The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



There’s no prompt for abyssal armor, even after I decided to take the beast back to the castle…

I never trusted the spymaster right from the start.


Ya but she was married to the Lord until he was killed… am I wrong?


No that was her brother.


Ah, ok. Who is the most prestigious and/or best female RO then?


How do I save Lady Avellyne


Would the Boglan lady be the weakest? He lands are basically swamps


The Lady Sessanah of Boglan was married before the Summit and unmarried male MCs can propose marriage to her if she has become a widow. Lady Avellyn of Farhall is already in a relationship.


I’d rather marry the prince :slight_smile:


I will not judge.


Who are the romance options for a female mc


Noyedas, Ullus, Vradnir, sort of Lodka and Dannel Dullac.


So there are no female romance options for a female mc


What happens if you don’t betray noyodas


If you are married to him, you die giving birth.


You can abort the baby


What happens then? I didn’t get that option, but I play as a man mostly.


Are there any female romance options for female mc


you need your knight to protect her

I found some errors in the continuity with spoilers I took Jannet to the top and when I discovered that she betrayed me I fight and I keep fighting she cornered against the balcony and Jannet comes through the door and (I wanted to go to the bathroom in the middle of the fight Hahaha). With two votes is enough to win ?. because I voted for another person and the bad guy stayed with two votes and I did not have to win the vote?
If you do not understand the Google translator blames hahaha and I agree that the MC should be able to confess his love to jannet


Religion thingy.


If I recall correctly, this requires betraying Noyedas since he had a close watch kept on the female MC to prevent this.

Marriage options no, but as for relationships anyways, I think the maid Nada is an option and Jenneth was also slated to be an option.