The War for the West (WIP)



You can’t figure it out in the game yet (though you’ll be able to in the full game). It’s something the author revealed here.




Now I feel gross, but can’t blame what you don’t know. Luckily I always play female so no disastrous … consequences for me.


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These will be your first days as Lord of Dragonstone, and there are certainly many court matters to attend, things that were left unresolved thanks to your father condition.


“thanks to your father’s condition” seems like he didn’t respect our father and/or likely despised him if that was the case then it’s fine if not, well, you might wanna change that :sweat_smile:

You make your way to the tower of the Alchemist’s Guild, a tall structure made of stone that sits on the commercial district of the town protected by your castle.

The peasantry on the street is usually happy to see their liege, but a few hard looks make you wonder if you have done anything to displease them. Regardless, it is a matter for you to consider another time, as right now you have a meeting with the people on the tower.

The peasantry is always happy to see their liege, and some children wave their arms as you pass, while the adults either stay out of your way or perform simple curtsies as you move along.


“How do you came in contact with it?”

did… come

His body is currently under observation on a containment room on the basement of the tower.


Also can we have an option to see the body for ourselves and with certain lore MC can determine if it really is Gravemaker

Well, good Lord, there is certainly honour in defeat. We cannot deny that they fought bravely. And… Of course, Lord Noyedas of Sielccia is patronizing us well, but I assure you that has nothing to do with it!."

"You were one of the Meinstrel’s greatest allies, and that we shall show in the play. So important to their victory that they granted Dragonstone to your family!"
**> **
> He holds his arms wide open, as if to give greater meaning to what he says.
**> **
> "We will portray them as brave and ambitious warriors on the play!"

I only asked why were they showing Sielc that way

While usually Vradnir is quite suspicious, he does not believe that the northerner have ill intentions… unless they are hiding their main forces somewhere else.


“Well met, lord Tyrone. I am Prince Lodka Avern of the Kingdom of Wents.” He says, doing a simple curtsy.


The young prince seems a bit surprised by your willingness to do so, but doesn’t know exactly how to react to that

doesn’t exactly know

He seeks alliances were other men would seek conflict, he wants knowledge to be away with ignorance. I am here to do his bidding


“Why haven’t you visit the Royal Capital?”


“What kind of alliances you speak of ?”

Asked and answered

+“What kind of alliances you speak of?”

Asked and answered

+“What kind of alliances you speak of?”
+“Tell me about your sisters.”

Same as previous

The best arches and hunters you will find there, and it is said that the path to Yelwey is one that no army can march on


"It is our … how you call it? Archerpriest? There are not that many, for people are rarely born with the gift to speak to the dead,


Another child came up to him, carrying shiny garments and trinkets the man never seen before.

man had never seen

“I do not need your help.” Wur said, knelled by his wife’s grave.


He was now leader of his village, the one who eventually was formed around the hut he had build


Vradnir seems pleased with your decision. The soldier hasn’t seem proper action for a while now, since the days of your father.


While they certainly are important, most of the time you are just signing pieces of paper handled to you by your counsellors.



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Whoopsy drizzle, sleeping with her before the last battle wasn’t the wisest thing to do then. But it sure is Arthurian !


Weird question: How do you get Hereya to cheat on you?


Won’t happen yet…also don’t marry her.


He wants her to cheat on him, so he needs to marry hey for it to happen.