The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Sorry that this is very belated, but I’ll tell you anyway. During that play through, I did have a bastard. (I keep all of my play throughs on record because it helps you beat the game if you know what you did on previous play throughs).


guys i dont think that warranted a flagged post, i think what that guy wanted to ask was if the wip was updated , he did not ask for a released date or when is he going to update again…:roll_eyes:


Dude how the hell you get 20k soldier? I only get to make about 3k like that before the peasant cant take it anymore. I have the same amount of population like you but still cant make my army big enough.


he may have delayed 100 days more the war… XD


Yes i know we can do that but even so, like i said after i recruit a certain number of militia, the peasant will be angry and if i recruit more of them it will cause civil unrest and the number of recruited militia dropped to 20 something. Even after i used the cheatmenu to calm the peasant, if i start recruit again, they will get angry again and cause more civil unrest.


How do get an heir? Do just keep fucking people until they give you a kid? Or…?


Well I just achieved a new level of grinding at that time. I think I may have add 1000 days or more that one time😂


Your spouse will bears you an heir eventually.


or? or call the stork to get you a heir? :joy:




I think it refers to how to have an heir before talking to the king.
There is a bad ending when Jannet catches you and you have a premonition of your heir rescuing you


never seen that, you mean she -betrays you?-


If when Jannet betrays you, she encloses you to be used as a toy … She said so you have premonitions, usurp the thrones of some kingdoms and work for the triple chalice without salary. Any Monday. And if you have a child in the future, it saves you. Maybe that’s why he asks how to have an heir or maybe at what moment it is achieved (it is in the end) or if it can be obtained before



Oh I understand now :slight_smile: and yeah it looks good actually when viewed through that lens. There is something strange though still about how it’s laid out I think, it just doesn’t flow naturally when I read it. It’s the transition to “since the dawn of time” I think, my mind keeps looking for a conjunction of some sort.
But maybe that’s just me, I don’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha but yeah no I’m happy to help! It’s marvelous work you’ve done!


Could there be an option to visit your dungeons and have conversations/decide the fate of your prisoners?


When lord Dannal talks to the quarter master one of his ideas could be a new irrigation system that raises population and lowers peasant unrest @MahatmaDagon


and how do you get that, i mean it never happened to me, any specific?


Annex sielccia and reveal your heritage. The king will then invite you to Ludland. If you accept, The triple chalice will murder him and then kidnap you.


How many words will you finish, may I ask?


I am just wondering… if i remain unmarried , is it possible to marry Lady Nallassa? The noble lady who seek refuge from her sister ?