The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Interesting, so if you wanted to you could vote in Lady Sessanah as the new queen as well, by convincing Lady Avellyn to vote for you whilst you and Sessanah vote for Sessanah, and Dulsen’s vote goes to himself.


Would you? She intentionally let you get ambushed by rebels and if you survives she’ll request for you to take down those rebels.


Among these options is Janet? … :smirk:
And who would be as an option men and women or only the opposite sex to MC?

PD: if we do not choose “Marriage shall only happen between man and woman, as its purpose is procreation.” Is it understood that you can marry someone of the same sex?


Yeah of course! I dig her manipulative character :stuck_out_tongue:
But I also want to make Dulsen’s round belly the king, seperate playthroughs!


Oh well… I guess Meybuk’s gonna lose his mind over his prophecy :joy:


Is there a way to make the mercenaries stay loyal. Also I does not make sense that by staying loyal to noyedas you always lose


Also can you go to the capital not swear loyalty to the king and get out and continue ruling


Have you tried securing the merc leader as a hostage? Also don’t bother with King Jeohr, he’ll die from plot bullet.


All i truly want is to just conquer land after land and make people bend the knee to me and if they don’t i will just burn there lands to ash simple ow and hang anybody who tries to betray me.


There are already mines on those lands even if you don’t expand on them. The game acknowledges the expansion if it already happened by the time this event comes up as well.

The part that did that checking wasn’t predicting ALL the possibilities(I forgot a final elseif), so sometimes the game would skip from the sequence of “ifs” into the next chunk of text, which was the one about the knight. The error was here, as far as I can tell. It shouldn’t happen anymore.

Sorry, I must’ve let it slip past me or I didn’t check that specific annotation yet. Indeed the game was checking for how much money you took, not how much debt you had. It should be fixed now.

Does she ever admit that or are you being fooled by Dulsen’s spies?

I actually don’t remember if that is just suggested or if there is some hard proof of that. I normally let those things very dubious.

I would say yes.

That is what is implied by not choosing this dogma, although the “cultural revolution” would have to succeed by the time of the next game in order for this to happen without social backslash.

I think the only way they stay 100% loyal is if you are already winning the battle even if they change sides, but I might be mistaken. About staying loyal to Noyedas, you’ll always lose. Perhaps one day you won’t.

Going to the capital always results in the same ending, one way or another. You don’t have to swear fealty to him when you go there, though.


Well, even so I would still side with Dulsen. He has more resources and it’s much more beneficial to ally with him. While Lady Sessanah… unstable realm, swampland, also her feud with her sister just give me the impression of an uncapable ruler.


What is the use of having excellent terms with the church? Are there any particular perks attributed to it?


So far the only thing I noticed was my MC had an easier time dealing with them. Especially regarding the corpse of the abyssal spawn.


I want to make a law that military service is mandatory.


What cultural revolution i don’t see any it would take years so many year for a cultural revolution to be excepted and even then it would barely be excepted cause come on we are talking about medieval times here cause people can’t and don’t just change there world views in a few years.


Happiness invades me :heart_eyes_cat:


I was talking about the possibility of a new, player-made religion. Which yes, would not happen overnight, and that is one of the reasons for the time-skip and my intention that the next game spans a lot more years than the first one.

There are plenty of challenges in trying to make a new religion popular, and certain characteristics of this new system of belief serve to increase or decrease the likeliness of it being adopted by the majority of the population, depending on how you build it.

I am not here trying to provide cheap gratification to anyone at the expense of internal coherence, be it for the people who want same-sex marriage on the setting of the game or to people who want “to just conquer land after land and make people bend the knee to me and if they don’t i will just burn there lands to ash simple ow and hang anybody who tries to betray me” or to “make a law that military service is mandatory” (two things which you stated on previous posts).

My intention is to enable all the players with the means to achieve their objectives, no matter how long it takes or how difficult it becomes for them. By ensuring that yes, there is a way to reach a certain scenario, then I can feel I have done my part in providing a form of entertainment that not only give people what they want, but also makes them struggle for it in a way that is realistic given the context of the game world and makes it all the more satisfying when it happens.

Of course, everything has its consequences. That shouldn’t be news to anyone who has played the game. Nothing comes easy, nothing comes fast.

But it is there. It is possible. It can be done.

It’s all a matter of time and effort.


I just don’t see same-sex marriage working out so well in this game it’s in the medieval times and it’s about noble houses right who depend on having 1 or 2 heirs so how will this work out your vassals would see you as a liability and if or when you die who will be your heir since you did not have any children in medieval times i just can’t see it working out i am looking at this in a logical manner so i would appreciate it if people did not attack me over this.




If you seize the money from the EBB representative, the aurens aren’t added to your treasury