The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Thank you soo much for the update! Never knew the game was in it’s final stage… If @MahatmaDagon intend to continue this as a series, this is seriously the best thing which is going to happen in 2019!:heart:


This wasn’t coming from the author himself but from the fact that majority of the events & plot points that were chalked out have either been completed or are currently in the process of being completed.

For eg, no new events beyond the Lords meet or forming new religion are being considered for the current game (there are plenty as hinted by the author for the next one)

IIRC the author is currently working on finishing Lords meet (as reflected in the changelog at the top of page) & balancing some game mechanics (again mentioned in this thread by the author).

The chances of new major scenes or plot points like battles, more construction in fief etc to be included (beyond those currently available) are low.
But if you guys feel like a certain scene, plot point doesn’t work for you guys then go ahead & tell the author. As these issues are the ones focussed in testing phase of the game. It’s better to get them hammered out earlier.

Oh and do hit the search tab at top as many answers about the suggestions & questions have already been given in a posts months earlier.

Cheers! :smiley:

There’s a change log at top of the page. Check that for latest updates & anything beyond that we are not permitted to ask as that is against forum rules. Hope that helps


It’s against the rules to ask for an update


@Phoenix_Wolf @castellan Found it, my bad.


How do you get the achievement “away from it all” ?


its against the rules to ask for a update date, some people are asking if he will continue to update the demo with new content ( and that is not against the rules)
some people likes to flagg so fast that dont stop to read if he/she means something else than a “reléase date”


Nah, it’s alright. I’m guessing that the author will no longer continue to update the demo, since the author is already in the final stages


yeah but i dont like that new people are getting flagged for no reason lately, i think is worrysome to see it happen so much when they are clearly not asking for reléase dates . :expressionless:


Change log will likely still get updated for the final stage scenes like remaining agendas of Lords meet, creation of new religion (beside the the way that’s already been added) etc


Thank you.

I agree that the lack of detail might be disruptive to some, but I think it is a direct consequence of my approach to the game and its non-linearity. It shifts its focus from the “macro” to the “micro” according to the what I perceive to be the necessities of a given scene, and I purposefully try to make events as “wide” as possible because I need them to “fit” at any given point in time without delivering repetitive or redundant descriptions.

I don’t know how long your playthrough was, but perhaps some of your ideas might be contrasting against the scope of the game. I don’t think I could portray a realistic passing of time given that the game can last for hundreds of days. I believe it could easily become either repetitive or, in lack of a better word, boring.

I don’t really like to make the player’s character do things that the player haven’t “ordered” beforehand. That’s pretty much one of the fundamental stones of my philosophy when making interactive fiction. I understand that some people might like to be “taken” by the story or the plot, but my main focus here is to let the player deliver the action and do my best to describe the consequences.

I think the same point applies here. Given that the main chunk of the game can easily surpass 200 days, I don’t think most people would want to read hundreds of those passages. I know I wouldn’t, at least. I would feel as if they were fillers of no direct consequence to the gameplay or even the plot.

I think the same applies to this:

I also don’t like repetitions of any kind. That’s a personal issue of mine, but it does apply to my game making philosophy.

I’m not saying this is a bad idea or anything, it definitely can work in a game, but I just don’t think it applies to this one.

The fact that most actions take a day is a convention inherent to the design of this game. It might not be the best or most realistic way to do it, but I think it fits what I am aiming for with the passage of time.

I appreciate your enthusiasm and your offer, but as @castellan said, this game is mostly finished already.

I do plan to make the sequel different in some ways, but I am not sure of what type of design it will follow regarding the “ticks” of time. Given that it will have many different “starts”, I think the actual “passage of time” will take a bit before coming to consideration, if it even remains the same.


Take it easy and continue writing as long as you’re happy doing it. An author’s passion heavily impact the quality of their work. Also, stick on what the first game has been built upon. I don’t like sudden change because it can make me lose interest on something.


The game has been updated!


  • Added a few scrolls that can be read at the Library.
  • Added the resolutions to the Lords Summit and the main endings of the game.
  • Added a few titles for the character at the end of the game depending on previous actions.
  • Fixed bugs and typos reported, including one regarding the passage of time at the start of the Summit.

The scenes of the Summit are likely to be bugged. There are many conditionals and branches that need proper testing.

I am still going to revise the entire game using Grammarly, but I appreciate reports on grammar mistakes and typos, as there are probably tons of those, especially in the last few scenes.

The ending of the game itself is another thing that may have continuity errors and bugs. If you feel as if there is anything missing or out of place, please report.

Also, if anyone wants to suggest a few titles for the MC to acquire, I appreciate it. The only thing I want is those titles be a direct consequence of something the MC did in the game or some type of behavior. I am still considering how to best present them, if I will give priority to certain titles(as it is now) or if I will just add the applicable ones to a pool and them randomly give them to the player.

Coming up on another update:

  • I am finishing an event where you can hold a ball.
  • I am making it so that the missing lovers are acknowledged at the “Late Game”.
  • I am adding at least one more marriage option for female characters, but likely to be two.
  • I am adding more interactions with the spouses, spread throughout random scenes.
  • I am adding the final entries to the timeline according to the end state of the game.
  • I am adding more paths to the final interaction with Jenneth, as well as a path were you can finally be together.

I am also terribly frustrated because I lost an enormous .txt which had lots of interactions regarding the Sight and the possibility for you to see cryptic glimpses of all the possible deaths in the game and, perhaps, avoid some of them, along with some other things. Will have to redo them from scratch.

There are more thing as well somewhere in my annotations, but if you feel as if I forgot anything, please feel free to remind me.

Thanks for everyone’s support! It wouldn’t happen without you all.


Titles? The only title I would like is something like “Abyssal Slayer” or “Messiah”(for the new religion).


I added Demonslayer for that one and Holy is there already for the Messiah. Can change (or add variations to it) according to people’s preference.


Will the MC be able to meet some new characters in the event then? Both male and female?

Does that means that you could actually have more future interactions with them like the male MC and the servant girl?




Thank you for taking the time to reply thoroughly! I understand completely your point of view.
I will make another playthrough to find out the new endings.
Once again, great game!


Um… OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! huge English Lit rant edited out I cannot wait for the whole game to be released so that I can throw money at you.

If you would like editing help, send me a PM (if you don’t mind me helping) and I will gladly help check your ENGLISH grammar and spelling.

@Silvano_Oracolo1 Yes, Mahatma is an awesome person. :+1:


The two most obvious titles that comes to mind are relating to how & where the PC defeats Sielccians.

For defeating them in pitched battle on an open field --》 The Vanquisher

For succesfully surviving the siege & then defeating them on final assualt --》Iron Heart (for holding out)

The rest of the titles I think could be:

(This is an obvious one) For annexing Sielccia --》 The Conqueror

Depending on how the PC handles the Bolgan rebels situation --》 The Betrayer (if he/she betrays the Bolgan army)

For helping defeating the rebels --》 Traitors Bane

For setting up Sea Watchers after the reports of attack --》The Protector


Reading one scroll takes two days even though the game mentions that some of them might not even take a day to read