The War for the West (WIP)



I think you can have one with your sister.


Seriously? Oh and I don’t have a sister.


Yes, you do. She is your half-sister.


Which half-sister? I’m really confused right now.


the female adviser


Your spymaster is your half-sister. She is the bastard daughter of your father.


I know it’s wrong but I can’t help but romance her…


Forgot to mention you will be able to marry Ullus Goldentooth(mercenary captain) as well.

His image changing from a mercenary to a noble is actually something that I find very funny.


“I will never admit Hereya cheating on me! But I will totally cheat on her, to have a incestuous affair with my sister” :stuck_out_tongue:.


@No_This_Is_Patrick : “totally different things!! I am preserving the bloodline using the ‘lannisters style’ after all is not cheating if is family” this is patrick mindset.


EXCUSE me missuer I never!!! The only times I’ve done it I didnt marry anyone. I liked Lady Dullac so I didn’t do it then, and I never really married Hereya, cause after the wedding night I remembered the Cuck achievement so I immediately restarted. Her wedding night is basically a red flag.
@Logan3000x You know the plan!!! Keep it pure.


What’s this cuck achievement about?


Hereya princess of the norther realm cheating on you.


Now this is getting seriously fishy. I’d rather go with Danna only.


I always go with the youngest princess of the north


Well I did take the youngest princess of the North as my MC’s bride once.


How do you find out shes your half sister


Add new construction options in Quartermaster


Lol, nice nickname.

20 char.


I usually go with the oldest northern princess.