The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



have sex with your maid you can encounter her in your court duties


the maid mentioned earlier (Nada), Jenneth, Lodka, and Vradnir are your choices, I believe.


so a question is there a way to get both the meteor armor and sword? side note how do you defetet the abyssal creature?


You can get them both. Once you get the sword, go fight the abyssal spawn and it should kill the monster. The combat check is high if I remember


then i get it i had maxed the combat but i dident win but thats cuz i dident have the sword at the time it was still in the making ait ait imma try again then thx for the info


So by killing the monster that’s how you get the armour?


Well to be exact, you have to keep the monster and don’t let the inquisitor get it. Let the alchemists guild study it and by the near end of the game an option will show up that allows you to create the armor


Hello, sorry to interrupt between any of the conversations going on.

I’ve finally played the updated version of this game so as to play it to completion and have to say that this is pretty much exactly what I’m looking for from choice script games.

It’s different and very refreshing from the style of many newer published games and wips. I like most of all how meaningful my choices are. Dying isn’t hard but it’s also reasonable when it happens. The ending has me very excited for the sequel you’re planning, especially with the idea of playing as one of the heirs or otherwise having something to do with our character from this game.

Anyway I just felt like sending you some love because of how much I enjoy this game and hope that you’ll continue to make games with choice-script. This may be my favorite of hosteds and I’ve played em all.



Hey man I would just like to say that this was a VERY entertaining game, it did get a bit shallow and “End Turn” spammy at times, but the actual encounters and especially the endings were very well written. I managed to get about 3-4 different ones using the same save file. And one thing that they all have in common is that!

Spoilers, no seriously don't read this if you havnt gotten an ending or two

Jenneth is a fucking bitch that needed a few months in the torture dungeon for what she did #FuckJenneth

But yeah I really enjoyed this, I kinda wish that the temple had more content, since you could only upgrade it for seemingly no reward or point and you could talk to the preachers like once each and all they say is “how upgrade our shit”

It would have also been nice if you got to hang out with your Council more, since the Sage guy or whatever, Old Man Jenkins, barely did like fuck all or gave any good advice all I recall him saying was like “fuck I dunno ask someone else” so I feel some just talky talk fun times would have benefitted him but the other three were quite enjoyable and helpful so I WANTED to actually interact with them more. Also maybe hanging out with guards more, there was a part where some can die if you are incompetent enough and I literally gave no fucks since I saw them maybe once but it was meant to be a bit of a sombre mood.

Also it would have been nice if you got to interact with your spouse more, since after the wedding you get a very quick but surprisingly Yummy description of the fucky fuck time then you can fuck in the open somewhere and on the table so that was amusing, then they kind of just poof vanish, never to be seen again, which is a bit sucky.

B U T besides those grievances I really enjoyed it and again, dose endings MWA my fave probably being the

More Spoilery Spoilers

What I assume to be ‘Good Ending?’ where you kill Traitorous bitch and her friends, everyone else dies, rip, and you lose one of your goons, dicks out for my main man Vrad ;-;, and then promptly take over fucking everything, I think I likes this one the most since I got to kill Jenneth who fucked me over in 3 other endings

TLDR Very enjoyable game, wish their was more character interactions and Meat since I relatively quickly exhausted all options that were not the go to Court one. And I hope in the next game where we play as our children, or our characters again, we can get some cute interactions, which I hope their are more of, though I do understand why that aspect is lacking, since this game was most likey a variable coding nightmare and is already very big without extra character fluff.

I know this is more me bitching then praising but im bitching since I enjoyed it so much that all this stuff would just make it so much better, which I want it to be due to its enjoyability.

So yeah <3 thanks for making the game!


How did you get the good ending?? I tried literally EVERYTHING. Nothing broke me like this betrayal, Jenneth I actually loved you bitch istg.

There are so many different paths but I am going to assume you mean at the summit.

I actually do think Jenneth loves the MC. I think she is trying to save the entire world and having seen many possibly futures thanks to the resources of the Triple Chalice, in Jenneth’s words:

*label allTheFutures
"In all the futures I have learned of thanks to the resources of the Triple Chalice... I never saw one in which the two of us were together and it ended well for you. Or... Or for the Western Peninsula."

 #"And do you trust those futures?"
  She cannot contain her emotions, and for the first time in your life, you are sure she is being completely honest with you.

  "As much as I trust my love for you..." the woman says, with tears in her eyes.

  *goto notSurprised

 #"I must admit, that was not the reaction I was expecting from a marriage proposal."
  She cannot contain her emotions, and for the first time in your life, you are sure she is being completely honest with you.

  "I hope you know I do this out of love," the woman says, with tears in her eyes.

  *goto notSurprised

 #"Then let it all end with a rain of fire from the cursed stars, for I will have no reason to live if you are not by my side."
  She cannot contain her emotions, and for the first time in your life, you are sure she is being completely honest with you.

  "You need to live. As much as I need to die..." the woman says, with tears in her eyes.

  *goto notSurprised

Anyways, in answer to your question it requires either social > 60 or an unmarried female MC can quote Jenneth pointing out there is no one left to oppose the MC after asking Jenneth to marry the MC.

EDIT: Oops. I misinterpreted what was meant by good ending… I apologize for that @lexa . I guess I was applying what I would consider to be a good ending instead of how it was defined 2 posts above which is what was being referenced. So as far as killing everyone, it helps to wear armor and have your back to the wall unless your combat skill is very high (70+). The choices are different depending on whether Sartham is still alive, but Jenneth merely watches the fight unless your MC tries attacking her first. If you are only facing Daedros, doing something “unpredictable” helps.


She is still a total bitch though.
My first ending was the Chalice Oracle which if you don’t know is when Jenneth betrays you kidnaps you and curses you to being trapped in a dungeon forever being tortured for the visions you continuously get during this ending

More of my thoughts on Jenneth.

@LordNanachi I saw the other ending and commented on it back in November 2018. I had my doubts as to Jenneth when that epilogue came out, but those doubts were resolved with the Summit ending.

Jenneth is willing to do whatever she thinks it takes to save the world. Whether the price is the MC’s life or her life, she is willing to pay that price. I still think she loves the MC and I like her.


Despite my roaring hatred for her existence I do like her, I’m still going to kill her literally every chance I get though.
She seems like a troubled character who knows what they have to do but hates doing it. Probably because her friends are massive assholes about everything.

But from my characters standpoint her and her idiot friends got high on shrooms saw some shitty prophecy then killed my MCs most favoured and trusted advisor then tried to kill them, so my MC was having none of ANYONES shit after that.


I really like her too, though the first time I reached the inevitable betrayal I hit the kill button so fast I nearly damaged my laptop keypad. I was wondering whether it’s possible to let her keep her spymistress position, since I no longer have the murder itch, and I don’t want to let her go either(or marry her, for that matter). It might be nice to see whether my stupid trust will be rewarded or will prove to be Isildur’s bane.This text will be blurred


I hate the save system😭


I love it.
Except when it glitches.
Which is quite a bit.


What did i miss? Been inactive for two months…


The game has main endings now.


spying on countries in the game feels pretty pointless
also increasing the social stat is still pretty hard.

However the game is fun af and I’ve played it all the way through multiply times