The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



True, but they sometimes grow up to do great things. Think about William the Conqueror.


Can someone tell me if it’s possible to have a relationship with Jenneth, she is very interesting.


She comes to your tent if you side with Voyedas (dunno how to spell his name) and you can romance her.


Noyedas to be exact.


Thank you


Can she be married to the PC?


So far no. I don’t think that will be added though she’s your half-sister


Thanks for the kind reply dear


She’s what? :frowning:


You heard it, she is the MC’s half-sister. She tell you in the end when you noticed the tattoo on her arm or something like that.


I think it’s meta knowledge. Iirc @MahatmaDagon only mentioned it on the thread


Can you romance the lady from boglan


No, but if you oust her or deny her asylum, she will become Noyedas’s mistress.


You can have her marry your cousin for an alliance.


a man who acts as the current head of House Targaryen
Your red banner depicts the dragon and your words are "Jannet " .


Im willing to buy it once it’s finished.


Last night, while I waited for my girlfriend to get ready for me to take her to dinner, I decided to create my coat of arms, I know it’s not good, but considering that I did it on my cell phone and in less than 1 hour (or more, I can not remember how long I’ve been waiting) got a decent result.

Unfortunately, I could not put my Motto on the coat, but that would be: Corona Veniet Delectis (Victory shall come to the worthy).

Also this does not come close to what I wanted, my original idea was to make a whole red coat of arms with the golden eagle using the crown and in position of attack to defend its right to rule (And yes the eagle is from the Luftwaffe, it was the first golden eagle in attack position that I found).

You are Gustave/Gustavus, a man who acts as the current head of House Desmond and Lord of Nazaire.(Capital: Nazran and the castle of my MC will be called Neurioth Castle).

Your red banner depicts the Eagle and your words are “victory shall come to the worthy”.

If married to:
Wyneva: Caesar and Maximus.
Petka: Octavius ​​and Marcus.
Hereya: Puttos and Vagabundor.
Danna: Draco and Darius.
Jenneth (if possible one day): Zeus or Ares
Others Basterds: Undesiredius or Bruttos.


Error/typo when Ullis addresses me.

Although it says place holder, I imagine such an addition will be unlikely this late into development, given, you are already finishing the various epilogues for the game.


Octavius? I know him… isn’t he an ancient politician?


Yes, Its Caesar’s adopted son, and first Roman emperor, and probably is the name I’m going to give to my first child, when I have one.

And Marcus also was a Roman politician and general who played a critical role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the autocratic Roman Empire.

@Murdockchan Yes, Gaius Octavius Thurinus, Octavius ​​is his birth name, but both are correct.