The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



I was only able to see the month of “Sunset” and later by ignoring Noyedas and using the cheat menu…


@MahatmaDagon There is a unique paragraph for each family background in the timeline except for the settlers from the south.

663 - House Tredmore is formed when some of the northern invaders accept a peace treaty with the locals and settle in the land. Soon they would join them fighting the next wave of raiders

698 - House Maedsor rises in power, soon becoming the most powerful vassal of the Sielcs.

1288 - House Ravill is granted the ownership over Lorccia, as the previous line that ruled the place was extinguished during the war.


Will there be some type of savegame system in the final game?


I mean, after the final battle there is a sequence of events which, as they are triggered, add total days to your “days count”. Example: If you have a child, it adds at least 9 months to your total number of days.

Since those events are direct consequences of actions done by the player during the playthrough, I cannot exactly predict how many days will be added by the end of it, but it should always be at least 2 years since you started the game.

If it isn’t, I want to know why. I could simply just add an arbitrary number of days, but I want to fill that void with something instead of just “hey, some time passed lmao”. I also don’t want to add too many days to people who already had large days added to them.

Did you have children? Did you conquered/raided Sielccia or left it as it is? Those are the main things that will add time to the counter, IIRC.

Thanks. I’ll make a note about that.

Yup, but I am told that this is on the publisher’s end. I will talk to them about that as soon as possible.


Sine the introductory post says that you want help with language, here are 2 points that stick out at me.

  1. A person BORROWS something FROM another person, who in turn LENDS it TO another. But you have this same transaction expressed incorrectly as: A person BORROWS something FROM another person, who in turn BORROWS it TO another.
  2. A person compliments another person for good manners, and is complimented by another person for good clothing, but complements an outfit with a hat, which complements the clothing. You, incorrectly, write about a person complementing another person for a good quality.

The story is very well-written.


I don’t know if everybody is having the same problem, but the book Rise Against Rulers don’t give any attribute’s points.


“Our descendants, they… they fought each other during the Annexation War…”
should be
“Our ancestors, they… they fought each other during the Annexation War…”

Curtsying is a feminine form of respect. Men bow to each other.


@57Faults Thanks for the grammar assistance, I really appreciate it. Everything you mentioned should be fixed by the next update.

@marvinaustin I’ll take a look at it.


I have a question for everyone:

What should be done with the name of the mother, when the player isn’t randoming a character? It recently came to my attention that it is always “Anne” if you create your character from scratch.

  • The mother’s name should always be randomized.
  • The mother’s name should be a fixed one, just not the one it currently is (a new poll would be made to decide which one).
  • The mother’s name should be decided by the player, even if the mother is barely mentioned.

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Uhm I just want to know regarding this game progress, how far has it been? 90%?


They carry shields and swords, maces, spears, axes and whatever else there is there to thrust and swings against someone.
should be
They carry shields and swords, maces, spears, axes and whatever else they can use to thrust and swing against someone.


No, children, and I was famous for the Riverburn.


I would say 95%, and it has been that way for a long time. The thing is that I’ve changed the scope of the project a while ago, and then I kept adding new things to it. It has been very close to completion for a while now.

Can it work like this

They carry shields and swords, maces, spears, axes and whatever else there is to thrust and swings against someone. The width of their lines occupies almost half of the valley, a huge wave of about three thousand men in blue.

As a “figure of speech”?

At least it was my original intention with that specific choice of words. The second “there” was a mistake probably added while revising, but the phrase itself has always been “whatever else is there” or “whatever else there is” in my mind.

That helps, I’ll take a look.

EDIT: Did you had a bastard? Not having child should add + 280 days to your totaldays pool before the summit. If you have a bastard, it adds only 100. I’ll raise those two numbers just in case.


Yes, that would also work. :slight_smile:


Isn’t that someone had said that there might be a system in the future of the game that we could randomise our knights’ gears or distinctive features?


But it should be thrust and swing, not swings :relaxed:


So, did the latest playthrough. What will we be up against in the future? an army of Abyssal Spawns?


*if (social >= 70)

A wide notion comes to your mind, one based on your deep understanding of people, their feelings and motivations:

What if the matter of the falling stars is a lie? A carefully crafted false flag, with the intent of rallying all the west under a single banner?


I also received the XXXX years.

I had an issue where I could no longer hold court. It’s been a while since I last played so I don’t know if it is intentional, but a did skip a few months because of it and maybe that’s why I finished the game in less than a year?


It just means that you’ve exhausted all of the events that could happen. It’s a pretty normal thing to happen in playthroughs.