@ProGameGeo @GrimReaperJr1232 You have to send a piece of the comet to the Alchemist’s guild.


So THAT’S how I did it. Huh, I’ve been dodging the Reaper this whole time without even knowing it. Greed literally saved my life.


There’s a scene with a maid when you get sick. Her name is Nada I think? Is there anyway can you talk with her again or is she just gone?

Well if u Sard her then you can become lovers and if you are male then she gets pregnent.

For me, we kiss then she falls of the face of the earth. How would one proceed with the aforementioned sarding?

Ask for wine and then say u have a thrist water can’t satisfy .

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And then get up to look out the window, and… well, it’s easy to figure out the rest.

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Huh…would you look that. Thank you both.

Folks, as I’m wrapping things up, was there anything that any of you did in game that you felt should have granted you an Achievement? Or the opposite; some Achievement you felt was not deserving of being one?


I played it a lot tried different routes . But I would prefer a Achievement if I kill all 3 at great betrayal without a scratch( invincible)
And BTW how to get “PeaceMaker” and “Blessed” if u don’t mind


It’s crazy to me how I’m replaying again and still finding new stuff lol

EDIT: Just found the path where I get Nellasha to get with my cousin

@MahatmaDagon Maybe add an achievement for if you win the tourney, manage to survive the Summit assassination attempt and if your treasury stays negative for too long.

Also just curiousif you bring Vradnir to the first Daedros Summit killing spree thing, is it possible for everybody to survive AND kill Daedros? I saved the two ladies, but then Vrad died and since I didnt choose thick armor I died and ressurrected myself.

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Just please do not erase the cheat system


You’re not going to believe this, but your mentioning of the cheat system finally got me to notice that it existed. Goddamn, I’m slow.


Good job. Now start enjoy the dark power wahwhwhwhwh :smiling_imp:

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How to use the cheat system?

Show Stats–> Options --> Cheat Menu


@MahatmaDagon I killed the abyssal beast and took it’s corpse home. When the inquisitor came calling, I chose the last option (it’s a silly rumour) and refused to give up the warrior monk I’d given Asylum to. Having done so, I was unable to decide what to do with the body.

If you had to compare the power of the Readers house to a house in game of thrones which would it be?

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I know this is already completed but perhaps add an option to visit the dungeons?