The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



I would love that!


Found a bug!

I was playing as an unmarried woman and lied to Noyedas I would join. Then had Jenneth assassinate him. This pops up later, whether you choose to parley with the Sielccians or just charge at them.

They also talk about holding the husband captive if I do go to parley, despite my MC being unmarried. Dialogue choice shows up as “I want none back”, etc.


Were you playing right now? I uploaded an update a few minutes before your post, and it is common for the game to bug when that happens. The only solution I know of is deleting your browser’s cookies/starting a new game.

Not the spouse being held captive, though. It was a bug on the code itself, I wasn’t predicting a player not being married. I’ll upload the fix right now.

You can check if you have the right version of the game. (It should say “Almost there” instead of the version number now)


So the version you’ve just loaded also includes the part of “who shall be the king/queen of a United West”?


You can check the changelog, but to be more precise it stops just before the voting itself(in that specific branch).

I recommend anyone not wanting to find the alternative ending/getting some severe spoilers to avoid playing until a new update comes.


Is the wyrm just a very strong and ancient abyssal spawn or a completely different entity?


Whats in the update?


Read the changelog


how do you get the wyrm quest?


If I’m not mistaken, you need to deal with the bandit raid (I always get this within 10 days). There’s also a child saved from the attack which you will need later.
After that (could be a week or a month after) you will meet one of the captured bandit and he will offer you with two options.
If you choose to kill the child saved from the first raid, you will trigger the wyrm event.
Well you don’t really need the child as there will be substitute given to you if you let the first child go.


Did someone meet the White Wizard?
I understand that this would have to happen before the final vote but it did not happen to me … Or it is not implementing yet


Forgive my ignorance, but who exactly is the White Wizard? (the changelog guy, not Gandalf).


how do you get the abysmal armor?


Is the commoner maid a possible romance,the one taking care of the MC when he was sick ? A commoner-noble love situation would be nice.


They are directly related, but the Wyrm is an incredibly more powerful being. I can’t say more without giving major spoilers.

There are a few ways which you can learn about its existence, one of them is the one @Felix_Ronan stated.

Most of those ways lead the player to an earlier ending of the game, though.

About the White Wizard, there was a problem with yesterday’s update which was preventing players from reaching him. It should be fixed now.

You can interact with him if you select the option “Approach Lady Avellyn” when trying to acquire votes.

Sure, you can even have a bastard child with her. :wink:


I wouldn’t recommend it though, iirc she’s a spy tasked with having a child with you, or killing you if necessary


Mahatma, you mentioned earlier that at the end of the game you could choose to pursue a romance or marry previous lovers, does that include the maid, the cuckold wife(not Hereya) and brothel women?
And also, at the voting for a new king or queen, could you work towards getting someone else to become the ruler, like Lord Dulsen for example?


According to Meybuk, there is a prophecy that says you must reign the west and according to his words “become the king at any cost”.


I know, but you have dialogue options that indicate that you don’t want to follow it though.


Does it change anything if your house is old and proud Vs say raiders or settlers