The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Then it is Octavian you are speaking of.


A u g u s t u s


I’m the only who name his son Bob?


I choose Jacques, for Jace from the lost heir, assuming it’s a boy. If I ever have a daughter I am pushing for Norberta, After Hagrid’s delightful little fire breathing Menace.


New guy reading the discussion between older members of the forum.


Well my son’s name is Fudge, named after my domesticated feline creature. And my daughter is named Brandy, after my deceased dog.


If your character could ask any question, what would it be?

Assume there will be an answer.


-Can I have a Harem?

-No, you can’t. (Unless you want to say yes)

Sorry for the bad joke, but I did not understand, the question depends on who the MC is asking, for example, if it was a god who knew everything or something else, I would ask what I have to do to ensure that my MC or his family conquer the West (and maybe the east too) or how I can defeat The Wicked One.


" Why my backwater domains and relatively small army suddenly defeat an overnumbering and trained armies of Sielccia, and became the King of the West by pure chance? "

(Ingnoring the prophecies of course)


I would ask how to have a harem but I guess many lovers are the same as a hidden harem or because the church is the way it is, what happened was always corrupt, a misinterpretation of a text. that happened?


@Marcos_Brites This can’t stop your MC


If you want a Harem of beautiful women simple make your own religion i would cause come on who is going to stop you your a noble lol


“Why do things get f*cked up when I’m around?”

“Because you keep f*cking people.”

“… can’t deny that ;D. I don’t even think my second born is Dannel’s after that night with Prince Lod- Oh HI SWEETHEART! How are you?”


It would be addressing eithier Jenneth or Vrandnir; "Is it possible to mount a raid of our own on these sarding Dagorians?


I think Meybuk already answered that question.


Theres my answer, thanks friend :joy: I must have scrolled past that part of the text. Well then, I guess I’ll make a new question


@MahatmaDagon The MC will be able to talk to his Father, Mother and even deceased council members through Wyneva? (If you consider this a spoiler, feel free to ignore the question)


Just wondering but is there a set release date for this or can you not ask for that.


He said it might be done this july but idk


@MahatmaDagon If the MC conquers Sielccia, can the MC push for having 2 votes at the Lords Summit?