The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Where can I find the cheat menu?


Open stats menu, choose option, the “enter cheatmenu” will be shown there.


I am in your debt❤ Thank you soo much! This game just got soo much better😍…


How do i get the abyssal leather armor? because even after the inquisitor comes and i tell him that i am sending the body the alchemists nothing happens even after a month


Exactly! It doesn’t matter if you keep the body to yourself or send it to the alchemist’s guild nothing seems to happen. And are there some special properties in the armour?


The option on what to do with the corpse will only appear before the summit.
Burn it, revive it, make an armor out of it, all of those will be available after you take care of the invasion aftermath.


I can’t get past the invasion.


oh actually i just found out that then finish it in the end after the battle with noyodas


You need to actively recruit new militia, bulk up your army. I recommend 1500 - 2000 man before entering war.


They can self regenerate, no more pesky armor mantaining.


also how do we meet king jeohr?


What do I do with the King’s letter? I usually just send half…


If I’m not mistaken after you defeat Noyedas, you can choose to pledge your loyalty to the king. That’s how you get to meet him


If you plan to rebel later on, just ignore him or don’t send any. If you plan to be a loyal vassal, I don’t think there’s any benefit from it except better relation with king jeohr


i only got to ask him for permission to take over sielicea


I’m probably going to rebel… but is it better to send a letter explaining or no?


There’s still another part where after you reveal your heritage, he will ask you to visit the capital.
Keep going.


Should I try to kill the beast thing or just trap it?


Well for me, I don’t send him a letter because there’s no reason. I mean if my governor rebelled against me but sent me a letter before like “aye, uh, sorry, my troops are going to be used to fight against you later on so… bye bitch.” I definitely won’t forgive him :joy:


Try and kill it when you have the sword made by the falling star. And a high combat stat.