The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Actually, you can only do that if you side with Lord Noyedas. As far as i know, only Vradnir comes with you to Boglan.


It’s after the Boglan thing. If you bring your whole army, the sword drowning in the water Noble will invade your land.


Hey guys. I’m sending an update right now. You can see the changelog on the first post.

There are still a couple more things I want to add before shipping the game, but I can count those in the fingers of my hands now, so it’s all good.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of things I wish to talk with you all about.

First, this is the image I will be using as cover:

The lines are by Caio Oliveira, and I painted it. I’m still not fully satisfied with the ending result on my part, but I don’t know exactly what to add or change, so feedback is appreciated.

I’m planning on putting a version of this image in the scene where you face Lord Noyedas. He is the character on the left, while the MC is the one on the right.

Depending on some of your choices throughout the game, certain elements on the image will change. If you attacked him during the parley, for example, he will have a scarred eye. The color of the character’s vests will also change according to the colors you picked for your House. And the blade itself will change as well, if you are using the one forged from the meteor.

I also made a family tree for the Sielc/Sielcner Houses, because it was needed in a specific scene. I made another version of it, with even more spoilers and meta-knowledge:

And that is all for the moment. Thanks for your patience.

(If anyone thinks there is something important missing from the game, speak now or forever hold your peace.)


@MahatmaDagon, I assume the one facing Noyedas is the MC, but what happened to his surcoat? And why does his armour looked more dull and dark? I mean, shouldn’t a lord in the game also has a surcoat like that of Noyedas?


I am afraid I see no surcoat on Noyedas, merely a cape.

Unless you consider that as one? In which case, I don’t see what’s the problem with the MC not wearing any.


Abit of a continuity error, if you bring your entire army into the swamp and the river guys take over your kingdom while you are away, the reports you get from scouting will imply that horrible things have been done to your wife, but then after you win the battle, your wife is hale and healthy and will bear you a child and what not and the whole thing is never addressed.

Admittedly the implication is pretty vague, so it could be just me reading too much into things, but it certainly seems like a continutity error to me.

Another thing is that, as things currently stand, you earn way too much money compared to the things you have to spend them on. You earn anywhere between 2.5-3k a month, and the most expensive purchase you can make is to train a band of knights, which costs 1.5k and can only be done once a month. Most other purchases are in the few hundred gold range, which is effectively a drop in a bucket compared to your income.

The upshot is that, outside of the first month or two, it’s practically impossible for you to bankrupt yourself. In fact, if you wait long enough, it’s actually impossible to bankrupt yourself, as in you literally cannot find enough stuff to spend money on. I don’t know if your tax income is artificially boosted for testing purposes, but if it isn’t, I’d recommend reducing your base income rate by alot, at least to around 1k base, or introducing some form of money sink, such as your army having an upkeep cost that scales to it’s size/quality.

Also just more stuff to spend your money on would be nice as well. More upgrades to your castle, more frivolous purchases, etc etc. Perhaps you could have a “decorate your throne room” option that increases your social skill, much like how the wine merchant/ tailor event currently works, but attached to your quartermaster.


A little tidbit with Arlec, what is his fate after the massacre at Stargaze tower?
It’s implied he’s still loyal to the meinestral crown
and will have to be dealt wwit. But we’re adivsed(depending on the advisor) to gain the lady of Farhalls vote by offering her brother a quick death and to make her the new ruler of House gorroth


Also will the painting of the MC change, if they equip the Meteor Sword? Or Research the abyssal armor?


We know a confirmed answer to this.


@MahatmaDagon It looks like the MC’s sword is meant to be held with two hands like Sielcner’s sword so I’m not sure how realistic (depending on its weight) it is to hold it in one hand for very long (probably doable but not for long). Will Sielcner wear the Star Crown if he has it?

For the family tree, maybe add some spacing between the MC’s mother and her royal ancestor since multiple generations have passed. There is probably some format for that but I’m guessing maybe dotted lines?

I do think there should be some kind of hint in the opening conversations from Vradnir or Jenneth or Meybuk that MCs should actually start recruiting troops. If new players wait to start recruiting until it is obvious that they will be invaded, then by then they may not be able to recruit enough anyway.

It looks like male MCs (but not female MCs) still need social > 60 to marry Jenneth. I don’t know what last things you intend to add into the game but I hope you choose to not lock out an entire RO based on a stat check for only one gender.

I admit I am also still hoping that female MCs who have a child with Lodka can propose to him. I’ve been playing a lot of Crusader Kings 2 lately and gavelkind succession where one child inherits one realm and another child inherits the other seems like an obvious way to allow Lodka and the MC to marry. Granted, it can lead to siblings at each other’s throats with claims to each other’s territory, but at least their parents will be happy :two_hearts:.

It looks like event 34 (produce an heir event) does not yet take into account the relationship between the MC and the MC’s spouse.

If a male MC tells Wyneva on the wedding night that it will be a political marriage, 2 of the 3 responses lead immediately to her talking about the dead. It seems like those responses should have led to something else. Also it would be nice to have the option to give the reason of not wanting to have sex with someone the MC does not love the same as that choice was present in Hereya’s wedding night. Wyneva at least would probably not mind that. The only current option to decline Wyneva requires the MC to claim to not be interested in women at all which is then followed by the MC being able to choose to change his mind.

Here are some typos and bugs I noticed in the latest version.

“Well, I have to admit that I am still trouble by what you said to me during our wedding night, but this… this isn’t about that.”

It should be troubled.

During Danna’s date night:

*if spouseRelation >= 0 
 Your spouse wears a long sleeved ${color} tunic with golden ornamented bands and a white robe, fastened around her waist. She appears stoic, politely waiting for you to take the lead.

This inequality is pointed the wrong way. It should be if spouseRelation < 0.

 *hide_reuse #"Does everyone in your family have the same initials?"
  *if (spouseRelation >= 0)
   "It has been an old tradition of House Dullac. 'A chain that links us all together in greatness', my grandfather used to say. But you need not adhere to it; our child will only inherit your surname, and you can name it differently."

  *if (spouseRelation >= 0)
   "It has been an old tradition of House Dullac. 'A chain that links us all together in greatness', my grandfather used to say."

One of those inequalities is probably pointing the wrong way and should be *if (spouseRelation < 0).

*label killMyself
You rise from your seat and hold your ${weaponName} with both hands. The guards keep the old man down, but he offers no resistance. Indeed, he even appears releaved.

It should be relieved.

*label seizeItAll
*set unrest + 1
*set treasury + 410

By the end of it, a total of ₳410 will be added to your treasury. Geduin's descendants might try to contest your decision in the future, but there isn't much they can do against someone of noble birth.

*goto_scene byebye

*label seizeModest
*set treasury + 75

A total of ₳75 is added to your Treasury, and you close the court for the day, while Geduin's descendants start the preparations for his burial.
*goto_scene byebye

*label leaveItAll
*set unrest + 1
*set templeRelation + 1

While Geduin's descendants are certainly saddened by his death, they also understand that it was what the old man wanted, and manage to find their peace with the way you handled the situation. 

His oldest son in particular is very thankful, and makes a huge donation to the Temple in your name.
*goto_scene byebye

It seems like leaving the entire inheritance to the descendants should if anything lower instead of raise unrest.

*Label refuseFealty
Before anything else happens, ou notice a hissing sound in the distance, coming from beyond the balcony. Then there is this sudden and loud noise, which disturbs all lords and ladies, making them all turn to it.

It should be you.


Also another continuity error, it’s possible to marry that… Swamp lady to your cousin and turn him into a lord in the process, but if you do so and you visit boglan later, and the lady of boglan asks for her sister back, there’s no option to bring up any of this.

While I’m at it, an option to make your cousin a lord outside of this event wouldn’t be unwelcome.

Now, as for the ending… I’ll echo kckolbe’s sentiments of it feeling very jump sharky. Please give me a few hours to more properly compose my thoughts, for its been a few hours since I just played the game and at present, my impressions will be filled with far too much raw emotion for me to feel comfortable putting them on the forum.


In terms of gameplay, things still feel a little bit lackluster, not in playability but interacting with NPC’s and content in general. As @Cannongerbil pointed out, we have plenty of gold but nothing to spend it on, after buying all improvements from the quarter master or our marriage, . More so with interactions with our advisors, Lanfrey role for instance could be or at least seen as useful, by having an option to invest in improving roads which add a bonus to our economy or funding schools that lower civil unrest. I only go to Vradnir to recruit troops and that’s about it, either that or play cardeed, perhaps interactions with him such as more on his interest in the ancient empire could be added. And Melybuk while helpful during many court events, it’s the same thing, I go to him for nothing else.

Will their be any more added hold court events or scenes as interacting with our RO’s like more in depth like with Petka? For Danna, I think at least during the spending the day event with, I’d like to talk and learn more, not necessarily about her family, but herself instead.

Also, any chance an option can he added, at the end where we can tell Jenny we care for her as a friend or loyal subject instead of a lover?:sweat_smile:


At the end, provided we married one of Lodka’s sisters would it be possible for the wife to escape with the kids? @MahatmaDagon


@MahatmaDagon Sorry if this is evident but is it safe to assume that the additional marriage options for Female MCs are one of those things you still have on your to-do list?


@Vox IIRC there are two male candidates at a ball you can hold. They’re for rulers who still haven’t been able to find a husband up to that point.


I count one new male RO, Vayden, at the ball. I don’t think a House Meinstrel spy compares favorably to Lodka. As you @TeamCorvid said regarding Lodka:


I mean it’s the medieval era ffs, most of the good lookin guys are either dead or dying. A few are very lucky


I would settle for “nice”, “competent”, and single. It is honestly not a high bar.


Let’s settle on Wealthy and Influencial :rofl:


Whoops! I checked the changelog and assumed it wasn’t addressed. I’ll play the demo now.

@Norilinde Lodka forever :heart_eyes: