The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



I’ve been gone for a while, did I miss anything?


The MC looks like the bad guy lol not that am complaining he looks bad ass.


Ahhh why the save broke again near the end​:scream::sob:


@TeamCorvid Thanks for the report, I also found that bug myself while playtesting. The marriage he was referring to is his own, to Lady Nellasha. Should be fixed already.

I kinda like that, makes people “oh, so the heroic guy on the cover is actually the villain?”


So here’s a few bugs I found:

-When a female MC who married and killed Noyedas and was a lover of Lodka is deciding if she will continue the relationship the option “I refused Prince Lodka’s advances, but kept secretly seeing Vradnir” appears even if Vradnir is dead.

-During the same playthrough, in the Summit when Lord Dulsen asked the MC how things are going and I responded with “Good now that Noyedas is dead” the following message appeared: IF YOU EVER READ THIS MESSAGE WHILE PLAYING, PLEASE INFORM THE AUTHOR SOMEWHERE.

-When talking with Lady Sessanah and she asks the MC if she knows any secrets of Lord Dulsen, one can respond with “What do you offer in exchange for that information?” but the following page is blank of her response, only showing the options to answer her.

As for the story side of things I still think that if the MC had a child with Noyedas there should be an option to try to claim Sielccia in their name since the child would be his rightful heir, and unlike going to war there isn’t an option to lay claim to his former lands in that path. Also maybe it could be brought up during the summit, the MC may not be able to prove they have Sielc blood but it is a fact that the last member of House Sielcner, (and as far as everybody knows the last remnant of Sielc Blood) is her child, maybe to convince people to vote for her or to try (even if unsuccessfully) to get an extra vote as their regent.


I forgot to “kill” him as a lover there. Should be fixed now.

Those things were all related to your particular playthrough. Since the game wasn’t considering what happened with Sielccia, there was “domino-like” effect which triggered that warning.

I fixed it and followed your suggestion of adding an option about trying to use your child’s claim as a way to rule Sielccia.

Thanks for the reports!


Trying to claim the land for the child is a good idea. Will do that in my next playthrough!


Alright, here’s a suggestion: a male mc can have quite a few children with his wife, and that’s very handy and convenient for the player, but a female mc can only have two of them on the condition she takes a lover. Maybe let the lady have the same number of children with her husband alone, if she so chooses? I’m only suggesting this because in my fem!mc playthrough I felt pressured to cuckold Dannel just to increase the chances of my line remaining in power in the next game, and let me tell you, it didn’t feel good, lol. Logistically speaking, it would make sense- a fem!mc who only sleeps with her husband is just as likely to have two children in the space of two years as an mc who divides her attentions, unless it’s a plot element that Dannel and Ullus are less fertile than Vradnir and Lodka and thus need more time to fill up the nursery room. In fact, the same applies to a Vradnir and Lodka having an affair with an unmarried fem!mc; at the moment, they can only have one child with her, while presumably the prominent conjugal vacancy in mc’s household leaves a lot more room for discrete sarding between the two/three of them in those two years.


There (theoretically) isn’t anything forbidding the female character to have as many legitimate children with the husband as the male one with the wife. The only thing I can think of is that it is a bug of some sort…

Code-wise, I think the only impediment for having a second children if is you somehow managed to lower the relationship with your spouse between the first and second child(the game checks if your relation is >= 0 before giving you the option to have it), but I don’t even think that’s possible.

Anyway, I’ll test this manually to see if I can reproduce it and find out where the problem lies. Thanks for the report.


Is this the case with the lovers as well? Should it normally be possible for an unmarried fem!mc to have two children with Vradnir for example, or is it like this on purpose?


I just did a full playthrough and was able to get the second child with a female character. I never interacted with my husband other than marrying him and having sex right after the wedding.

What kind of interactions did you have with your husband? Perhaps you said something he didn’t like and it lowered your relation with him, or perhaps I put a minus instead of a plus in one of those interactions.

As for multiple bastards, I think the game isn’t considering that specific possibility for female characters.


Hmmm, I did multiple playthroughs today just to check. Sorry for not responding earlier. Anyway, it would seem the deciding factor is the possibility of preexisting relationships. For example, I let the female character spend some private time with Vradnir just before the attack on the Sons of the Snake, then terminated the romance the day after, and in the epilogue she was able to have a second child with the husband. However, on a different playthrough in which fem!mc started her relationship with Vradnir before/after she married Dannel but terminated it in the epilogue scenes, it didn’t matter she ultimately chose to remain faithful- apparently the milk has already been spilled., and she doesn’t produce a second child. That’s probably why I got confused in the first place, I thought deactivating the romance flags in the epilogue scene was the equivalent of a flashback of fem!mc endings things with Vradnir soon after the Boglan campaign. Also, any entaglements with Lodka just scr*w up any possibility of a second legitimate heir. If fem!mc manages to have relations with him before her marriage, she can only put an end to those encounters after some time has already passed and Dannel has already sniffed out the situation. Ending things with him in the epilogue scenes can only happen after the war has ended, it’s not a flashback. This was probably obvious to everyone but me, sorry people.


I’ve been following your work I played multiple of playthrough. The one that interest me is the relationship between mc & Jenneth. Will there be an option for the mc about finding out Jenneth and the mc shared heritage through a dream or visions before or during betrayal and confonting her about it ?


I can understand how those descriptions on the late game can be confusing. I’m thinking of adding a visual queue (such as a hand holding an hourglass) and/or something like “Time passed…”

But yeah, it’s mostly a fastforward epilogue. I still don’t get why the game is making you not be able to have second children with your husband, though. I’ll keep looking at it.

There’s an option to learn that after the Summit, if you surrender yourself to her and her allies. I was also working on a direct confrontation between the two as well, but had to scrap it for time. Perhaps I can find a way to reinsert it in the game eventually.


What is the stat for poisoning Noyedas?




But how high does it have to be?


Its pretty high, like 50.


Glancing at the relevant source code:

 *selectable_if (social >= 50) #Poison your husband's drink. (Social) 
  *goto poison

@MahatmaDagon If it would not be too much trouble, would you please include the date of the most recent Update in the title of this thread.

Here is a typo in the latest version.

“There was this informant in particular who had been in my payroll for many years. A gambler that goes by the name of Sweetdices. It was him that pointed my men to the wrong room, when I went to grab your “bastard brother” to bring him to the castle. He has been missing since then, and while I am certainly looking forward to finding him, there is no way he could have know what was happening. I do not share the specifics of my orders with anyone but you.”

It should be known.


Thank you!