The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Is there an issue with debt in the game? I was literally in debt for a 1 day and a whole uprising occurred like I been in debt for several months.


You need to show the body to the Ehael representatives, then hand it to the Alchemists’ Guild instead.


Oh, I just gave it to my alchemists. Time to replay… btw, is there a possibility to marry the lady who seeked santcuary in your castle? I forgot her name…


I think the topic of Nellasha’s marriage only comes up when a married male MC’s spouse gets uneasy about her presence, so no afaik?


Well, at least I get to screw her. Which is nice


You can? Time for another playthrough :laughing:


I don’t think you can? Unless that was added.


YOU CAN. god you guys… I offered her to marry my cousin, then let them rule the port town. After the war, there will be an option to bang the shit out of her.


@MahatmaDagon During the fight at the Summit, if it is not too much trouble, shouting the House Words would be a nice Choice when refusing to surrender.

Here are some typos and bugs that I do not think have already been mentioned.

*hide_reuse #“Why did you chose ${yourLands}?”

I think it should be choose. This is in event26.txt.

What did you decided to wear when attending such an event?

Who did you decided to take with you?

In both cases, I think it should be decide. These are in theSummit.txt.

*label dontWorry
“Don’t worry. It is all already decided,” Daedro vaguely says, his eyes inspecting the balcony.

It should be Daedros. This is in theSummit6.txt.

Each comes at you from one side, trying to X you.

Daedros with his sword, Jenneth with her dagger.

I am fairly sure that there should be a verb in place of X. This is also in theSummit6.txt.

can put jennethStabbed here as well

This screen was probably supposed to display something else. I get stuck in a loop and keep getting sent back to talking to Jenneth and Daedros when Vradnir was with my MC and Vradnir killed Sartham while my MC faces Daedros. This is still in theSummit6.txt.

If my MC sends Vradnir to distract Daedros while my MC kills Sartham, Sartham comes back from the dead when Jenneth arrives.

As long as your character or at least one of its direct descendants is still alive, you can rest assure that the story of House ${surname} will continue in the next game, with the working title of “The Wake of the Wyrm”.

It should be assured. This is in ending.txt.

If I may ask, is it helpful to you for us to post where the typos occur? Or is it sufficiently easy for you to find them without that?


What exactly did you fo?


It happens after you conquer, there will be a prompt. Just follow what I did.


I still di not get that. Were you married or not




Found several typos and errors,

Here for the leader of the religion it says none, instead of Jenny who I chose. Also the l in lord should be capitalized, “Its Messiah is you, Lord Adhaim.”

Here’s a more correct for this: “demanding that the clerks assist him in finding some witchery that could increase the size of his own member.”

Also the p in prince Ilsen, should be capitalized when with a name, same reason why the s in South Africa is capitalized.

Also I believe their should be a period or comma at the end of royal decree. And since you have already used demanding in the last paragraph, perhaps use a similar word such as commanding, asserting or requiring. Ex: “asked for their help in preparing a royal decree, requiring(or with a period, Requiring) that each adult male”.

Again, in the second paragraph it should be, “asked for their help in preparing a royal decree. Requiring any adult male with a phallus larger than 5 inches, to have the tip of it cut down to suffice the law.”

Should be at first instesd of fist.

There may be an bug here, I remember that you can get drunk if you choose to drink both at either tavern and with your men, but here I drunk a bit with my men but did not drink at the tavern and still l got drunk.


You get to fuck the maid


Can the mc have three children like two with your wife and then a bastard child


So far, No. We’ll only have one child excluding the bastard.


Do you have a guide or something?


I became king :slight_smile:


It shouldn’t be called the Lords Summit: it should be called the Triple Chalice Summit.