The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



I think he already has, the game just does not mention it, the correct would be that the votes were by province and not by the number of lords.


This one is to Lord Dulsen. How much money do you actually have?


Well, let’s just say that MC is not the only one using the Cheat Menu.


I always die by some peasant woman who stabs me in the ribs!!! Where’s my personal guard when i need them!!!


You do not have one or they are incompetent, I have mentioned this problem several times in this thrend, avoid taking your kingdom to bankruptcy (use the Cheat Menu if necessary).

Some solutions that I proposed were:
1- Create a secret police and put Jenneth in charge.
2- Pick up orphan children and train them until they reach adulthood to be your guards.


Thanks I’ll play it tomorrow it’s 1 am rn


Very true indeed.


Yeah i would love a fanatical loyal Personal guards.


Will there be a option to make your own personal guard.


I would love to have my knights to have wings strapped to their backs.


And I wish to have mounted unit with smooth bore carbines and sabres. With their captain having some sort of magical armour and sword :grinning:


One thing I would find interesting if MC got magical powers of any kind, but after marrying Wyneva, I changed my mind, we did not know the real extent of her powers, but they are relatively simple powers like talking to the dead and predicting the future , and these simple powers cause her great distress out both physically and emotionally, I imagine a more significant thing like Hypnosis to humans and animals, cast energy balls or manipulate fire would end up killing the MC much faster than the enemy.


I think the personal guard should be at the end so they could have great importance in the sequel and have a good team (aesthetically I prefer black armor and an evil appearance, the wings would be nice but it would hinder the movement) and when you conquer ** Sielccia ** we should to be able to leave someone from our board in charge like Jannet so that the espie


@Marcos_Brites I idealize the MC’s personal guard as a private army. This is how I imagine my royal guard and my MC:

  • The MC

  • MC’s Children and generals

  • Light Infantry and Light Cavalry


  • Heavy Infantry

  • Knights


  • Archers


Also, I would like to divide the royal guard into 5 regiments, 2 cavalry, 2 infantry, and my idea for the fifth regiment, I would need sister Myra to survive the battle, it would be a regiment made up only of women commanded by Myra and with the function of to protect MC’s wife. Each regiment would be divided into 4 battalions, 2 that would be next to the MC, and 2 of reserve.


Is there a way to get the abysmal armour


When you kill the beast while on the, the wicked I guess? Abysmal armour is the leather armour so you must have star blade to kill it in the first place.


Ok I killed it just never got it, maybe I was supposed to keep it instead of giving it away


Yes keep it and you’ll get option to make an armour off of it


One more question is Jenneth a romance character or not yet? Also does the princess the one that hangs out with the soldiers cheat on you no matter what? :’( made me cry when i found out lol.


She can be your lover, join Noyedas, and when she comes to you, choose the option “I Want You”. Be warned, she is your half sister.

You need high social and choose the option “you can do what you want as long as you do not betray me”.