The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



The author has already answered a comment related to this subject, if I am not mistaken, he said he does not like the idea of ​​MC being a vassal of Noyedas, if you loyally ally to Noyedas, in the end you will die (if you play as female MC , you can marry him, and become a sort of trophy wife).


what do you think is the most elemental key to make the MC to become the new King of the Western Peninsula? And what name do you think it should be named?


I think I fixed it now.

I think this was related to an old workaround, and was only happening if you told the Smithmaster who you were. It should be fixed now, thanks.

Sorry, I must have forgot about that one. Should be giving now.

I thought I was the only one who liked that surname. I actually used it on a character of mine in a tabletop RPG. I’ll add it again.

@Reymark_Serentas @Murdockchan @Earl_of_Arland @N1GHTMAR3

Regarding the map being updated, someone questioned that a while ago. I lost the original map files for the game(I had everything set in layers so I could easily update it), I’ll probably have to remake it. It will happen eventually, don’t worry.

About the resurrected wife: That is weird. Do you remember where exactly the narration spoke about her? Was it when saying goodbye before going to the Summit or was someone else mentioning her?

About not betraying Lord Noyedas, It’s supposed to be that way. I’m normally all in in making wide branches and empowering players so that they make their own path, but I can’t really commit on that one right now. It’s something I may do on an update one day, but only after the game is published. (like the guy from the Lords of Aswick is doing, which I think is awesome)

That will be acknowledged during the meeting(I’m focusing on the parts where you didn’t conquer Sielccia first), but what happens is that most

Having a good relation, or at least being neutral, with everyone.

Having not conquered Sielccia might actually be good if you can convince Governor Bluden to vote for you(he is probably the easier one to convince).

Knowing what the nobles want and promising them that.

Social should help too. You also can convince them you are going to be a good leader to fight against the Abyssal Spawns if you have experience facing them.

There are a few interactions in which you can acquire people’s votes by doing some nasty stuff as well.

I don’t know. I’ll add a few variations for the player to choose from and the option to create one from scratch, but I don’t have many ideas right now. I’m open to suggestions!

Edit: I’ll just write whatever comes to mind right now for the laughs:

Chersonesia (lol)


If I was the new king of the Western Peninsula, it would be known as the: Confederation of Free, Fair and Politically Correct Western Territories.


Boy that’s a mouthful


How about just naming the new kingdom after the MC’s province name? While the others can be granted their own rule as Ducal governments or any other titles?


Dragonavich its my favorite from lord of aswick.


Can we actually kill the wicked creature inside the cave? I always end up sealing it inside the cave.


First thing that you’ll be requiring is the sword made out of that meteorite, secondly is that you must have combat above average. And you must stand your ground and no retreat, otherwise you can’t really kill it hand to hand.


Thanks for the hint!


That’s the idea. If we ever go to war, we might get some laughs when are enemies cannot say it properly .


How do i make it past the first battle when you side with Sielccia?


If you want laughs choose the platypus as your house animal.when I saw it was on their I thought I was crazy and started laughing.


By far the best WIP I’ve read


Been busy the last month, has there been any updates? I have to go, thank you!




Added the start of the second agenda of the meeting.


You can not, you’re always going to die unless you betray him using the spymaster :+1::smile_cat:




Like it. Its simple and very medieval(i dont know the words mean BTW) can you have like 5 wife or something cuz i think it will be cool


I believe that’s called a concubine, if you were referring to not knowing that word.