The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Gotta say I really enjoyed the content so far, so great job on that. It does feel like a proper managment, and the plot is very much to my liking.

Of course, I did find some things to poke at ;)

Starting with something I can see a reason for not existing, considering the amount of work it’d most probably take to implement, but after going in debt to see what happens and parleying with rebels I briefly thought about how fun (and challenging, no doubt!) would it be have to deal with that:


And while we’re at it, couple pages back:


…and few more things that caught my eye.



I don’t want to give any spoilers with the actual content so close to being released. Dulsen can be convinced to vote for you, but if he doesn’t there is a cascade effect that opens up a few conclusive paths.

I think it is supposed to be that way, since you are giving them to “prove your loyalty”.

Thank you so much for this, it has been a great help. I followed all your suggestions, I just had a doubt regarding this:

I think my intention here was to make Meybuk use the “present” tense to exemplify that such behavior was still going on. That people are still doing that, as they have been since the dawn of time.

Do you think it works that way or should I just change it to past tense?

About the Cardeed, I replaced “enemy” for “opponent” everywhere. I need to take a closer look at the code about the using of “one” or “a/an” because I used some weird checking in order to know if a certain card needed to be called “a” or “an” at some points, and at others I just used “one”. It might be a little confusing.

Anyway, thanks again for all your trouble!

A funny thing: I did a search across all the .txts and there were around fifteen instances across different files where I used “the the” instead of a single “the”. I have no idea why. :joy:

Oops, I forgot it. Thanks!

@ClaimedMinotaur There is a “good ending”, but it wasn’t implemented yet. In case the ending you got was a bit abrupt or confusing, don’t worry, I plan to wrap things up better retro-continually so as to help things make more sense.

For what exactly? They can research a few things, but I might have forgot to give conclusion for something. IIRC there is an outbreak of some disease if you don’t research its cure.

Probably a bug. Can you tell me more or less what he said to you?

The number of days it takes for Lord Noyedas to invade you is a bit randomized, I still have to balance it properly. There should be some ways to skip time(praying should be endless if I’m not mistaken), as well as an option to just “wait” without activating the cheats to skip days.


Yep, I think it would be good as well, but I just had to cut it short there since I’m way behind on schedule.

Thank you for the reports. I fixed the typos and the bug of returning to the beginning of the summit after refusing Avellyn.

About the missing line when speaking to Dulsen, were you married with his daughter or son? Did your spouse got back from captivity?

If so, I fixed the bug. If not, I have to ask you to give me some more information about your relationship with House Dullac and who you were married with.

And finally, I forgot to put a check for (married) when accepting Lord Noyedas’ marriage proposal. It should be working now.

Thanks everyone! All the fixes will be coming with the next update.


In the beginning they ask for 300 to find a cure.


Are there any other marrying options other than the northern wents and the dullis?


I think this will be in the next update and your lovers will be available :sunglasses:


Also, didn’t I made it clear - didn’t I make it clear.


Can the MC marry Jenneth


Which lover fleed?


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I think I do :stuck_out_tongue:


Many of us love Jannet :heart_eyes:


she your half sister


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I think many of them are aware.


Common knowledge on this thread a while back


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I think that as that is something that hints should be an option and the second game would be game of thrones😉


Marrying someone in your family was common back then


It’s simply amoral, but pretty much nothing compared to what kind of other atrocious acts you may perform in-game.


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Does trapping the spawn in the cave considered the same as killing it?