The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Spoiler and trigger warning: I played as a fem!mc today and let her marry Noyedas, despite knowing from previous playthroughs what a mothermulcher he was and came to thoroughly regret it- unwilling impregnation? Imprisonment? And who knows what the sard else? The option to ‘go to the balcony and throw yourself from it’ was UTTERLY fitting and moving. In fact, had she already produced an heir prior to that point, I would totally have made this one of my main playthroughs. Dying in childbirth is just as fitting though and thankfully does result in the birth of an heir; I can’t wait to see what sort of beginning this little kid will have in the sequel…


damn thats dark tho its fits the setting very much


When I read the part about fem!mc becoming concerned over having potentially caught a sickness, right after marrying Ullus, I nearly lost my marbles. We’ve all done the Northern Fever court event, and it’s common knowledge Ullus wasn’t exactly celibate prior to his marriage. Of course the case was just pregnancy, but it made wonder whether anyone would like in future games the possibility of dying early thanks to sexually transmitted diseases. Considering this setting is kind of ideal for them.


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I wouldn’t recommend asking WiP authors whether their game have been submitted to COG. It puts unnecessary pressure on them to deliver (and yes, it’s in the rules). I understand your excitement, but when @MahatmaDagon has completed this and submitted, he will inform everyone here.


In the future could we possibley adopt the child from emyria village killings? I feel like in book 2 there could be a interesting dynamic between the MC’ other kids and the adopted one


How do we go about beating Lord Noyedas if we choose to fight him?


Just Camp on top of the hill it always works for me cause i see no way in hell that you can ever outnumber him i have tried so many times to get more numbers than him but am always a few hundred men short i swear the guy is cheating how does he have that many troops have no idea why you only get a few hundred men when you recruit people i will change that law so military service is mandatory and if you don’t serve you die simple.


There are a couple ways to set yourself up to have a larger army if you’re willing to game the system. Certain choices for your father and what kind of lord he is already can get you on the right path. Don’t send troops to the King and recruit back to back. If you get a poor showing for recruitment then you can exploit the randomizer by going into your stats screen and coming back until you get a more favorable recruitment. Remember to go hunting and train/battle your troops for easy chances to raise morale. If you have any allies (specifically if you married into House Dulsen) make sure you call on them for battle. Recruit last minute as well. Either persuade the mercenaries on your side (with a lot of $$$ and a sizable army that deters deserters — also hold the leader captive? I’m not sure if this helps, but I always do it), marry the mercenary leader to get them on your side (if female), or bribe them into not joining the battle at all on Noyedas’ side. You’ll know you have enough when you get the “slaughter” option for the speech to your troops.

@lokidemon007 Pay attention to the season/weather! There are in-game clues about what moves would be strategic for each type of weather. Make the most sensible decision and play to the strengths of your army (do you have more archers? knights? militia? earlier on you should try to balance these out). If all else fails you can always just let Noyedas come to you. Those 10 days are very useful if you’re not 100% on the strength/morale of your army or your own combat skills. Hope this helps! :relaxed:


How do you know the weather?


Who can we make alliances with in the game amd also who can we marry


Never send anyone to the valley, use fire arrows at first opportunity. Those two never failed me.


I sat my merry ass on the hill and turtled waiting for my allies, I didn’t even charge with horsemen waiting for them to charge with theirs then counter charging, since mine were stronger and more numerous.

So like most other fights in the game.
When in doubt, turtle it out.


There’s usually a short description of it at the start of the battle.


Thank you!


Is there any way around getting betrayed?


Nope, it’s inevitable. But you can still marry The spymaster though


How do we do that? Isn’t she the MC’s bastard half sister?


Yeah you actually can do it. You can fuck her during the early invasion of your land, when you bring your whole army to the swamp people. Also you can convince her to marry you after the betrayal


One thing I noticed. When the Northern Prince is mentioned towards the end, he’s mentioned as None and not by name.