The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Yeah its the same thing that happened to me like the other guy said its normal


@MahatmaDagon, I can’t find that one anywhere, even I had used the cheat menu…


@MahatmaDagon I’ve never paid much attention to this until now, but why MC’s cousin is not present at the wedding? I think it’s a lack of respect with his Liege.


Hello I found something strange in the final confrontation with Lord Noyedas Sielcner I sent them to shoot them in the woods and destroyed the dam I did not send any knights and when they attacked me from the back I shot arrows and when they loaded my 300 knights 299 died for the 25 of Noyedas is an error or are they an elite group of kiritos?


Skipping months theoretically shouldn’t be a problem regarding counting the total number of days because they always add to it. I’ve pushed a new update who should deal with all the variations of that problem.

Regarding the limited number of Hold Court events, a few more are going to be added, but I will also tweak all the numbers associated with days so as to make that no player (who have done all of the other things he could do besides hold court) remains with nothing to do but skip time.

It was on the working version of the update, I’ve only uploaded it yesterday.

Makes sense, I’ll add an annotation about that.

100% a bug, I’ll take a look at it. Thanks for being specific, it helps in finding those bugs.


Absolutely hyped for this one.

Already a fan of Crusader Kings 2 and the Great Tournament 1, I look forward to the release. Best of luck, man.


You forgot to remove?


If you go as a noble to Hilltown, when you visit the Pleasure House, the guard treats you as if you were disguised as a commoner. And the book “To Rise Against Rulers” still doesn’t give any attributes points.


Say, whatever happened to Verdeskur as a House name option? I mean, sure, I could add it in as my name, but i always enjoyed picking it from the start of the character customization. Nothing sounds more awesome when you come from a bloodline of badass Sea Raiders of the North, and Verdeskur epitomizes that awesomeness.


I love the new new update


Anyone ever got to this part? I’ve replayed three times and didn’t manage to achieve this.


When you visit Boglan and attack the Sons of Snake, call in your entire army. Noyedas will invade while you are aways, and you will lead a resistance against him.


Ooooh thanks


Hi! Can you add something like when you take over selccia, the map will also change it to your land? :blush:


That was something that I had also suggested before…


And also that was something i considered suggesting before…


Ya’ll late. I thought of this before the game was even made.


@MahatmaDagon I have a doubt (if you consider spoiler, feel free to ignore the question), the MC who does not conquer Sielccia will have some advantage in the future, because in addition to the territorial gain and all the benefits of the land, the conqueror MC has the advantage of having two votes in the summit (considering that the votes are by province).


Hi so couple bugs! (Well idk if the second can be considered a bug)

In my one playthrough, I invaded Sielccia and burnt the castle, killing Lady Danna inside, but in the epilogue it still says that Lady Danna is alive and has my children

In the second, I selected that I DID honestly want to join Lord Noyedes, then I wrote a letter to Dullac to “wait for the right time”, thinking I could maybe trick Dullac somehow because of our good relations? But I ended up betraying Lord Noyedes when that wasn’t what I wanted to do. I’m not sure if that’s something you would like to change?


I think it’s part of the plot, the MC and Lords Noyedes never in any game can be alive at the same time … It’s like the hero who does not care who try all will act in the same way before the :confounded:
reo que es parte de la trama, el MC y Lords Noyedes jamás en ninguna partida pueden estar vivos al mismo tiempo… Es como el héroe que no importa que intente todos van a actuar de la misma forma ante el :confounded: