The War for the West (WIP) (Secret update, don't tell anyone!)



Just kill the fucker.

He can’t help the opposition then and you don’t have to deal with his ridiculous demands.

A win/win, if you ask me.


If he dies then his second in command takes his place. All killing him will do is make his soldiers angry. As for his demand I have no idea if it is actually ridiculous or not. It really just depends on how many men he has and how much of a advantage his services would give the player. Not to mention the fact that him siding with you will kinda smear his reputation since he already accepted another job.


The player can’t marry him because it would require that one of them abandon its titles, and neither is willing to do so.(The Northern Prince because he is a dutiful heir, the Player because the game would end). The Northern Prince can only become a “lover” of sorts.

About the number of suitable options for the female noble, there are only two, one which is clearly a “bad move”. I would like to add at least one more.

If you ally yourself with Dullis through marriage, you eventually get help against Lord Noyedas. That doesn’t appear during the first part of the siege, though.

There are a couple of variables that exist for the sole purpose of telling if the player knows about the hints(or the blatant confessions) that Noyedas is up to something, but I noticed the main one wasn’t being set as true during the interaction with the assassin. If that one is set as “true”, you can speak to Jenneht about the ambitions of Lord Noyedas, and it is mentioned during a specific conversation with Meybuk, along with a few brief passages in other scenes. Going to upload the fix now.

I’m aiming to make available a conversation with each member of the council about that(and some other subjects) and what can be done about it.

Probably an increase in morale. I don’t think a single battle can be that efficient in increasing the power of the troops, but perhaps it could serve to turn a number of militia into men at arms.

Thanks for the kind words.

1 - While there are a few layers of intrigue and lies regarding both Nellasha and Sessanah, I think that in the end the ruling lady would rather let you do whatever you please with her sister than to risk maneuver their troops outside of their domain. Giving her back to them would be the best way to get in good terms with the swamp people, at least the noble ones. Regardless, Boglan has a tendency of staying neutral in most conflicts that occur outside of its border.

2 - The path to becoming King/Queen is the main of the main “ending” game, regardless of who you side with or against.

3 - You have to pay 10k and have Social above 50 in order to convince him to join you, but he’ll also accept if you offer 15k regardless of your stats.

Also, let me congratulate you on getting 12k. I didn’t even know it was possible(I still need to test for balance many of the monetary interactions of the game).


Is there a way to make the deal with the Dullis even when you are not married?

Will you add the portrait of the northern ounces


I think you can have a commercial treaty with them even if you’re not married if you have enough Social(I might be wrong here, but I recall something of the sorts). Regardless of that, as it currently stands the only way they help you on the war is if you have married them.

About the portraits, I’ll add the ones for the northern princesses and update some of the old ones.


Is there any way to get lord dullis on the rebel side


I have a goal now, wish me luck.

I got that much by spending only like a thousand coins at most.When I do spend money I usually end up at about 7k when the demo ends.But then again I don’t really spend money on the peasants or do anything nice like that, which I probably should now that I think about it. I most likely have really high unrest.


Treasury: ₳15497
I did it, I almost thought that I couldn’t do it but I did it.When I got the last of my taxes I ended up getting a little bit less then I would have liked and it left me at 14,997, But thanks to the awesome power of stealing money from the poor to add to the war effort I managed to do it. and it is not worth it.While you do have money short term you will not be able to spend any of it unless you can gain even more money from it in the short term. Also lots of card games so much that I made a thousand in profit off of it,and the best part is that when I got to the meeting with the mercenary person I found out that I had enough social to get him to agree to 10k so it was all for naught. So it is impossible if you have less then 40 social to reach that high at the moment, because you have to use that high social to get extra money from bargaining.


Why the troops that we use for some decisions don’t come back later? They don’t know the path or are only being lazy?


No. There is some old bad blood between their families, and House Dullac has its own plans that go against the ambitions of House Sielcner .

That’s good to know. I’ll try to make it more balanced in the next update.

Which ones? The ones you send to patrol the northern coast don’t come back for a good reason, which is to be explained in the “end”.

Others should come back, albeit with their numbers reduced, if you send them into combat. If that isn’t happening, I must’ve forgotten to do so.


The ones that you send first to Emyria to get a report about the attack, no one comeback


It makes sense. It was one of the first events done. I’ll take a look at it.




Then you have to try the “necromancy”


I can’t even figure that out


Considering the obvious references to the Targaryens from game of thrones I’m really hoping that dragons are at least mentioned somewhere


I don’t think there are obvious references, at least not ones done intentionally. It might be that people perceive things that way because they are more familiar with Game of Thrones, and thus tend to associate certain tropes that are common in certain works of fantasy fiction to it. While I have been a fan of ASoIF since book 4 came out, I also read tons of other authors of the genre and get plenty of inspirations from them too.

One thing that I use a lot in a similar way to what was done in those books are the prophecies, which can be interpreted in many ways and influence motivations and allegiances.

Regardless, there are no dragons.


Don’t need 'em.

We only need the Abyssal Ones.


Damn it, i was really hoping for some dragons.


There is a Wyrm tho. :crazy_face: