer, I understand. It’s a good and fun demo, looking forward to the game ready, I wish you good luck and work too. :grin::wink:


One question, a curiosity i have.

If we are equiped with the sword made of star, which is venomous, and we attack the lord of Sielccia, with it, we poison him, no? This can bring us a future advantage in the war, I think, does not it? Despite being somewhat dishonorable, but war is war… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:
If that’s right, I think is a very interesting and good premise approached in the demo :smile:
The fact that he wanted to get the star only for him by securing the fall site, and I deny it to him, and after it hurt him with what he wanted, fills me with joy :laughing:


Yup, the starblade metal is poisonous and cutting Lord Noyedas with it should kill him in a few days… but he doesn’t die, instead gaining a nasty scar and a dark eye. If I recall correctly it is theorized somewhere in the game that the mysterious Warmonk saved his life through some kind of mystic knowledge.


Well then if we give up the claim of the star, will Noyedas here be able to create it into a weapon?


I bet we just created a legendary weapon.


Is their a way to not lose so many people for the star