The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



It got stuck here, is it the end or some bug?

Edit: When i choose to not to attack fast and stand back, it does get stuck but this option is getting stuck


I can’t wait for the sequel now. Especially the heir of female Mc and Noydes.


I’m still having a bad time with the population numbers, right now every time when I play I can only recruit like no more than 90 men every recruitment. We may need some adjustments to the population


@MahatmaDagon Thank you for including the option to remind Dulsen of the reality of a MC controlling 2 provinces. I love the update.

“Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.”

I loved seeing this dialogue Choice.

Here are some typos and bugs I noticed in the latest version of the game.

*hide_reuse #“How much time I have to make a decision?”

It should be How much time do I have. This is in abyssalBody.txt.

*hide_reuse #“My mother’s family descend from House Sielc?”
“It appears so. This isn’t such a strange notion, in the end. Many people suspected that the Sielc direct lineage did not end at King’s End, as people often went missing during the war, either killed or forced to flee. The Sielcners only survived because, despite of what they would want you to believe, they surrendered to the Meinstrel. By then they were just a minor branch from the main Sielc family, but seeing as the new Kings wanted a quick stability in their new conquered provinces, they appointed the Sielcners as local rulers, so as to give a resemblant of legitimacy. Thus was born the fief of Sielccia was we know it today.”
*goto letterQuestions

I think you want a noun here so it should be resemblance instead of resemblant. This is in yourCouncil.txt.

#“I took no pleasure in it, but it hard to be done.”
“It must be difficult to make such decisions. The old man and I were not particularly intimate, but it still saddens me not to have him around here to give some bitter and wise remark from time to time. Anyway, your ${title2} can of course count on me to fill the institutional gaps that will be left with his absence. I might not know of herbs and history as he did, but I have read as many books as the old man. Probably. At least as much as he did when he was my age.”

It should be had. This is also in yourCouncil.txt.

*label graves
“You know, !{title} {name},” Lord Dulsen says, with a hint of smugness to his voice. “My people is very good at digging. We repelled many enemies across the centuries by building tunnels connecting the hills of Dullis and mobilizing troops through them. It was what kept us at an advantage against the warriors from Boglan, who find it hard to fight outside of their swamps.”

It should be people are. This is in theSummit3.txt.

“Yes, Boglan’s fighters are excellent at defending their territory as well, but when was it that we, alone, marched upon them? That we invaded the swamps to claim them as ours? Our only interest in that place is to keep its people away from us. In sum, what I am trying to say is this: In case tragedy occurs and Boglan is affected, we will dig graves for them. Some of will even weep for the lives that were lost. But we will never allow them to enter our lands. Not after spending centuries defending it from them.”

It should either Some of us will or Some will. This is also in theSummit3.txt.

*label gettingMarried
*set sessanahSupport true
*set freeBoglan true
The woman considers your proposal for quite some time, and then empties a goblet before continuing.

“Fine,” she says. “This isn’t about love, but what marriage truly is? If it strengths the province and the future realm, then I can agree to it. You will have my vote and my vows.”

It should be strengthens. This is in theSummit5.txt.

*label heCheats

She appears unimpressed.

“Ah, yes. One of the worst kept secrets of his province, I believe. Yet the man must really love her, for he puts up with all the troubles she cause.”

It should be causes. This is in drownSummit.txt.

*label wouldntDullis
“Lord Dulsen favors stability. He wants the roads to stay safe and the borders to remain open so the trade can flow freely. He has little to gain with any type of internal conflict. Indeed, I can’t even predict on how he will vote when the topic of separating the Western Peninsula from the Kingdom of Ludland comes up, as I am certainly it will. All I know is that, regarding an armed conflict, he would never make the first strike.”

It should be certain. This is in theSummit.txt.

“These drawings are based on the activity of the a portion of the night sky as it is observed through the apparatus we possess here over the years. More precisely, it shows an area close to where the Bleeding Constellation uses to appear.”

It should be used. This is in theSummit3.txt.

You swing ${weaponName}, bringing mayhem to your enemies. The swampster is caught by a sudden swing as he was about to thrust his blade against you, and his hand is cut off by it. He yells in agony, and cut his head off as well.

I think it should be and you cut. This is in threeway.txt.

*label northYes
#“I do not believe in any religion, but I see the importance of it to peasants.”
“I have been questioning my beliefs since I became aware of the truth, and I think it does matter whether we pray or not, as long as we are not worshiping actual demons.”
*goto letsVote

I wonder whether this was supposed to be does not matter. This is in avellyn.txt.

“Why did you insisted on making me surrender, if you wanted to win all along?”

It should be insist. This is in jennethEnding.txt.

The conversation the White Wizard still allows asking about the Templar Tribune even if the MC never went there.

If the MC tells Jenneth: "I don't believe you.", the game allows you to keep saying the same thing to Jenneth.

In aBall2.txt, I think there is a typo in the source code:

*Set myBet “odds”

*goto diceRoll2M

*Set myBet “pair”
*goto diceRoll2

*label diceRoll2M
*rand firstDice 1 6
*rand secondDice 1 6

I am guessing it is supposed to be diceRoll2M.


Its not end u have like one page left,because u die lol


Edit: forgot to answer something

Yes. It’s not that big of an event but there are a couple of new characters there, although new RO will be only for female MCs.

I’m not looking to add more content about the servant girl because I feel like that part it’s wrapped up already(if that is what you meant). My plan is to focus on the relationships that have been “ignored” by the timeskip descriptions which appear before the Lords Summit.

@Somedude FIxed the bug, thanks for the report.

@Addy3 that bug was there when I first sent the update, but I fixed it soon after. It might be the case of deleting your browser’s history in order to fix it, although it is specific to that choice.

(Whether you die or not depends on your stats and maybe gear.)

@Murdockchan Will (finally) take a closer look at it and do a full playthrough.

@Norilinde Fixed, thanks for the reports. About the ball, the .txts regarding it are unfinished yet, but you caught an actual mistake that would’ve probably remain unnoticed. Sharp eyes. :astonished:


Edit: I did it


How do you create the armor


I defeated those 2 :joy:


Has it not been impliimented yet?


You have to keep the body of the Abyssal Spawn after defeating it, then after the battle with Lord Noyedas(and before the Summit) there will be a prompt about what to do with it.


You mean the summit thing? I’m just wondering why the abyssal armor is grayed out during the summit


@MahatmaDagon, so the ending for the summit will stop just right after the MC is proclaimed king/queen of the Western kingdom?


Is Lodka on the horizon? :heart_eyes:


Please yes. I mean, we could even move in to the North with him. We could just have a little time skip, then you persuade Lodka or his father to go and aid the west against Noyedas, then regain your province.


@MahatmaDagon Even if Prince Lodka says no, I’d still like the option for a female MC to propose marriage to her lover and the father or her child and possible heir. And thank you as well for the Choice for the MC’s lands to adopt the Northern Religion.

If even then, they still can’t be married, then here is a song in their honor though the situations are slightly different:

I’d like the Choice at the Summit with Jenneth, for a MC to confess to having loved Jenneth and then spare her life. I’m not claiming it is a good idea necessarily, but some MCs would think of doing it anyway.

You are a truly gifted author to make even your source code entertaining to read.

Some of my favorite parts of your source code were:

I have no idea what kind of witchery you did to have so many knights, but I’ll have you killed right now for it.
*goto_scene youDied


Stop looking for spoilers!


I agree, especially if the MC made the child they had with their lover their heir.


Can you marry the Lady of Farhall, whose name I can’t seem to remember? That would be a unity of the two biggest powers and would help stabilize the realm.


She’s dating some woman already I believe.


I just gotta know how you make the Abyssal armor, do you have to have the metorite but not make the sword?