The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



My 'half-brother’.


The Waifus


It appears as if the chalice isn’t working properly. That isn’t the first time it has messed up.

It doesn’t happen everytime though.


Wish there were more opportunities to interact with the spouse.


Its probably coming in the upcoming updates


Also looking forward to seeing kids being worked in.


I’m more looking forward to see the part of the MC proclaiming himself/herself as the new King/Queen of the Western Peninsular.


Patience, young apprentice.


anyone know how to save king jeohr?


I dont think u can




So what happens if you don’t get a waifu at the end of the first game.


Your MC are officially a disgrace to his lineage and not worthy of a crown.


Well in my opinion if you do get a wife in the first game you are a coward cause that means you think you will die me i will take over all of the lands and kill all that appose me then i will get a waifu.


In fact, my answer applies to the fact that you have no heirs, if you are not married, but have bastards, you have done your duty.


Having bastards is a good way to end up dead.


Not if you have them under control (A secret police with Jenneth in charge, must solve all problems),

and in my opinion, if the MC does not get married in the first game, he’s stupid or overly arrogant, because the point is that he really can die, he’s not immortal, MC’s life was in danger several times throughout the entire game.

And one thing I find interesting to mention, all MCs in this game only live because an NPC (Nada) decides that you are more useful alive than dead.


Having a bastard does not mean you’re going to die if or if it’s a baby will not attack you with a knife, maybe kill your children if you have but that in the next game :smirk:
It’s true it does not matter if you’re a killing machine, with silver tongue and super wise with a very real moris error in that (:innocent:/:smiling_imp:)


Since they’re bastards, I’ll just leave them imprisoned, being educated and trained to the point where the MC is old, they will duel to death and the winner is the new king of the West (This really happened, but rather than dueling in person, the two heirs of the emperor Shah Jahanf, summon their war elephants to duel for them).


Oh damn; he needs to implement this