The War for the West (WIP) (Secret update, don't tell anyone!)



can…can we …keep it?


can… we cook… it?


can…can we…eat it?


can… can we… digest it?


Taken a back you all cruel, how can you do that to this cute creature

cute creature

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Big dragon fan here…but papas eat there young often.
I’ll save one the other we can eat



Spoilers of ranging importance all around; don’t want them, don’t scroll further.
Alright, I have started this game quite a few time and never finished, but I have found something from early game.

You unsheathe None and approach the hart. You swing it with a lateral motion in order to avoid the antlers, aiming for the neck.

Appears after exhausting both spear and dagger, finishes the deer off with 12 combat.

There must be something we’re overlooking, but I will keep looking into it." "There is no need for that. I am the one to blame for letting this happen in the first place,

Asking the Spymaster about the assassination attempt, thanking her for help, then asking about a blade. “There is no need” repeats twice.

There could a traitor on the castle…

A typo, after the discussion above ends.

You can’t return to choosing a weapon after talking about comissioning one from the Hilltown blacksmith. Seems a bit like an oversight.

Also, why can’t you postpone the restoration of the burned coastal village?

Your blue banner depicts the leviathan and your words are “Do unto others.”.

Should be a black banner.

Bob of Lowblow
[+1 Combat]

Random training, Lowblow hasn’t been met yet, combat 15.


I don’t know it depends on what this Cataclysm was if it was a giant volcanic explosion than that’s exactly the targaryen story from game of thrones and Their home was pretty southern…


And the raiders of the sea could be a wink at the ironborn reavers. They’re the most western kingdom. You’re right though, Game of Thrones characters like me see stuff like this and just start charging up our jump to the biggest of conclusions lol


Although we get special weapons and swords and such throughout the game that have their uses, i.e fellsword, and ancient one. Will be able to later in the game get other special equipment like shields and Armour. Like, buy regular chain mail Armour 500 coins, low to mid defense, or magical full plate Armour made from the meteorite or something with high stats. Will we also be able to make the meteorite into other weapons like axe, or spear or bow and arrow thanks.


Also what exactly is prestige what can it get you if you have lots of it.


@Doomspeak Thanks for the feedback! I’m fixing the things you’ve pointed out. Apart from the miscoloured banner, I think I’ve got them all.

(Postponing the restoration of the burned coastal village should at least be acknowledged as a possibility, indeed)

@Commando_Online1 I’m not considering other weapons right now because of the trouble it would be to give good descriptions in combat using them. About armour/equipment, it was originally my intention to have those, perhaps there’s still time.

About Prestige, it’s a stat that keeps track of the “great”/“epic” things you did, I’m considering using it for a late game scenario.


Will your story be focused on a more realistic medieval adaption, or have elements of magic, like fanatasy influenced…?


There is a mistake in the game. Whenever I choose a different side in the war at the beginning of the game. It always shows the same outcome. If I chose that my family helped the invader. I get a bonus to increase lands. But on the check for errors page. It shows that I was forced to bend to the old king


That is no mistake. It even says in the beginning of the game that the west loses to that other kingdom.(can’t remember it’s name off the top of my head.) All you are establishing with that choice is what your house did during that war.


Hey! Just checking in on my favorite WIP. What’re you working on?


Hi, first I’d like to complement you on your great job on the game so far. :slight_smile: It’s tough at times but really enjoyable, can’t wait for the rest of it ! But rather than the regular feedback since it seems that I share views and points with most folks here I’d like to propose something different. The work is almost done, yet I’d like to propose a few things in order to make the experience even more enjoyable, in my opinion and if I may.

  1. since holding court is most commonly used feature you shouldn’t be afraid to throw in more random events, from simply being entertaining without impact, to small bonus features and boons all the way up to big boosts or obstacles. For example ; “a renegade band of the western region wants to join against payment” , odd meetings of all kinds, “some far away merchants have come to you with a new breed of hound, known for its courage, strength and ferocity. An asset for hunting and protection : buy one, buy more to breed them, dismiss” , financial opportunities both good and bad, upgrade and/or personalize your fief …

  2. your advisorsshould be able to interact with you and propose things within their expertise. The sword master should be able to recruit troops, propose improvementsto your army and defenses. The spy how to create a communication or assassination network. The financial expert should bring trade opportunities as well as investments within your domain…

  3. more importantly you should really flesh out the relationship with your wife, since she is the ticket to an alliance and should produce an heir you should be able to interact with her more often. Ask for her help, do things for her, more intimacy scenes (wich I really enjoyed), … and of course the matter of the heir.

  4. like in total war alliances should be maintained and besides being approached you should be able to approach them for all kinds of things.

Well that’s it. I hope I didn’t annoy you in any way and managed to give you a few ideas instead. Keep it up ! I’m telling you, it’ll be a bestseller.


Is this still a live WIP? It’s so amazing and I really really hope so!


Hey guys! Don’t worry, I’m still working on it, but things are going slow right now because there’s just so much stuff to review and, even if I ended up finishing the game by next week, there would still be things above my control that would put it on hold and force me to sit on it for an undetermined amount of time. So, to be honest, I’m in no rush at the moment.

That was my original intention, but at some point the ideas stopped coming, and I started worrying that if I put too much “non important” events, people might get bored.

Care if I steal some of your ideas? I really liked them. :grin:

About the other points you mentioned, I really think I can make some of those stuff in a sequel. War for the West was never supposed to be as big as it is right now, and sometimes its coding got a little messy, even if I always found a way around it. The point being is that it would be less frustrating to start the next game than to try and change the mechanics of this one.

Seriously, it was a learning process. I’m confident I can make a lot more stuff in a larger scale on my next game on that setting.