The War for the West (WIP)



Bragging rights on the forum, duh.


What do you mean? Given the non-linear aspect of the scenes arrangement, it might depend a lot on how people spend their time, although the bread & butter of the game should last around a year or two, and then the timeskipping happens. In terms of words, it should be around 350~400k I think.

@Derpius is not wrong, it’s mostly a meta stat. It will have one or two small consequences in at least one of the endings, though.

Also, thanks for the reports. I’m uploading the fixes.


Whats the highest prestige you can get mine was. 7


9 for me.


Highest I’ve got was 5…
What are all the things you can get prestige for?


This would have to be my favourite WIP right now. I don’t even rightfully know why, its just so thrilling.


There is an error I can not write the name of my children, chose the option and nothing happens but the other options work … And I hope we can have a child with Jenneth

Hay un error no puedo escribir el nombre de mis hijos, eligió la opción y no pasa nada pero las demás opciones funcionan… Y espero que podamos tener un hijo con Jenneth


“Another name altogether” does not work yet, you have to choose “Another name of Western / Sielccia origins”



What’s wring with that?


Nothing, your kingdom, your rules.


It’s not white walker its alien walkers :grin::+1:


How can i trigger the governor existence?


Don’t conquer Sielccia.


Dear @MahatmaDagon, is it just me or is that my mother name is always Anne when i created my own character?


It’ll always be Anne.


Owh, that’s disappointing :sweat:


This game just gets better everytime i play! I love how all your actions affect the ending, every single one! Kudos @MahatmaDagon!


Actually, there are other possible names for your mother. I’m pretty sure it’s randomized! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve always gotten Anne or I’m not paying attention.


It’s always been Anne