The War for the West (WIP) [UPDATED]



Not true. If you roll a character, for starters, you can get names like Zenoba (?) and such. I may be delusional as far as actually making your character goes (I’ve replayed the game religiously for the past few months), although I do remember reading something other than Lady Anne on rare occasions and being surprised by it.


I’ve Always made my Character and always got Anne.


Yeah, that might be the case. Still, I think it’s strange to have a randomized name for the mom when you roll your character and a preset one for a custom character, especially considering the details in this game and its focus on randomized events/details.

EDIT: Checked the code and while Anne is the default, you can still get different names for your mother through the random roll.


Big ups to this game! I really enjoyed the my first play through of the demo…it feel like a full game already and not just a demo…I can’t wait to see the direction you take this…The only thing i didn’t like was that the RO options felt limited .

P.S Pleaseeee give us the option to rule all of the West either by diplomacy or force. After conquering one kingdom I have the urge to conquer more.


Maybe in the next game, but as of now Dagon is working on finishing the completion of the first game. And I think there’s a pretty good amount of RO’s, there’s 5 female RO’s, and most likely an equal number of male ROs as well


Found one bug, it seems if you choose a girl as your first born and then a son as the second the game when you are leaving to fallhorn the game registers the son as an girl.

Not sure if this is an bug as well, but after you decide where or not to house your sodlers at the city or outside ein tents, the game loads to an screens where it says you have rules xxxz years, and then all of the sudden transitions to the mc looking at stargaze tower

Also I think, we should have an extra dialogue option when speaking to Dullis if we married his son or daughter, on when the mc learns Dullis knew of Silencias preparation for an Invasion, I think think it’s justified to be a bit mad at Dullis, when the house I am allied with keeps such a secret from me



MC has an only kid.


Maybe someone can help me. I’ve played the demo and can’t seem to survive the first army attack. I also spend a few days where there is nothing I can do in game (nothing happens in court) is that normal?


Could you be more specific?

That means you exhausted the hold court events, which is currently around 50. So it was normal.


So how exactly would I progress the days organically otherwise? Because I also have completed all the trainings as well as read all the books as well as spoken to my inner circle as well as done all the church related situations and spoken to the Quartermaster and purchased everything there.

When playing, is it normal to exhaust those or am I doing something wrong here? I don’t get any of the options to have an heir or create bastards nor have this alleged meeting with a high council. It just a wee bit frustrating from that perspective since I’m not sure what I’m doing that’s barring me from these experiences you guys are having in-game.

Can’t remember the name, but the Sielc King comes down to you after you learn about your heritage. He asks you to bend the knee so he can Danny it up and reunite the Western Kingdom. You have the choice to join him or stand against him. I chose to stand against him. 10 days later he comes and lays siege to us. I go out to greet him and he kills me.

Outside of joining him, how can I survive this interaction?


Enter cheat menu and enable skip days alternatively you can also just go to church and pray


@ChristandJackel I think the easiest and most effective way would be to face him on the battlefield (in my opinion).


I’ll look into this method. See if it helps


If I am not mistaken, the size of your army influences your victory / defeat, I was able to beat noyedas with 1600 soldiers (most archers and knights), that was at one time and I do not know if it is possible to win with less, Good Luck .


Yer when I finish everything there is to do I either go to the temple to pray or I just keep training and upgrading my troops.
*That’ll probably also give you a boost to winning the battle
Or. You could also just skip days. There’s that too.


I think this is the best WiP I’ve played. Congratulations Lucas.


I hope this WIP gets an official release soon!!
Also keep the cheat menu please as it really help to reach the ending you aimed for😄


Bug: If one saves the game while in a stats menu, reloading the saved game gives no way to leave the stats menu and play the game.


That is a Dashingdon bug. There’s nothing he can do about it.


I wasn’t aware of that bug. It should be fixed now, thanks for the reports.

It wasn’t exactly intentional, but it is actually that way unless you roll a random character. I’ll make a poll about it.

The majority of the Lords Summit by the end of the game is going to be people discussing about who should rule the west. There will be the opportunity to use intrigue, persuasion and intimidation to achieve such goal. Previous choices impact the likeliness of each strategy succeeding.

Took me a while to understand what was going on. I think it should be fixed now.

The transition should happen, although it might be going more abruptly than I want it to. Its a moment where the time skipping/dilation stops and the narration goes back to the present tense.

The “XXX” was put there as a warning, an easy way to identify a condition. If someone ever got that, it meant that such person managed to reach the end of the game in less than one year, which SHOULDN’T be allowed to happen.

So, if you saw that “XXXX”, it means that I need to figure out exactly how you were able to end the game in less than a year. It might be that I forgot to add a few hundreds of days as a consequence for some action, or maybe you found a way to rush to the end, etc. Perhaps you can help me solve the mystery XD

I’ll add an annotation about that.

Thanks, fixed it.

EDIT: I also noticed that the Lord Dulsen wasn’t saying anything on the screenshot. It was related to the same bug.

It’s not supposed to be happen in the final version, but it currently can. I still haven’t committed on a exact number of days, so I’m using a range that sometimes might be too much. I’ll be testing that in the next couple of days.

I’ll add a warning in the stats menu as long as I’m using Dashingdon to host the demo so people wont lose their saves.