The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Doesn’t she die at the summit


Your wife doesn’t goes to the summit with you, she’ll be staying behind to look after the fief.


The guy kidnaps them…


You can save her though, you can tell Jenneth to rescue her or pay a ransom/intimidate the rivermen into releasing her after the war. It’s also worth stating that your wife is only held captive if you Join Noyedas


This will warrant some playthroughs from me to see if I can replicate the bug. I’ll add them to the priority list.

@Norilinde I think what you suggested would work. When I first made the random events handler I think arrays weren’t implemented into CS yet, or at least I wasn’t aware that hey had been. I’ll try to see if I can make it happen. If I can, then this opens up a lot of new possibilities.

It’s based on a prompt from Crusader Kings 2 which I always found interesting, in which the game stated that most of medieval maps and border were unreliable and often questioned.

Also, the event states that the last census happened 10 years ago, and that it probably isn’t your fault. Lot could’ve happened.

When I said “I think it won’t be that hard to fill the blanks” I was referring to adding new ways to gain stats. Stats gain/balance is on the “KNOWN BUGS/TO DO LIST” on the main post since forever because its something that needs special attention and retroactive balancing.

I’ve also been considering a large boost to a few stats in the timeskip after the battle with Noyedas depending on certain choices or consequences, for example. But, of course, the main focus should be on giving stats during the gameplay itself, during events and situations.

One thing I think @castellan suggested and I’m still considering is giving some stats depending on the father you had, for example.

Just stopping to remind that we can consider it a reliable source of information, since I still have to update it. Either way, I certainly agree that we do need more stats, but I think it is a realistic goal in terms of balancing to have the late game checks be of 60~70, and work with that in mind when adding stats gain.

Yeah, I don’t like that very much. I’ll either overhaul this or find a better way to handle some of those specific situations.

No. Also, Lady Avellyn is in love with someone already.

Even though the north doesn’t send help, I agree it can be troublesome to have the war start before you can have your marriage. Arguably with the 120 days minimal it takes for it to happen there’s no way you’ll miss all the Hold Court events, but I do need to make a sheet with all the possible events and passing days in order to better balance those things.

OBS: I think i’ll add a few northern warriors joining your household as bodyguards for your wife if you marry a northenr princess.

Yep, I think it was @Norilinde who pointed that out a few months back. Relationships are streamlined right now, but won’t always be. It’s one of things I’ll be balancing/content I’ll be adding.

@alphasquid It is supposed to be that way, so people can finally stop complaining about not having her as a RO. :joy:

That only is mentioned in a few specific branches of the Summit, so that is probably why people are getting confused with your remark. Don’t worry, it’s probably just a bluff from the villains.

But that does remind me that I should make the player confront Jenneth about it afterwards. I’ll add that to my annotations.

He was referring to a new scene during the Lords Summit, which happens depending on a few conditionals that I don’t remember right now. Basically the bad guys tell you to surrender because they have your family, although they don’t provide any proof of this.


It happened again, this time after the Boglan prompt. :joy:


This might be a wild guess, but since no one reported the same problem yet, we have to remove the possibility of it being on your end:

Have you tried opening the game in a private window or deleting the cookies from your browser?

Is it appearing “(Trying to fix a few dead spouses being able to bear you children after their deaths. If this happens to you, please inform the author and proceed to the nearest cleric.)” right underneath the title image of the game?

Asking just so we can make sure you have the right version of the initial files and there isn’t some crazy bug happening because of old ones mixing with the new.


I think there isn’t one, so far.
I’ll do a couple of replays just to be sure


Hello guys! Just asking, which decision you choosed during Leyn-Bobbard dispute?


I ordered them to settle it with a duel.


I told them to build a fence, for I am … a generous lord


Rented the land for extra profits.


proceed to casually massacre anyone who opposed the MC’s rule


I like to call it … population control?


You might end up with a dead farmer because of fencing disputes…


Some issues that need to be fixed:
1- top few marriage options for a fanale MC. Beside Lord Dulsen’s son and Lord Noyedas, there’s no other choice. For example, I think that the norther Prince should be an option too! (And of course at least an option from Farhall and Boglan, it really should be of some impact in order to build strong alliances by marriage before The Summit )
2- heirs. I strongly believe that we need more options on that side. For example, some would certainly prefer to build a strong reign by assuring a numerous offspring. Some would choose to have only a few heirs, others to not have any. It really should be possible to choose to spend time with your spouse and by that increasing the chance to have more heirs ( more than 2 at least)


I hate how when your wife cheats on you she gets away with it, can there be another option to kill her personally? Does she have seduction magic or something?


Just don’t marry Hereya lol.


A question about the messiah? Is there the possibility of choosing another person to occupy that place as the heir of the MC? And happy Christmas :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


I finished the game why did our spy master betray us? Was she possessed? I ended up marrying her at the end