The War for the West (WIP)



Hi guys, I’m new to this group and so far from what I’ve played the demo, I had these errors and suggestions:

  1. the armoury, after we bought any kind of weapon, the sword will just kept returned to the armoury instead of staying with the stats.
  2. Might I suggest of having the option of spending time with the wife after the marriage?
  3. The map I think we will be needing the lands of the Northern kingdoms as well.


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Bullseye!! My friend.


Quick question, a bunch of people said that there are three marriage opportunities, but I only encountered the one with Dullis and the Prince’s sisters. Is there a third option, and if so, what is it?


Your enemy, if you are a woman.


The Black Widow achievement.


Keep in mind that you guys have been playing a very old version of the game. I’m holding back on the update because I really want to deliver it as a complete version and just do fix according to feedback.

On the final version, you can marry:
Dannel Dullac(if female)
Danna Dullac(if male)
Wynella, Hereya and the other one (name escapes me right now) from the northern kingdom (if male)
Noyedas Sielcners(if female)
Ullus Goldentooth(if female)

I’m also considering adding a new suitor from the Eastern provinces, and you can have about half a dozen more lovers and one night stands throughout the game for both genders, both straight and gay.

Ops: updated armory and more events and interaction with all spouses is coming too


Good to know!!

We might need their pictures as well.


Please add a way to not let Hereya cuck us.


I’m adding updated pictures for all characters, including those who didn’t had before (like the three sisters)

And if you have high Social or Combat, there are ways for her not to betray you in the final version


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To be honest I probably still won’t marry her cause this is something I can’t forget.


true but maybe one day…I will forget.


You end up forgeting to increase your combat or social…then you’ll remember.


I don’t even need to forget to make my MC marry her.


remember, high social or combat if not she is going to cuck you with the 70 year old dude that cleans the latrine


Seems easier to marry a faithful wife. Not someone who’ll sleep with anything that they like.


My character can have lovers too. The marriage means an alliance with the royalty of a northern kingdom and she is a powerful warrior, I don’t her to love my MC.


My biggest question is what are the chances of having children with the characters.