The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Thanks. I think I fixed it now. Will be sending along the next update.

Weird, I checked the code and it seems fine. Have you trying going back to the game and then back to the stats screen?

Sorry, it’s probably related to the missing scene @Norilinde reported. I’m fixing it right now, but will probably not be able to send the update today.


Yeah, that didn’t work. Probably something on my end, will keep playing around with it and let you know if I figure it out.


I think this sometimes happens that we add money & it doesn’t immediately reflect in the stats screen. It is added though & starts reflecting after you make one or two choices


@MahatmaDagon Thank you.

I think this may need to count calendar days instead of merely months. I tried going into debt on the last day of the month because I KNEW my taxes would be arriving the next day… and there was a riot instead. It really should have taken more than 24 hours to organize that riot though and I was not in debt for more than 24 hours.

I think the sentences were already in past tense because of “did” which is past tense of “do” so I think "decide** does not need to be conjugated.


If i married Petka, and later on choose her to give birth to a daughter, one of the choice of her name was “petka , name of your wife’s sister” … my wife is already Petka, hence the name should be another one?

Edit : another bug, if we tell Janneth " I didn’t want any of this " in the end game conversation… the page will keep loading back the same page

If we spared Janneth, she will be returning to help us in future ?


Thank you for the info i hope it does come out on steam.


Spoiler de la cumbre

And I went with Janet maybe it’s a mistake of my understanding of texts


Janneth will try to convince you to surrender… if you refuse, she would surrender if you beat the other two traitors


well like i said I was in debt for a day and never got the opportunity to collect taxes.(I was banking on the incoming taxes to refill my treasury.) and the next day I was a dealing with the punishment.


TBH, I never had the option OF making the Abyssal Armor. After the Inquisitor visit, I’ve even went and spoken with each advisor and no one had anything to say about it. Maybe my version was cached with an older version and not updated?

Only ever managed ONE child, and that was with Danna (?) Dulsen.


Issue got fixed, just worked after reloading


Not sure if this has been reported!

I had a Noyedas marriage + Vradnir lover playthrough; my whole council is presumed dead, and everyone is fittingly unselectable for the Lords’ Summit except Jenneth. The bit about Vradnir still being up for sards was unchanged though, and the text implying he’s alive to do it while the following Summit prompt still graying his name out seemed a bit contradictory.

[EDIT] It was the Lords’ Summit, not the King’s End matter, my bad.


This is one great game, dunno how it escaped my attention so long. You can even have the full Robert Baratheon experience and live the cuck life. Great stuff :joy:

One question, if i accept to give back the sister to the marsh lady but then betray her husband, will it still count for the sister to have gone back? I really wanna be amoral and destabilize everyone with my soldier dude (and then become the ultimate good guy when Petka comes along, cuz she’s way too kind)




I chose to bring Jenneth with me to the Lord’s Summit. How to do I defeat the Triple Chalice? My combat stats was above 50 and I was wearing full plate armor.
Also how do u have sex with Nellasha?


Fight with your back to the wall. Always gets my combat<40, special armor-wearing MC by.

There might be a combat skill check, unsure. Try to go for the good stuff like the abyssal armor, best gear.


Wearing the chainmail under your normal clothes works fine also


I managed to survive with chainmail armor, so it’s probably mostly a combat check.


Probably? Sessanah will definitely be pissed off, unless you can mollify her with really high social. I don’t think she mentions her sister at the Summit if you do, though.


Marry her with your cousin, send them both to rule King’s End. There will be a prompt to smash or pass.

Don’t ask if I explored the “bangability” of ROs… I had a lot of free time.


Did you choose specific dialogue options when confronting her at the wife’s behest? I did try flirty options, gave King’s End to Walvanar, even had the wife offed at Riverine to see if that changed things, but got nothing :frowning: