The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



The word despise should be despite


I’m sure this has been mentioned, but will cheats carry over to the full release or are they purely for testing purposes only?


The game has been updated!


  • Added a few branches where you and Jenneth can finally be together after the Summit, and a few more things regarding your final interaction with her.
  • Added the segment that was missing if you managed to fight two members of the Triple Chalice instead of three.
  • Fixed grammar mistakes such as “despise” instead of “despite” (I have a tendency of using the wrong one).

@Marcos_Brites It was a bug. Should be fixed now.

If your wife dies before the part of the game where children can be born, then you’re left heirless. At least that is what is supposed to happen. If it isn’t happening like that, then its a bug.

Theoretically, you could still have a child if youre female and your husband dies, but I don’t think I predicted that.

I agree with you.

Yep, there’s something wrong with that part of the game if the kid event is happening after the spouse is dead.

Agree again.

I wasn’t able to find the missing variable/bug in my first check, but I’ll try to reproduce this ingame. Basically the event of having children is happening after the death of the spouse, right? With you naming the child and everything else? Is the spouse also mentioned after being killed?

@Tau_Kat Thanks, I fixed it.

Can you give me an example? Unrest checks how much the people “dislike” you, so the higher it is the more they hate you. I remember getting things mixed up a few times and correcting them after reviewing some parts of the game, perhaps I missed something.

If the people responsible for publishing it are not against it, my intention is to keep the cheats.

EDIT> I think someone asked if they would be able to continue their saves after the game gets updated. I think not, because the main file needs to be updated in order for everything to work, and the game only “reads” it once after you started playing, unless you clear your browser’s history(thus deleting your saves). I might be wrong though.

EDIT 2: There seems to be some problem with tags on the main post of the thread. I had to pick “art” in order to be able to edit it, and the previous two were removed.


In alchemistsguild:

In event28


Myself, I wished I could know more about my soldiers, especially Bob and his ladylove. The amount of backstory they have right now seems good and balanced, but still, attachment.

Also hoped Lanfrey might be a RO :smile: but I’m happy with the pool of male ROs since that’ll be getting an update.

@MahatmaDagon I haven’t found time to test all the wives, but Hereya definitely has that dead-spouse-but-legitimate-heir bug. If I let her be held hostage and leave her to die, I get an heir if she didn’t cheat, no kids if she did. If cheated, I get the related epilogue and can choose what to do with her for her infidelity. This happens after the text explicitly mentions her dying in Riverine, and I do get to name the kid if I do get it.

Hereya is a death-defying, brigand-raising beast.


Is jenneth an romance for female mc’s


Going through the battle code, and absolutely floored by its complexity. It feels like you’re trying to simulate a realistic medieval war, with the troop types and deployment and advantages/disadvantages, and even season and weather and sun position.

Right now the chance of winning the battle without Dullis is slim. Is this intended?


Even if we recruit to the brink of revolt the best we can get is 2000-ish people, on top of whatever we inherited (1000ish, +200 if our dad is a warlord). The merc company gives you 1000 more, but has an unfortunate tendency to betray you. Recruiting civilians on the eve of battle gets you another 1000ish, (and seemingly no backlash?). If we go the pretend to join Sielcner route we don’t even get the chance to get the mercs and civilians. While Noyeda has 4000 in the pitched battle route plus 500 reinforcements, 4200 in the siege route plus maybe the mercs and 3000~3500 in the betrayal route.

Right now, if we didn’t run in theBetrayal, we will eventually be rerouted to ClashofArmies. In ClashofArmies, if we don’t have the flag dullisiscoming, we might die from lack of reinforcements. However, in theBetrayal, Dullis’ army is already on the scene; unless they really hate us or something, there’s no reason they would just stand by and watch us get destroyed.

The calculation for losses is quite inconsistent. Sometimes it’s based on the amount of enemies, sometimes it’s a straight percentage of total forces, sometimes its a hard constant, and sometimes it’s randomized. Any particular reason for this design? Is it going to get overhauled later? Personally I like the basing it on the number of enemies mechanism as it seems to make the most sense, but I’m no expert.

In theBetrayal, when we routed Noyeda’s rear, wouldn’t he have lost some amount of forces? In the code we only get a T/F flag ‘killedrear’. Also, in that chapter the maximum damage we can do (assuming perfect dice rolls for us) is 570, which is not even enough to nullify the effect of a good dice roll when calculating his number of troops (2500~3200, 700 difference).

If the only thing Nada wanted was to get our child, what was she doing seducing a female MC?

I like that it’s general economic hardship and not our whimsical court decisions that make the people ready to revolt, though measuring economic prosperity with amount of aurens in our treasury is a curious choice. It’s not like we can control the tax rate or anything, and as long as they are paying the same amount of taxes, why would they care how much money I have? In fact, the more money I have, the more likely I took it from them via extra taxes or confiscating their bet money or selling their trade rights.

Not a complaint and I know it has to be this way, but my MC is really feeling the trappings of destiny here. :spider_web: She may not reliquish her power and line of inheritance to the commoners. She may not join Sielcner. She may not remain loyal to the current king, or support Dulsen. She will become the Queen of the West, or else the Fates will personally step in and make sure she dies a horrible death.

Minor Bugs


(might be a brother)

If mercenarycompany is 0 we ought to have no idea who Ullus is.

Doesn’t check if our spouse is alive (spousedead flag) before going to their scenes.

When convincing Dullac, checks for (marriedwithDullis), while the actual flag should be (marriageDullis)

JennethEnding, when trying to walk away:


This last one is happening because the main files loaded by your browser are old and don’t contain some of the new variables mentioned in new segments.

Unfortunately, the only way around it is starting a new game so it can be loaded again.(perhaps a removal of the related cookies might be necessary as well to force the browser to receive the update)

I’ll reply to the rest when I get home or if I find an opening throughour the day, but I wanted to warn about this in case you wanted to play on the meantime.


Could someone tell me how to get Jenneth to marry me she seems to kill herself no matter what I do?


What happened to the others like Lord Dannel or Lord Arlec and Lady Nellasha?
Can I let like Lady Nellasha inherit the Frogster Land?


I think you need more Social (61) and not hurt her with the meteor sword


How do you get social that high?


Cheat menu


By spending 50 points into it, the rest is random events. Atm it’s the hardest stat to increase.


Is there a way to start a relationship with Jenneth without surrendering to the duche? As a CK2 player the wincest calls to me, but having to bend over for a rebellion faction greatly disturbs me


Can anyone give me a step by step on how to have sex with lady neshella.


I wanted to say that I really love this WIP, normally I am not a fan of the game style COGs (like Lost Heir) but the save system made a huge difference because I didn’t have to start over from the very beginning every time I died.

I ended up married to the mercenary, in a relationship with Vradnir, ruling my land and Sielccia, and left my spymaster alive. It was a wild ride and I enjoyed every minute of it. Can’t wait it to officially be released hopefully on steam and for the sequel.


You are right, good catch. I will fix it, thanks for the report.

I had the intention of making Bob a spy from Lord Dulsen and his love to be a fake story originally.

Also, thanks for the reports on the heirstuff, I’ll do some CODE SURGERY as soon as I can.

EDIT: I managed to find the error with Hereya staying around, but not the others.

Both the male and the female MC can end up with her.

Having Dullis on your side facilitates the battle, yes, but someone who often recruits people and make a few good decisions should reach that stage of the game with a good chance of winning. Numbers need more testing in order to be ensure this.

That number depends on how many people you have on your province and, unless I’m terribly mistaken, it also depends on how many days it took to Noyedas to appear. The number is currently being generated bok something like 120 to 200. It is one of the things that will be adjusted, with the possibility of sabotage to delay the invasion.

I’m okay with that, it depends on a few factors and I think it got it more or less balanced the last time people spoke about it in the thread. It probably depends on Social and has one or two ways for it to happen without a stats check as well.

It depends on population numbers as well, although I think your numbers are going to be correct most of the time. I recently raised the base number for Population, I might do it again.

Also, I’m okay with no backslash. People are fighting to defend their Homeland against a foreign invader.

I’ll check on it, but Dullis will only help if you send word to them that you are going to betray Noyedas. Otherwise, without knowing your intentions, they are likely to just wait to see how it plays out and face the weakened army that survives.

I never committed fully to one specific math for the battles because I was never 100% happy with any of them. Each had its advantages and disadvantage, so I “tested” them throughout the game. While there are indeed many ways the numbers in battles can be played out, I do think there is an overall consistency to them given the terrain you are in, the type of troops and your how you strategize them.

The perception that I have about this is that, while on the code they might appear vastly different, to the player the numbers are mostly hidden, and so they end up “making sense” in the end. I wouldn’t just use “numbers of troops x numbers of troops” because I think it is an oversimplification of how a battle should be played out.

I do have some ideas in mind on how to make better battles, with a unified system for how they should play out in the next game, but for this one I think they are serving their narrative purpose.

(I’m not an expert either!)

killedRear leads the player to Held Charge, which does this:

*set sielcciaForces - 100
*rand noyedasLosses 200 300
*set sielcciaForces - noyedasLosses

Unless I’m mistaken(mind you, I don’t have a very good memory and I did this about a year ago), this seems to represent the losses from killing the rear as well.

But the numbers are hidden from the player in that segment, right? It was a way to facilitate the scene. So, even if the numbers are “not enough”, the player doesn’t know that, and the text leads him to believe that it is. And it ends up being, as long as there are more than X troops on his side.

Again, it’s not perfect, but I think it fulffils the objective of the segment.

I considered changing her gender if the MC was male, but it would only serve the purpose of removing yet another same sex RO from the game. So, instead, her purpose is getting intimate with the MC in order to spy better spy on him for her master, Galver Laeshwyr, one of the members of the Triple Chalice which are only mentioned in the game for the most part.

Your decisions on the court sometimes affect what they might accuse/complain during the revolt scenes, but you are right. The determinant factor for a revolt to occur is the economical one.

I never wanted to go too deep on the economy of a medieval province because I felt it would add a layer of complexity that I mostly don’t like in games, and I don’t think I would be able to represent very well given my lack of knowledge on the subject. As you might have learned by now, I like to add complexity to weird branches instead and consequences instead. :joy:

The money you have on the treasury is both for personal expenses and administrating the realm, which I agree might be seen as an oversimplification, but it serves the purpose of balancing things and is one of the major elements of the gameplay.

People will get angry if they see you keep taking money from them and, at the same time, notice that you lack the funds to pay for the basic services of the province’s administration.

You can assume that the expenses that you need to pay to keep things going(guards and maintenance, for example) are deducted from the taxes you collect every month, and you only get what is “left” of it. If you are on the negative for two consecutive months, people will stop getting paid.

I can understand that feeling. In some senses, it was what I was trying to induce on the player as much as it was being enforced on the character.

But well, you can join Sielcner(but you will die), you can remain loyal to the current king(but he dies), and you can suppor Dulsen(guess what happens to him). I do need SOME degree of funneling in order for the next game to work out. There will be many different beginnings, but I need a limited amount of “world states” for them to work.

Anyway, thanks for the bug reports!

One of the first things that happen on this scene is this:

*if (spouseDied)
*set married false

So it checks if you are married instead of checking if the spouse is alive. Theoretically it should work, but I guess it isn’t for some reason, as someone else reported a problem with having children despite the dead spouse.

I’ll be looking into that.

Anyway, thanks for the reports! Everything else should be fixed when I upload the files later today.

Need high Social(60+) for most checks. I think I have put one or two which don’t need it though.

Lord Dannel or Danna lacks the politcal aptitude to oppose you efficiently(although they might revolt or betray you in the next game if they don’t buy your version of events), Lord Arlec either returns and swears fealty to you(if you manage to tell a convincing story/Jenneth helps you with that) or dies on his way back to the Western Peninsula.

Lady Nellasha becomes Lady of Boglan and all is well, as long as she is alive. She might even impersonate her sister, depending on what happens on the Summit.

Avoid attacking her, and late convince her to be with you.

I don’t know if this is possible. Mayeb I was drunk when I wrote it.

Thank you. I too feel that a saving system is essential to this game, and will do everything in my power for something like it to be on the final version.


More about undead spouses!

All the taken-hostage-and-killed spouses definitely have this problem, not just Hereya. However, the game does seem to treat them as dead - I had my male MC be able to have a bastard, and the choices that pop up are legitimize the kid, and choose celibacy, not ‘stay faithful to wife’. If the spouse is dead, there’s fittingly no mention of them before the Summit either, just the one legitimate but buggy child kissing me goodbye.

So I guess the code is working as it should except for the legitimate heir scene that should not be shown popping up?


Thanks for the long reply!

If we assume perfect rolls on everything (max starting population 160k, max rolls on each recruitment): We get 1596 starting troops, and each recruitment gives us (159600 * 0.0015/2) + 28 = 148 people.
We can do 10 full recruits, which is 1480 people. The next 5 times the number is reduced to 40%, which gives us 148 * 0.4 * 5 = 296 people. The next 5 times the number is reduced to 20%, (plus you get +1 unrest each time), which gives you 148 people. The total is 1480+296+148 = 1919 people.

At the eve of battle, we have 3515 troops total. This is assuming perfect luck and maximum recruitment, and also discounting the random population fluctuation event and all other possible losses.
The civilian recruitment gives us another 1596, which brings the total up to 5111. Which is good enough to match Sielcner+mercs, but not really an advantage.

I don’t really want to count the mercs as our troops. They will only stay on our side if (1) we promise to marry Ullus or (2) at the end of the battle we have more than 1000 more troops than the enemy side, both of which are no small thing. No amount of Social can keep them with us.

Makes sense, but that sets the warnedDullis flag instead, which isn’t checked.

It actually leads back to [label whatnow], which can branch in several directions; plus, to reach HeldCharge we need to pass a additional check.
I always thought those losses were just from … well, holding the charge, instead of routing the rear. (shrug)

Actually, this sounds like a good mechanic. Having a portion of our income automatically dedicated to governance stuff, and having the option to cut into it when required and pay it back when able.
Or am I just making more work for you (hides) :hole:

I found it deeply ironic when I got the ‘fate defier’ achievement.