The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



In my experience, nah I don’t feel any difference. It’s just whether you want your great grandpa to be an old noble or a bad ass raider.

For the settler’s background, I always thought of it as our family had to move because there’s a version of Trump making trouble there.


Should be where

Should be that


He should be called the Knight of Broken Swords, unless he’s dual wielding, it should be: he holds his blade with both hands.

I’m not exactly sure this is a bug, but after the wedding event with Danna, this immediately pops up in everyplay through. I remember this being a random court event and I thing you should have like this because having that option to early players miss out on the chances of other dialogue options such as talking about your deeds and secret heritage , t
Players should have the chances to see the amount of detail you put into this game, such as Danna or any other spouse seeing the statues you build or castle improvements.

Is this normally suppose to happen, with two events happening at once? One thing I noticed is two events occured at the end of the month, and if it helps for this playthrough I did use the chest menu.

I got this, I saved my game and then checked out the TESSTTING part, I’m guessing this is for the convincing of the Lord’s votes scene? Because my demo just ends at the second agenda of the meeting still, I don’t get to speak to the white wizard or convince other Lord’s. I made sure to play a fresh paly through and not a old save file, in also using the cheats here, so maybe that’s the case.

At the description of good old Bob, it should be: He has the wide eyes of someone who has a hard time believing they’re still alive.
You could also rewrite this as: Bob of Lowblow comes to your aid despite his wounds. Eyes wide open, he has a hard time believing he’s still alive.

There’s just a small little typo next to where Tull comes limping from his wounds, at the end of the sentence there’s an “]”, sorry I’. Using my phone so I can’t exactly highlight the words

This isn’t a error/report just a question, did Lord noydnas(sorry if I’m spelling his name wrong) fund the revolt/coup of the king? He literally says “Even if King Jeohr survives what is about to happen on the royal capital”

I know, how the hell did I get the many Knights? I sorta abused the time skip system, but uhh that’s not the point! Ask you can see here if I send my erm 200+ Cavalry they seen to get rekt depsite overwhelming the enemy riders, may I suggest adescription should be added where if our Calvary destroys the outriders they turn to stomp on Brendells infantry, it would make sense?

A couple more things I had noted but no screenshot of;

  1. The court event with lanfrey regard the error for building two bridge’s, is asking Jenney to keep a close eye on him, is this suppose to lead anywhere? Because if not it kinda seems redundant, perhaps you can have that as a question for you be answered by the white wizard😂

  2. In the TTESTING event, I think it was either Lord Dullas or Lady Sartham(swamp lady) that mention us acquiring the Sielc Ancestral Sword, is this suppose to be added into out inventorys after killing Noydas? Because I’ve checked and nothing is added

  3. For the mothermulchers part, if I hold Ullis hostage as part of the contract, after the battle I don’t get this interaction previously beforehand

    Instead I get the one were you decide to imprison Ullis against his will and later on release him after the battle.

  4. I highly recommend that before the final version is released you have someone proof read the game, despite English being my native language, grammar and punctuation is not something I am strong in.

  5. For the battles in the later seasons(rain/thunder) the text part mentioning about holding the highground is usually a good idea but, in storms lighting on highground is attracted to metal objects, is there suppose to be a scene where you or your troops get hit by lighting or something? Or is this just like a little tidbit of information, because nothing happens if I hold the highground.


wassup with this test option?


If you get to the “late game” unmarried(either because you never got married or because your spouse died/fleed), I want to add a brief option where you can marry someone. People you’ve met before would pop up in that list.

Yes. Lord Dulsen is the most likely candidate as well, if the MC doesn’t have any redeeming qualities.

Yup, Meybuk truly believes that. He’s been indoctrinated by prophecy(despise posing as a man of science) and has given up much already in the name of it, so he is obsessed with seeing it fulfilled.

Otherwise, “it might all have been for nothing.”

It mostly changes things on text. I did a quick search and there are around 16 events which mention your ancestry in some way,

Most of it is subtle or conditional. For example, Vradnir might say “To be fair, ${title}, for all that I know, the last time that these lands had suffered a thing that could be described as an attack from the sea would have been when your ancestors arrived from the north, centuries ago.” if you ask him when was the last time people raided the shores of your lands and have northern ancestry.

There are also some small changes in population, military and initial amount of aurens depending on your family’s background, and an entry on the timeline.

@Felix_Ronan Thanks, fixed the typos.

@FauxCoeur Fixed the bladeswording.

On the second image, you’re talking about the “Spend the day with your wife”?

It makes sense that people might miss things out if they do it too early in the game, I guess I hadn’t considered that. I’ll see if there’s any elegant fix to this.

About the two events happening at once, I think its just a coincidence. Both events happen a number of days after being triggered by something else.

About the “TTTTEST” option, I forgot to remove it. I use options like that for personal testing without having to start the game from scratch everytime I add a new late game scene.

I also forgot to “link” the new content with the old one, which is why the game was ending before reaching that part. I have fixed it and I’m uploading the files now.

That phrase is there to imply that he had knowledge of it and raise questions such as that. From a meta point of view, he wasn’t the one who funded it, its more like he was being funded by the same people who funded/did it.

So, here’s the math of that specific segment:

If you have more knights than the enemy (by an overwhelming margin), enemy loses half of its knights, you lose 10% of it. I’m assuming you had… 2k knights? :scream:

Anyway, it does make sense for them not to be entirely occupied with a much lesser force of knights and turn on the infantry if that is the case. I’m just not sure if that should ever be the case. :sweat_smile:

I literally lol’d at the suggestion at the end. There are a few suggestions in the game that Lanfrey might be stealing money or working in cohort with the EBB, but I never got to the end of those things, and neither did Jenneth, although I have a very good excuse for her.

About the sword, were they really referring to the blade or to the bloodline? I don’t remember any talk about the blade.

But you’re right, I forgot to give it to the player. It should appear on the armory now after you defeat Noyedas.

Did the mercenaries stay loyal to you? If they did, I think that is what should appear.(unless I misunderstood what you were saying)

This is one of my main concerns, but I don’t really know anyone that would be willing to proof read the game, nor do I have the funds to pay for a professional. I’ve managed to acquire a premium version of Grammarly due to a friend, which should be of some help once I scan all txts.

Its just there to make people make some considerations before going to high ground. I always thought it was obviously the better choice.

Anyway, thanks for the post. Version “almost there 2” is being uploaded.

It’s me forgetting to remove stuff before uploading the files. :flushed:


I thought CoG/HG provided proof reader if you submitted your finished work?


CoG does iirc, not HG.


Still my greatest suggestion will be having a generally higher population inside the MC’s fief than the previous versions.


There should be some impact on Sielccia’s preparations for war if the MC hires Hilltown’s blacksmith to forge the Fellsword thus depriving Sielccia of the orders placed with that blacksmith.

I suggest that meeting the White Wizard should give the option to unlock the Sight. So far as I can tell, there are currently only two ways to unlock that with one of those ways in a Bad End but it would make sense that the White Wizard would have the knowledge of how to help the MC unlock the Sight as well as the motive to do so. If the Triple Chalice can unlock the Sight for the MC then the White Wizard should be able to do so as well. Perhaps something along the lines of asking the MC to light a brazier and take a deep breath above it.

When given the option to create a new religion, I suggest there be an option to just adopt the Northern Religion. While it would not result in as much state control over religion, it has the benefit that there would be missionaries that actually believe in it and if the MC already has strong “ties” with Prince Lodka’s kingdom, this could serve to further strengthen those ties.

When picking dogmas for a new religion, I would like the option to pick that “marriage for reasons of love is holy” and “marriage for reasons other than love is a sin”. It would not be a popular dogma with those trying to arrange political marriages but I think the MC having felt that pressure could feel that such a dogma was the right thing to do anyway. I imagine Lade Avellyn and Lizra would agree at least in part as well.

I still hope a female MC gets the option to propose marriage to Prince Lodka. If she becomes Queen of the West or of all of Ludland then the option to unite with Lodka’s realm would be an added bonus and if she is able to adopt the Northern religion that would be even better for strong ties.

I would like the option at the Lords Summit if the MC has conquered Sielccia to point out to Lord Dulsen that with Boglan opposing Dulsen and the MC controlling 2 provinces that 3 of 5 provinces at a minimum could oppose Dulsen’s claim and Farhall is currently ruled by a regent so any support from there could be temporary. Basically, if the MC has conquered Sielccia, then Dulsen is out of his mind to think he is in a strong position to claim the crown.

So regarding the MC's council...

Meybuk arranged events that he honestly believed would kill the MC’s mother.
Vradnir is willing to betray his wife and children.
Jenneth… well that epilogue
If it turns out that Lanfrey is the most trustworthy council member, then my MCs will be seriously depressed.

It didn’t really feel in character for my MCs to be willing to “kill people and march” but after looking at THAT epilogue, I think my MCs would be eager to do just that.

Okay… I just had a game where the peasants rioted because my MC’s realm fell into debt. To be precise 1 auren in debt. That was all. I do not deny that my MC was in debt, but seriously, 1 auren the cause of a riot? I really don’t want to play cardeed just to keep my MC’s realm afloat and I would prefer not to have to spam Hold Court events until getting the seesilk trading rights negotiation event giving 2500+ aurens. This also makes going to the merchant inn in Hilltown more important just for the wealth.

Here are some typos and errors I noticed in the latest version. I apologize if some have already been mentioned.

“Who reaches towards darkness and slay the beasts that thrive on it.”

It should be slays. This is in toEhael.txt.

"${title} ${name}. The woman. Sister Myra. She just gave herself up for the murder of Sir Morren."

It should be $!{title} for capitalization. This is in tournamentFight4.txt.

For the first time, you notice some disarrange between the Holy Ones, as if they are arguing amongst themselves.

This should perhaps be disagreement.

“Why did King Vytheo still went there if he knew he would lose?”

It should be go.

“I could ban religion altogether in Midstev. We would have a nation of enlighten people that follow no gods.”

It should be enlightened.

Scholars have recorded that the reasons behind such decision were clear: a familiar regency with local roots was an easy way to diminish the chances of a revolt from the conquered westerns.

I think it should be either westerners or west.

To the middle of the square room there is a round table circled by ten seats, with an stylized map of the Western Peninsula carved on the wood. You and the others arrange yourselves in front of the areas which represent the likeliness of your provinces.

It should be a.

“These drawings are based on the activity of the a portion of the night sky as it is observed through the apparatus we possess here over the years. More precisely, it shows an area close to where the Bleeding Constellation uses to appear.”

It should be used.

“We cannot tell yet. Also, sometimes fallen stars do not retain their humors as they cross the Starry Veil. They burn and destroy themselves, at lest partially.”

It should be least.

“They are Abyssal Spawns who have matured and evolved. Parasites who constantly posses the body of young children in order to remain alive across the centuries, and use false religious motifs to hide their true nature and perpetuate their power.”

It should be possess.

My MC had a wrathful father and got the event where Lord Lennis asked for 50 soldiers to patrol the mines. I believe the mine expansion had not been funded yet nor had the explorers been funded yet. My MC spoke with the advisors before deciding but the scene then transitioned to mentioning a knight stationed to keep watch on Lord Lennis and it never again gave my MC the chance to decide about the 50 soldiers.

This one has been mentioned before so I apologize if the reminder is unnecessary, but the loan repayment at least for 5000 aurens loaned does not currently charge interest and instead only asks for 5000 back instead of the 6000 agreed upon.


I think it is as @N1GHTMAR3 stated.

Why is that? I don’t really like that idea because I have more or less based those numbers according to the density and size of the provinces originally, proportionally basing them in some real life examples. I can add an option on the cheat menu though, so I would have an excuse if the numbers that are generated based on population end up “breaking” the game. (taxes, recruitment, etc)

I think there are ways to work around that given the EBB’s involvement in financing Noyedas.

About unlocking the Sight, I’m 100% with you on that one. I have arranged a series of retro-continuity insertions to the game to deal with that in a couple of different ways, from near-death experiences to weird dreams.

The point is that by that point in the game, the MC will have one way or another realized that he’s been seeing some weird shit, even if he never went to the Templar Tribune.

I think that idea fits well.

Sielccia doesn’t give you another vote. You will be able to raise that claim on the meeting in the future, but the other nobles will not accept it. I could be convinced to allow a MC with high Social to convince them of allowing you to have 2 votes, but my initial opinion is that it would be too easy.

Anyway, each noble with one vote leads to the following(Without Governor Bluden ruling Sielccia):

You = can vote for anyone
Dulsen = will vote for himself, can be convinced to vote for you
Avellyn = can be easily convinced to vote for you, but can get angry and vote for Dulsen as well
Sessanah = never Dulsen, can be convinced to vote for you, otherwise votes for herself or Avellyn for the lulz

Which of course, can end with a tie and unlocks a small discussion about tiebreakers that can escalate quickly into something else. There are also going to be other ways to solve this “conflict” for the crown, it does not need to end with a vote.

Isn’t that quite ironic? :sweat_smile:

I am adding new ways to acquire money in the game. It has bee something that needed balancing from a long time.

I’ll be fixing the typos now. Thank you for the reports!


Because it sucks when you had a generally low population, while you’re trying to recruit men into your army, and this is quite a disadvantage in the future of the game when you’re facing Noyedas’ army who is about 5,000 men. The highest number that I was able to raise was just barely 3,500.


In this case I was referring more to military power and votes be damned. With 3 of 5 provinces opposing Dulsen and Farhall’s military off in the East, I still say Dulsen is crazy to think he is in any position to claim the crown regardless of votes. It might be nice to have the option to point out such a practical reality to Dulsen.


Well it’s true but Dulsen has the wealth to endure a long war or work with the EBB to sabotage your economy. Without the cheat menu, our MC could face economy crisis and unable to raise and mantain a strong army to defeat Dulsen.
I don’t think Boglan could do much with their population itching to revolt and Sielccia has been defeated by us not so long ago. IMO those 2 province wouldn’t provide you with quality, except for number.
P.S: There’s still Triple Chalice to worry about and they are deep rooted across the land.


Possibly unlike Dulsen, most of the army for a MC that conquers Sielccia would not be mercenaries. There is also quite a difference between Dulsen fighting to defend his province and thinking he has the strength to invade and subdue 3 other provinces. Sielccia still would have the remnants of the 2000 or so strong army that took King’s End. Furthermore all of the MC’s original province and all of Sielccia’s troops would be veterans. Dulsen has a bunch of mercenaries and his own province’s troops have never fought a war. I agree that Boglan would not be much use offensively but denying Dulsen the crown does not require offense. Dulsen just does not have the strength from what I have seen to think he could conquer the West even with the aid of a weakened Farhall. So Dulsen may be able to deny the MC the crown but he is no position to claim it himself against a MC that controls 2 provinces. Depending on luck and choices, we are even told that the MC’s province can be doing quite well economically.


Yeah it wold most likely turn into a stalemate. But if our province could grow amidst that, it is quite possible within few years our MC can take down Dulsen.
I still need to remind you that the church and the Triple Chalice will try to eliminate you within that stalemate period. And whoever instigated Noyedas to revolt will probably support Dulsen as our MC has become a thorn on their plan.


With some very careful re rolling & starting choices I was able to raise 5,000+ strong army.
Hehehe :grimacing::sweat_smile:


Oh yeah speaking about the church, how could there be a genderless child born on our land? Aren’t they supposed to be a matured or evolved abyssal spawn? Did the mother have a relationship with that abomination? I should have bring that mother in for a discussion with Jenneth in my lovely basement.


The most impressive army I had was having at least 1,200 knights.


Through some unsavoury means I raised 2000+ strong army of Knights. Fantasy land! :joy:


Fortunately for you then, I wasn’t able to higher than 4000 for most of my playthroughs


Ah, if the problem is the number of soldiers, it is indeed something that needs to be balanced.

To be fair, given the urgency of uniting the West, people like Dulsen are considering that there is not even time to consider a prolonged dispute for the western throne. I don’t want to give spoilers, but whatever happens will happen quick and unexpectedly. A stalemate is the worst situation for all involved, and they won’t let it come to that.

I think I more-or-less explained it here on the thread and maybe on the game as well, but it might be hidden behind some secret branch of passing dialogue.

Children who are born “Genderless” are basically normal human children, but Intersex(I just discovered that the term hermaphrodite is being abandoned). It could have been any other condition or genetic anomaly, the Holy Ones don’t really care about it, but once they noticed that sometimes those types of children are born, they decided that it fit their narrative of a Masculine/Feminine deity.

So their intention is basically having a escape goat, an excuse to receive new young bodies from time to time.

Faithful people willingly give up babies who are born that way because they think those children have been chosen by the Two to become Holy Ones. Some also may feel some relief in knowing those children will have good lives at Ehael, when otherwise they could have fall victim of prejudice. (I imagine a vanilla medieval society with great focus on marriage and gender positions might be a bit rough on people born that way)

Anyway, I’m on the run right now, but I hope my explanation made sense. I can expand on it later.