The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



No, you can’t. But you can marry her off to Your cousin Wanalvar.


Hello… how much new thing did i miss?


I’m kinda curious… what’s your mc name and their territory name? @everyone


Uhh… for that:


I called my territory Legoland :slight_smile:


Omg this story is getting better and better everytime I check out the demo. I love everything you are doing! I’m extremely excited for more to come out for it


My character is named Sedru Zarinov,Lord of Wine
His banner is grey with a fish and his words are “Argentum, a dynasty of profit”


Malakim Phoros of Baal, his motto is “for those we cherish, we die in glory” his banner is a bleeding heart with a checkered background


Sarissa of House Flyn, Lady of Renard, Sigil: a Winged Stag on a field of weat, Motto: Our Lives, Our Swords, Our Loyalty


Isla House of Douglas, Lady of Ewart, blue wave, “The Waters Provide.” Daughter of Jezser and Kelsea. Mother of Isonna and Innis. Male Mc is called Erwyn.
All the names have something to do with water: Isla=island, Douglas=dark water, Ewart= (House) by the water, Jezser=Island of help, Kelsea=Island of ships, Issona= The beach, and Innis = from river island. Erwyn = friend of the sea

All because their ancestors where pirates.


That’s pretty interesting!


This would be my beginning screen.


Hallo! I’m reading it and I like it very much!
There is something missing though: the main screen is way too poor of time, environment and everyday life details and lacking immersion thereof. May I suggest a couple of little improvements? They would take some scripting and some writing, but I bet that the forum community could help you with the writing. I could help.
I understand that the game revolves around “turns” that corresponds to single days, in which you can make basically one single meaningful action. You can fool around as much as you want but until you actually do something the day never ends.
I suggest you to work on two directions: improving the immersion through giving more time and environmental details and through a more realistic passing of time.
At the beginning of each new day it would be nice if a small sequence of repetitive and partially randomized sentences marked the line between last turn and the new one. For instance, you could start waking up <random feeling 1> after a night of <random night event compatible with random feeling 1>. Like: You wake up refreshed after a dreamless night; or puzzled after a wierd dream. Then it would be interesting if, for instance, you look out of your window during and consider the : it’s a bright but chilly morning, or a dark and cold morning…
The passing of time could be better expressed if at every tentative click - even if then you don’t do actually anything - you are informed that some time has passed, and sometimes other random and repetitive sentences appear at regular intervals.
I think that the day could be divided in sections: breakfast, then time for 2 idle click or 1 brief action or the beginning of one long action, then lunch, one random encounter, then time for other 2 idle clicks or 1 brief action, then dinner and then end of turn.
This means that after the second idle click in the morning you find out it’s lunchtime already and you eat , then you meet <random court member / spouse / offspring in random castle room> which briefly mentions if he/she has something to discuss with you, or that everything is fine in their respective business.
Then, when you have clicked around 4 times total, it’s dinner time, with other randomized interactions, and immediately after you reach the end of that day.
Another thing, that come naturally along with this one: not all actions require the same time, not all of them should force the end of the day.
Let’s assume that some activities may only be started in the morning, like holding court and hunting. If you miss that time window, you cannot do them in the afternoon - those are thing that take your whole day. After finishing them you should be immediately brought to the “dinner time” page skipping lunch and the random encounter.
Other actions, on the other hand, require way less time. Speaking with a court member, visiting the quarter master, praying in the temple a few hours, sparring with a soldier, don’t take you the whole day. I would say that each of these activities at least bring you to lunchtime if started in the morning, and to dinnertime if started in the afternoon.
Other zero-impact actions could be added to improve realism, that basically count as idly clicking: take some time to rest, mull over your thoughts, or take a brief walk in the garden for instance.
If you are willing to upgrade your script with one or more of these options, I volunteer to help you write some ideas for the randomized sentences.


Yeah, we should have a little bit more of chances to interact with the spouses.


Yes I think the time and flow is good and has been significantly improved but I think the spouses are less fleshed out and involved and are more like minor characters or props than the wife/husband of a Lord/lady. Especially Danna
Other than that everything is awesome!


Exactly my thoughts! We should get a permanent options to interact with them whenever we want to like the permanent options for library or temple. There should be some kind of relationship stat too with a spouse, bad relations lead to distrustful and adulterous tendencies and better terms leads to more… You know what I mean.


To add to this idea, we can get betrayed by our spouses if we piss them off enough. e.g Danna betraying us to lord Noyedas


What about the ideas about sleep, checking the weather, lunch, dinner, random encounters? Could those be improved top?


Okay guys, IIRC @mahatmadagon is in the final stages of completing the game. While he may be amenable to add all of our suggestions, it is far more likely that our suggestions will be incorporated in the next installment in this series.

I used to suggest a ton ideas till I stopped all together. We must allow him to get this game finished.

Do please keep that in mind while making suggestions here.


I didn’t know it was in the final stage. Of course if this is the case he can’t introduce a lot of new things. I still hope that at least some of them will make it into the first book.