The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



I understand that she had access to visions of the future and in those future the MC fails as king because of the triple chalice and in others the triple chalice fell because of the MC and her descendants she decided to betray the MC to end the triple chalice and if the MC lost the triple chalice it would save the west


She’s your half-sis by the way.


I was progressing through just fine, but one day I attempted to hold court, and it just didn’t ever load. I was holding court about every other day, if that helps. I also checked my connection to other websites, which loaded instantly. @MahatmaDagon


Is hereya the only female ro that cheats?


Yeah, shes the “I love freedom and sex” type. Basically choose to trust her and not tell her what to do and she won’t cheat. Or just marry someone else.


That’s a big OOF. I’ll just stick with my cute pumpkins danna and petka then :laughing:.


I prefer Wyeneva. She’s more calm and collected and hides her emotions, but you can tell she loves when she does show them and especially when she sings for you.


Yeah can’t argue with that, wyeneva would also be a good wife. But whenever presented with shy and the damsel in distress streotypes, my urges to protecc them outweighs anything. The line that would seal the deal for me goes like “she tries her best to hide her blushing face from you by avoiding your gaze but the moment your eyes meet you could still see her smile, more genuine and beautiful than any other”. I dunno if this is the effect of my inner otaku self but my heart definitely has a soft spot for these gals.


Yeah I can understand, Danna and Petka are great as well when I married them. Wyneva just clicks with me more and the one I can’t help but always choose, plus she can talk to spirits.


Me, playing as F!MC: quietly sniffles in a corner

Then again, update on the horizon.


In my attempts of balancing the stats gain of the game, along with making new events to raise them, I am considering adding this(as suggested):

Greedy father: +1 Social, + 1 Knowledge
Wrathful father: +2 Combat
Lawful father: +2 Knowledge
Kind father: + 1 Social, + Knowledge

Old and Proud family origins: +1 Combat, +1 Knowledge
Raiders from the Sea family origins: +1 Combat, +1 Social
Late and Ambitious Family Origins: +2 Social
Settlers from the South Family Origins: + 2 Combat

Any thoughts? I think I can find “excuses” for those numbers.

While I do agree that there needs to be more marriage options for female MC(and at least one more is coming!), you can also marry Ullus. Also I won’t be adding RO from Farhall or Boglan because it wouldn’t fit what has already been established about the characters from those places. (Only one who would be viable would be NELLASHA*, but my current philosophy is not to prioritize RO for females)

Time is limited. That sentence is true in many ways regarding this game, and I think it serves to explain most of what you are complaining about.

You can have 1, 2 or 0 heirs, and you can also have bastards. Since I want all those possible characters to be playable and/or important in the sequel, I won’t be adding more than I can handle. I think there would be no point in adding more descendants if they wouldn’t be fleshed out.

So, my point is: I don’t think this is an issue.

That’s not a bad idea… I do need to predict what happens to the MC’s children if he/she is considered a Messiah anyway, so the “check” is already there anyway.

There are a few explanations for that, all given within the game depending on which path you choose.

Also, the reasons are there, but they are ambiguous. The question is: Is she really betraying you?

There are some bits of information about the Triple Chalice spread around the game, and I will be adding more of those as well. They will all be more or less hidden though, and probably require more than one playthrough to understand fully.

Basically there is a secret society of resourceful people who are able to get information on all the possible futures and act to turn the one they like the best into reality. Jenneth was a member of that group, but she has her own agenda(as do most of them).

Sorry about that. I will be testing the events until I am able to reproduce the bugs that have been reported. Hopefully I will be able to find a reasonable explanation for them.

EDIT: Also, thanks to whoever been editing the Stats Tracker sheet. I’ll also be updating it better from now on. Changes mentioned there will be up when I update the files.


@MahatmaDagon I love the idea to have the father type and family background affect your stats so it makes your choices at the creation stage matter.

Also can you go over how to bed Nellasha again?

Also Sessanah as a potential RO :heart_eyes::blush: (jk I know it’s not plausible)


I’ve had two more “stall outs” since my last feedback. I’m guessing you have a ton of words in one scene due to how “freeform” it is?


@MahatmaDagon 1- marriage options.
I don’t believe it is impossible to find an option for Boglan and Farhall as well. I’m not talking about marriage with one of their rulers, but of course with someone from that House ( a cousin, or even a brother of Lady Sessanah etc) Also i still don’t get why the norther prince isn’t an option even if it is said that a marriage proposition is possible during the meeting. Finally, you said that Ullus is also an option. Can you explain us what is the walktrough in order to get a similar result?
2- heirs. I believe that this choice can really be a plus in order to personalize more our experience as regents. During the medieval era, it was really common for a House to have more than just 2 heirs. It was , in fact, a symbol of strong and prosper reigns. I really find that this option could give the game a new propspective in order to build a strong House, expecially before the Summit begins.
Thank you for your time!


@MahatmaDagon @Vox My female MC would also like to point out to Lodka that it may be thought of as Nrollorn for spouses to dwell in the same court, but that does not necessarily make it so.

There are those that believe that this is the way things are, and that is all part of the Nrollorn. My father doesn’t think so. He says there must be a different path.

My female MC would certainly be willing to parrot back Lodka’s own words and then attempt to be VERY CONVINCING if it meant she could marry the man she loves and the father of her child and heir. Even if their realms could not be united (which itself would be appealing), there seems to me no reason why their first child could not inherit one realm while their next child inherits the other.

@Franci_Di_Maggio When an unmarried female MC hires the mercenaries in preparation for Sielcner’s invasion, she has the Choice (instead of outbidding Sielcner in aurens) to propose marriage to Ullus.


@Bathala @kckolbe I did a few playthroughs playing all the events until I managed to replicate the error you two experienced. Then, following @Norilinde’s and @GoldenSilver’s suggestions, I altered the way the game checks for available events.

From what I tested, it seems to be working as it should. It will theoretically also make it easier for me to add some more events that need certain conditions to be achieved before happening, but I think I should be focusing more on “vanilla” ones before that.

Remember that you probably need to clear your browser’s cookies and start a new game else the changes will not appear or it will be quite buggy.

I see. I agree that is not undoable.

This would add at least another 9 months to the timeskip, and I already feel that, if you get 2 heirs, there is already a great amount of time where “nothing much” seems to happen. Not to mention the amount of work I would have to retroactively alter every passage which mentions your children, and then I would need to figure out how that stuff would work in the sequel. Most of the paths I have envisioned for the next game don’t consider more than two possible heirs and a few bastards(for this current generation).

I also need to deliver this game ASAP, I can’t hang on it much longer. My current focus is on revising both grammar(with the help of people like @TeamCorvid, who is looking into the files on dashingDon and providing some excellent proofreading) and the bugs/balance, as well as a few things that I have left for last, but that a good number of people have been complaining or suggesting for quite a while, such as more RO for female characters and a more realistic relationship with the spouses.

Okay, that’s a good point. Yall just love Lodka, don’t you? :rage:


whispers gently kill Lodka, Medieval problems require Medieval solutions flies away


I have plans of making him an important character(and a King) in the sequel. But now I’m becoming more inclined to consider the possibility of him also being the father of the MC’s heir.

I have to admit, the possible relationships and interactions that can happen if one takes that path seem quite interesting to portray.


Three words: Beware his fans. Including me. :grinning:


Male ROs that are hot, competent, nice, and young-but-not-too-young are hard to find!