The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



The game has many outcomes… it confirm my suspicion, Jenneth could be a lover … but the ending is sad, although she pleadge for my life … so i surrender to her :-):sweat_smile:


Never trust your siblings. Especially half siblings

One of my MC probably


Is their any way to get dullac to vote for you?


For me, I always promise him the seat of Minister in exchange for me to be King.


High social I am pretty sure. Otherwise he’s dismissive of absolutely every achievement you’ve done.

Lord Dulsen “I helped you clean up the remaims of a defeated army but I’ll take credit for the battle” Dulac.


On that subject, you still need to add a consequence for if you wait for too long before meeting Noyedas.


I beat an army of almost 5000 with only 2000 men but dullac still isn’t impressed :frowning:


I had two children exlcuding the bastard


Is there any way to stop dullac’s son without killing him?


No, I don’t think so.




Lord Dullac son is the one trying to kill us…
We need to either kill him or join him


Will the game be on steam when it’s released.


Can I become king without everyone else dying?


@Bathala The Abyssal Armor is greyed out to make people wonder how to get it and perhaps feel like going for a replay. It appears to be working. :sweat_smile:

But according to some of the reports on the thread, there appears to be some trouble acquiring it. Are people skipping the scene with the Inquisitor? Is there a way to give the body to the alchemists before it? Perhaps there’s something I’m not remembering here.


The choices that make the armor prompt appear later are the following:

#Let the Alchemist’s Guild have it.
#Keep it to yourself. (If meybuk is dead)
#Keep it to yourself and let Meybuk continue to study it. (if meybuk is alive)

(While interacting with the Inquisitor)

You can have both the sword and the armor set. Actually, you NEED to have the sword in order to defeat the demon and make it.

@Murdockchan Yep, it pretty much ends there. I would give more info on the possible aftermaths in the sequel.

@Vox @alphasquid I do have a few ideas regarding Lodka, but I can’t make any promises. :sob:

@Norilinde I’ll be adding a new branch of interactions with Jenneth if you confess your love to her and decide not to kill her. I think things will get interesting.

Weakest economy and poorly equipped army, but they excel in defense thanks to their tactics and the geography of the place. Also can go “berserk” with potions.

Jenneth and Nada IIRC. More on Jenneth on the next update.

@Marcos_Brites Do you use discord? Else I’ll send you a PM to ask more details about the bug, there are too many branches on that segment of the game and I’m not having an easy time finding it. :sweat:

@jmar Being in debt triggers an event that serves to punish a player who spends too much without considerating its monetary reserves. The uprising should only occur if, even after collecting taxes, you are still on the negative for a consecutive month. It implies that people are not being paid for their services.

I don’t remember that, but I wouldn’t put it past me.

@Norilinde I’ll add the words part. I was revising the errors you mentioned, but wouldn’t the two “decided” work like the way they are, given that the segment they come from is written the past tense, and the decision occurred in the past?

All text the “late game” descriptions are that way until you finally reach the Summit itself.

Yep, something happened with the file “twoway.txt” and all I can find is an old version of it. Not only it is almost completely blank, but it will bug the game and follow to the next scene in the “list”. It will take some work to fix that.

I think this might be related to the other bug, but I’ll have to check manually.

Before I got my new notebook, I would have to try to remember or manually go through each of the possible .txts in order to find a particular bit of text. Since I got the new laptop with Windows 10, I can search for words across all the files in a folder with the search bar from the explorer.

It’s incredible. I can’t quantify the amount of work this feature saves me. As long as you paste the typo itself or the phrase in which it occurs, I’ll be able to find it.

So, anyway, thanks for all the help! I’ll be working on fixing those things and update the game as soon as possible.

Thanks for the reports! I have fixed the bugs and grammar mistakes.

About getting drunk with your men, it was intentional, but I understand that phrasing it as “a bit” might not serve to represent the character getting drunk. I have changed it to “a while”, which I believe opens space to interpretation.

Yes. Having married to one of his children helps, and a high Social also does. It’s supposed to be hard but not impossible if you pick the right options. Getting his vote also guarantees that he won’t be doing any schemes to get the votes from the others, as some might change their votes when the time comes even if they pledged it to you beforehand.

I believe so, but CoG are the ones with the final say on that.

(If it is I’ll be making some icons for the achievements)

No. Think of it as the end of Reservoir Dogs, but medieval.


I didn’t tell the inquisitor that I had the body, I proceeded to give it to Meybuk. but I never got the armor. Do I really have to show the inquisitor? I don’t trust those mofos


No, it’s just the way I coded it at the time, prolly because I forgot it could be given to Meybuk/Alchemists before.

Do you remember when was it that you gave the body? Was it before the event with the Inquisitor or during it?

I’ll be sure to fix this as soon as I find where exactly it happens. My memory just isn’t big enough for this game. :joy:


I believe it was before the Inquisitor. They soon heard the rumors of me hoarding a body. I told them to fuck off


For some reason the money cheat is no longer working for me


I keep getting back at the scene where I have to choose between fighting Jenneth or Dulsen’s son