The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



So i should decline all marriages that people propose and who is noyedas when do i meet them?


Personally, I consider the other wives better than Hereya (the one who put you in the horns), I think the one that would better fit you would be Petka or Danna.


Yeah i already married each on in different plays, anyways when do i meet this noyedas?


At the end of the game, he calls you to join him, basically your options are to join him and then betray him or try to kill him right there (it’s the funniest option)..


Haha yep i tried killing him but he managed to get away with his horse so will i still have the option to have Jenneth as a lover even if I’m married?


So i must choose to join him in order to have the option to say ‘i want you’


Yes, basically you can’t marry jenneth anyway so might as well have a wife and a heir and a lover?


Yes, but you need to join Noyedas for this to happen and please avoid double post. Use the same post to ask multiple questions.

One thing I want to emphasize, the wife named Wyneva has powers like talking to the dead and predicting the future, so if you cheat her, she’ll know.


Can you explain the scene that follow after that? I just don’t understand about it. I mean in the end, she continues to cheat on you right? Isn’t that basically the same as other option?


You need high social when you pick it, also make sure not to tell Jenneth to spy on her and she won’t cheat.
Honestly it isn’t worth marrying her in my opinion unless you want drama.


Wait, I thought if I told Jenneth keep tabs on her, I could make sure she keeps her promise?


No she’ll cheat if you do that.


How do we know if she keeps cheating or not?


I don’t know I never marry her, but I looked through the code and these are the choices that make her stay faithful and not cheat.


This game is SICK! Hands down the best WiP, I can’t have enough of the demo, and I surely can’t wait for this treasure!:heart::smile:. I am very very eagerly waiting for the full release.


So that you are not fooled, you can propose a trio, better choose the horns to wear them hahaha


@MahatmaDagon I found two typos

Should have been excited

Should have been then


@Vox thanks for the reports. I fixed them but I think I forgot to acknowledge your post.

That was my initial intention, but I have not thought of anything cool for him to suggest. If anyone has an idea, feel free to share.

You have to lie to them and convince them that you are nothing special.

Thanks, I fixed the typo.

@Vic I wasn’t able to find out what is wrong with the Chalice. I’ll have to look into it more.

@swaggersock You can’t save him on that path, but you can meet him on another one.

It depends on the ending.

Thanks, I fixed the typo.

About the placeholder, the scene is done, I was just holding it off because the outcome of it gives major spoilers to the rest of the game. Should come up soon enough though.

You could push, but the other lords wouldn’t like it. Which would mean you could have 2 votes against their 3. I’ll address the matter ingame.

That ending only happens if your province is in bankruptcy for two months straight, which means there are people actively working to undermine your rule and using the economical conditions as a way to put people against you. Some of your guards and servants might have been corrupted by people who can actually pay them.

Although I intended the setting to be low fantasy, the “power of prophecies” is something that exists in this world. The MC is probably the person with the most potential regarding it. A “secret scene” during the Summit is going to expand on the Five Cognizances, which the Sight is a part of, as well as Wyneva’s ability.

But yeah, nothing comes easy. Having a power you don’t understand isn’t necessarily good, especially if others are aware of it and have the means to manipulate you.

She can remain loyal to you, but you have to choose the right options. She values her liberty and does not take well being spied upon by Jenneth, for example. I don’t think you always have to have high Social for her not to cheat on you, but it helps.

Thanks, I have fixed the typos.

So, everyone, about the game being done, I’m very sorry about the continuing delays, but we are getting there. An update should come on the next few days with at least one of the endings.

Thanks for your patience!


Is… is this THE CRUSTY CRABE ??

Mea maxima culpa, I just had to, just this once.


I know it’s been asked before, but will we have an option to utterly destroy Sielccia?

Like do Riverburn+the “warlord” option, but without getting the money. Perhaps making a terror campaign, salting the fields, burning the villages, destroying the castles etc.

As a downside, it could make it impossible to get the governor’s vote and harder to get the others.