The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



No, I believe not.


Anyone explain me how to have a relationship with Jenneth? I’m trying to make a playthrough having relationships with every possible character and she’s the last one


When noyodas asks u to join him, pick the lie option. Then later at the battle tell her to kill him and when she kills him and comes back pick I want you.


I doubt that the Temple would like you simply trapping a so called ‘Abyssal Spawn’ (I sincerely hope that I spelt ‘Abyssal’ right) in a cave. They just don’t like it when those things are alive. Leaving them alive would probably blow the cover of the ‘Genderless’, since they may or may not have something to do with the Dragorians.


There’s a bug after I lied to the accolt about the spawn and it’s acting like I don’t havw the body at all.


How do you make the armor with the abyssal spawn


After you kill the Abysmal Spawn, take the body with you for study purpose, don’t go to the tracker/hunter’s cave(go directly to your castle), when the priests come, refuse them the body of the Abysmal Spawn and keep it with yourself and let meyburk(I don’t know the spelling!) Study it, after you defeat the Noyodas(river men), you are given a option to either rejuvenate the beast, or to destroy it, or to make a armour out of it, these options comes just before you go to meet the other Lords of the western peninsula in Farhall(forgive me for the spelling mistake).


Yeah, I mean killing a innocent young child who lost everything to sheer madness(attack of the madmen on emerya)… Marrying your half sister who you don’t even know is your half sister, that too in medieval times isn’t that grave of a sin to commit. But maybe that’s just me.


I think there maybe some readers who also want the twin sister of the bogolan queen to be a love interest of the MC after she comes seeking asylum.


You can just go to the trackers hut, refuse to eat food and then convince him to not burn the body instead of just going directly to his castle. Also, if you want to make the armor you have to give it to the alchemists guild not Meybuk.


Or you can just kill him…


Yay it’s finish the game is complete now, now lets try this


I don’t think the game is complete yet…


Unless @MahatmaDagon put in “To Be Continued” and we’ll have to wait for at least another year or two for it’s sequel… Man I wish this game wouldn’t be made into series to be milked for all it’s worth


It’s still a WIP though and the thing says there isn’t an ending yet…


Well just like every Dragon Ball Z episode, they could put in some cliffhanger ending instead of the real ones :joy:


I still don’t understand how one lord has an army that big…


At the end I had over 6k soldiers…


Well, the largest number I’ve had from grinding was 20k and my current population was 115k at that time. I mean like at medieval times, massive numbers most likely destroy tactical advantages. For example, what’s the use of having the high ground with 5k soldier if you’re surrounded by 20k enemies?


It’s not milking - that another year or two gives room for improvement so that the sequel may be more successful than its antecedent. You can’t really fit so much content into a single game - the lack of a saving feature (which there will be a lack of since HG doesn’t allow for modifications like DashingDon) and the branches will make the project far too frustrating to navigate and play.