The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Yep. Can you have many wife ?


I don’t think so, or maybe that question you should be asking, is the author of the story.


@MahatmaDagon: Can a male PC marry Nellasha?


No, only Walvanar can marry her.


What does that mean?


No, she only marries your cousin, and if you do not help her, she leaves your lands, goes to sielccia and become Noyedas’s mistress. She would have intended to marry Noyedas, but Noyedas just wanted to f*ck her, whether he would agree to marry her in the future or not, we will never know because the MC kills him.

Not until the very moment, and only the author knows about the future of the game, but I personally do not think so, what I think will happen is that you may have occasional lovers (especially if you become a king), I also suspect that in the future, one of those lovers might be Lady Danna, since even when you’re married to another woman, you can kiss her.

Confederation of Free, Fair and Politically Correct Western Territories.


The only thing that I would hoping in the future updates is that we could have a higher population for the MC’s fief.


Oh I feel stupid but thank you


It was something I said a few posts ago.


Yes, I forgot to mention it, sorry.


When you recieve Lodka and ask him about Wur’s Tale, the first part has it where Wur says he does not heed the glowing child’s help, rather than need.

Should be either that or which

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Hello, please, they can give me some tips to create a religion or that option is not yet implemented.
I know that the achievement can only be obtained after the assembly with the other lords but I do not understand if the creation itself is after the assembly with the other lords. Thank you​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


You can make religion but it’s not effective yet.

How to

Obtain the star. Make a sword out of it. Equip it and kill the wicked creature. Bring back the corpse. When the head temple folks come, tell them you’ve the corpse and show them. Let them take the corpse and they will invite you to capital. Go there, stuff will happen(I won’t spoil) and return back to your land. You’ll have a talk with your four court members and there’ll be option to create religion.


As it stands right now, due to the making your own religion option not being implemented, it’s much more beneficial to your gameplay if you kill the abyssal beast and keep its body for yourself, skip the meeting with the Genderless, and eventually make an abyssal armor or something of the like when the option comes up. Of course, when the religion option is implemented, armor < blasphemy and world domination.


Can we make Daniel’s ideas be accepted by the quartermaster somehow? Or so far it’s a no-no?


Hi guys! How do you survive the trials of the 2?




Regarding my resurrected wife:
Ahhh no not that but I don’t entirely remember, but it was not very far into the epilogue…like almost at the beginning. I think it was just about her and how she was doing living as my wife? I’m sorry if that doesn’t help you.


IIRC you can’t at the moment, but @MahatmaDagon is looking into having a prerequisite scene that’ll allow you to survive.


Hi, I’m curious:
What are the requirements to become a gentleman?
Because we can not recognize our bastard? I understand that a man may have a bastard as a legitimate child or not? The Targaryen are legal?
What is your favorite character (not MC)?
Thank you😊