The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Yeah if you have that star sword, just kill the spawn. It’s more beneficial for you.


I can only kill it the star sword?


I should’ve waited for it to be finished xD




Well anything else will just be a snack for him so… (no star sword=rekt)


Do the alchemists ever find the cure?


why is dullac so aggresive to me before the vote in the lords’ summit? i didn’t offend him and i am married to danna


Strange… that only happened to me when I jump straight to the summit using the TEST option.


Same thing to me.


Some guy stole my dead abyssal spawn :c


don’t go back to the tracker’s hut after killing it or fight and kill him after refusing to eat


When noyodas comes and asks me join to join him, what should I do?


There is nothing left to do and option to hold court is also not there. What should i do?

Did all the training, read all books and went to temple maximum number of times.

This did not happen the first time i played this game and meeting scene came but not this time


you can watch your men spar or you could turn on time skipping and skip a couple days


Congratulations!!! You’ve grinded the hell out of the game :partying_face:


There is no such thing you sarding heretic.


I mean now the number of options are reduced after going that number of times


So when does the meeting start? Date?


After you take care of Noyedas. If you added too much time from cheat menu you’ll have to skip the days until it triggers the invasion event.


Any idea when the full game will be releasing, I was able to finish it just today after playing it for like one week. Can’t wait to complete the whole game!