The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Just something I found weird: you have the option of distrusting Jenneth all the time. Why can’t you do it when she “rescues” you at the end of the game? And moreover, why should the MC run? I mean, unless you threaten to destroy the capital, no one has any reason to believe you killed the king. By staying there’s a chance you can prove your innocence (why would you kill him if he was considering giving you independence?) but running away just makes you the perfect scapegoat.



Thanks, I fixed those things. Will upload along with the next update soon.


Arguably it would make sense for a distrust option there, its just that they WILL frame it on you regardless. Paid witnesses, circumstances, planted rumors, etc. Convincing him to grant you independence only happens if he is alone with you on the court(unless there is some bug), so there is no way to prove that it was ever considered.

Yes, the guards were there, but those who weren’t paid off were probably killed trying to defend him.

I can add the option, though it won’t change the outcome, but its nice to add the possibility.


@MahatmaDagon, what will the choices be to deal with Dulsen when the MC is about to unify the Western Peninsula under his/her leadership? Conquer Dullis?


if you marry danna that can be like the unification of Castile and Aragon,like a iberic wedding?


I noticed last night that if we join with Noyedas, we still get the screen where they (the Rivermen) celebrate their victory over us, we lose men and a lot of money.


Not really a unification, but more of an alliance between your province and Dallas.


I was talking about a hypothetical later game,when you can unificate the west
(I’m sorry for my English)


Some spelling and sentence errors from at the start of the game, I was trying to do more than that but it got boring quickly haha sorry.

I’m guessing this should be “A harpy”?

This seems to miss an apostrophe on “Whats” as in “What’s” or just " What Is".

Usually people say “hairline”.

Probably take out the “the” here before military insignia.

I’m assuming it should be “or” here since you’re talking about two different things, raise the initial sum OR check.

Missing a “t” at the end of “tha”.

I think it should be “A young” instead of “an” since it alludes to the soldier, it makes more sense when you say it.

“spar” again, instead of “spare”.

Missing an “a” in “manging”.

I think this should be “of” or “in” instead of “on” but I’m not entirely sure, don’t have the linguistic knowhow to explain my case more than that it feels more right than “on”, or what do you think?

This should likely be “creating” instead of “creation”, or you can add a couple more words to make creation viable, like “for the creation of the world”.

Should be “built” with a t. Like, “to build” we will build it", and “should be built” “they built it”.

Should be “approach” without the “ed” since it was explaining something that happened in the present.

One “be” too much.

Should probably be “in” the village, unless he lived on top of it.

I’m not sure but I don’t think a capital Letter should be used here? Since it is still in mid sentence of someone talking.
And also I think it should be “they must have been” instead of “they must been”.

Should likely be “in” here unless they were butchered on top of the woods.

I don’t know how to explain what’s wrong here but it doesn’t feel right, should probably be “you reflect on”, or what do you think?

One “the” too much.

Missed a “d” after “an”.

There are two errors here I think, one is more obvious, you missed a “d” after “an”, but the whole sentence seems off to me, it should probably be in past tense since Meybuk is talking about the dawn of time, so something like this for example “men have fought and taken what isn’t theirs since the dawn of time. They’ve enslaved, tortured, killed and burnt settlements to the ground.” But I’m sure you’ll figure something out in past tense, if you agree on the error that is.

“t” at the end of “doest” shouldn’t be there.

This might not be an error but maybe a capital letter on your house animal?

Should be “for” here instead of doing something “to” the survivors, unless you want to add more damage to them.

One “later” too much.

Probably change the capital letter of “Lord” to “lord” here, since everywhere else it’s lower case in the game.

I don’t think it should be “for” here, but probably either “of” or “about” but I’m not competent enough explain why that is, it just feels better reading it, if that makes sense, do what you will!

This might not be an error at all but, maybe remove the “enemy” tag here and just use “opponent” instead since they’re used somewhat interchangebly here, and also either just use “one” or “a” when describing what the player’s cards are?
No other reason to do this than to make it look a bit more orderly and symmetrical, so I leave that up to you, and take this as a suggestion.


What about Boglan?


I did everything right: made tons of money, ruled with mercy and justice, got the starblade, killed the demon, won the battle, annexed the neighboring region, bowed to my king… then I all of a sudden the my spymaster killed the king and I was blamed and ended up shakled and tortured for the rest of my life as an oracle… what? Why?
Is there a good ending?


You failed with the king not fences and everything will be fine :smiley_cat:


I failed with the king not fences? What does that mean?


Don’t go to Ludlander


I want to ask, how the hell do i get the armor from the abyssal spawm?


Kill the spawn, don’t give it to the church, before you go to Lords Summit you can choose to make a leather armor out of it.


Can you tell me how to kill that thing?. I tried to kill it but died every time


High combat stats and having the sword made of the fallen star. I’d suggest using the cheat menu.


Ahhh so that where i do wrong. Silly me trying to kill a demon only with a longsword and 38 combat ability :joy:


That seems like one way ticket to the epilogue in this game :rofl:


Yea bruh, before this i didnt know that it have cheatcode. So i used to spent time cheating my council member in cardeed :joy: damn waste a lot of time playing honest.